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  1. That is indeed a big news, and not the best one.. ! 😕 I use to love this 7 days format, 'makes it quite unique.. Can you tell us why they made this decision, financial issues ..?
  2. In 2018 they gave Ed Sheerans' name in September.. so I wouldnt be surprise to have something in August this year. And as I said before, many festivals who usually keep quite until December, already gave their entire line up. I also think they'll give the opening date for tickets sale and accomodations.
  3. Hey ^^ news coming from you, or the official way ? 'cause if it's by the official way, feel free to give us something before 😉 !
  4. wanna bet ? 😉 they can't wait that far this time, you'll see. I really don't see The Killers being ok with a sub-head status, sorry ! 🤗 Plus, Strokes + Muse + Kings of Leon seems to be "too much rock" (even if I would love that)
  5. It's been 5 months ( now since @Sziget2021_Leaks told us about the cancellation of the 2021 edition. He also told us he'll give us some news "in a couple of months", and that was in May, so it shouldn't take long now ^^ As promised (and as you can see on the picture), they indeed gave 50€ to everyone who kept their tickets and didn't ask for a refund. When you think about it, that's huge ! ^^ I believe it is now time to look forward, many events (like Primavera or HellFest) already gave their entire Line-Up for 2022, and DAMN that's beautiful ! We can hope for a very beautiful line up for the 2022 edition of Sziget. As many of you I guess, I'm waiting for the official dates ( 03-09 August ? 10-16 August ) and of course the line up ^^ Dua Lipa is touring in Europe from April to early June, with no dates in Hungary, which makes me believe she's still in for Sziget. Kings of Leon and The Strokes will also be in Europe in June, and so far no news about Calvin Harris and Major Lazer. Do you guys believe the line up will change a lot ? Will Sziget try to have Bigger names ? (i'm thinking about Imagine Dragons who will be touring, or maybe Stromae who seems to be back according to some leaks)
  6. (you can not seriously compare the Guns with Lorde or Tyler the creator ... they were alreayd here in the 80's, and they'll be remembered. Not sure about your Tyler or Tame Impala..) Almost everyone here is spitting on "old" acts, it's non sense. For example, if I take the Rolling Stones : wayyy older generation than mine, but I can EASILY admit that it would be a bigger act than every name you mentionned ! They made music history, when many of your "new acts" will only make 3 or 4 albums and will be forgotten.
  7. wanna bet she will be at Sziget...?
  8. "Mais le second week-end, dévoilé ce jeudi, est plus fort. Outre Metallica et Scorpions, le Hellfest accueillera pour la première fois Nine Inch Nails pour une date unique en Europe, accompagné des légendes de la musique industrielle Ministry et Skinny Puppy, mais aussi Guns N’Roses, Alice Cooper, Nightwish, Whitesnake. Seuls trois groupes joueront sur les deux week-ends, Megadeth, Killing Joke et Airbourne." I can't find the very first interview I saw, when he said it. But you can have the news on many websites actually : https://www.leparisien.fr/culture-loisirs/en-2022-le-hellfest-durera-7-jours-et-accueillera-metallica-17-06-2021-UV5B5APCONCKZOG77HK7Z4EBUM.php https://www.bfmtv.com/people/musique/hellfest-metallica-et-une-double-edition-en-2022_AD-202106170539.html
  9. it is confirmed by the hellfests director in an interview
  10. "not interested enough" lol I don't know what it would take to make you want to come then 😂 the strenght of HellFest have always been in his undercard, with great Altar, Temple and Valley. Don't compare HellFest with NovaRock, RockAmRing or Download, it is more an extreme music fest' than a rock one (for example, you will never ever see bands like Muse or Biffy Clyro there)
  11. We can't blame bands and artists that make themselves available over the years, compared to some who let be honest, dont give a damn about festivals and/or fans over the world, or outside the US.
  12. Then who would you chose to headline ? If these bands/artists are headlining festivals over the years, don't forget one thing : it is also because THEY ARE AVAILABLE. And that's a huge difference between these guys and others like, I don't know, Rihanna, Eminem, etc... Those ones dont give a fuck about their fan base, now that they are financially stable, they don't care about performing anymore. Or maybe once every 10 years...you know, just to fill the bank account...
  13. The Strokes : 40 y.o / Arctic Monkeys : 35 y.o / Ghost : 40 / Nothing But Thieves : 25-30 / Greta Van Fleet : 25 / Biffy Clyro : 40 / BMTH : 35 / Architects : 30 / ... Don't forget the Foo Fighters, RATM ou Greenday (50), Volbeat, AlterBridge or Slipknot (45) still here for 10-15 easy ... Plus, many bands will appear in the next 10 years so don't worry, this genre is still alive 😉
  14. Lol the little war of " I want to be the first to announce this Name!" .. When I think about it, there's only 1 festival who doesnt give a fuck about that and announce whenever they want, without carrying about the others : GlastonBury . I never heard of them 😂
  15. who do you think have enough money to spend at the festival in food beers merch etc... the 20 years old or the 35 y.o one ? There you go. Of course they need to be attractive to the 30's ! P.S : it is not that weak at all, it's just missing some artists you really wanted to see. There's a difference.
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