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  1. + : I'm ready to bet that GAYLE will be here : new, young, from the US and in Europe starting mid-August. We'll see.. !
  2. also, Alan Walker at 18:00 ...? seriously ..?
  3. yep you said it.. MANY times... ^^
  4. I believe next week we should FINALLY have the Party Arena line up.. ! Sziget is in 3 months, + the time they need to print the passports etc... now is the time to announce the final line up !
  5. it must be a kind of way to reorganize their website, look at the bands, for example cleopatrick : they are performing on the first day of the festival (that is what their officiel website is saying). Not the "16th of august".
  6. cleopatrick is great ! 🙂 but from Canada, not Europe.
  7. what does it means ? thanks to the moving in ticket, we can enter the island 2 days before the festival begns, so what is this " -1 and 0 days are gone" ?
  8. I don't believe a second that he's coming. First of all we already have the 6 subheadliners, and then he just got arrested for a shooting affair. Even if now he's free ( he paid the 500.000€), a trial still have to happen. Do you believe a festival would book him after that ...? I don't think so.
  9. at the festival when you give your ticket ^^
  10. I think we should look for "lower" names now ^^ which doesn't mean they're not gonna be good ! My expectations/hopes : KSHMR, Purple Disco Machine, Zedd, Gayle, cleopatrick, Poppy, Infected Mushroom... just 1 or 2 of these would make me very happy 🙂
  11. Way too big for Colosseum lol.. maybe the Party Arena.. ^^
  12. (Nothing But Thieves is getting bigger and bigger, watch out... 😉 )
  13. (and I get why, it's indeed a really nice band ^^ )
  14. fun fact : Dave Grohl (from the Foo Fighters) is a big fan of their single " chaise longue ", and really is looking forward to see them live
  15. his girlfriend is pregnant ^^ maybe cancelling everything
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