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  1. The 'big headliner' is Muse. But not for "us", for Eurokéennes lol . It's a great name, but I have to say I was expecting something more "unusual"... lol clearly ^^ but what can we do, we have to rely on others announcements since Sziget seems to have let us down 😢 😢 Lol come on, let's be optimistic, next week !!
  2. Weird, Billy Talent posted something similar 3 days ago
  3. Actually, it is even confirmed "by mistake". A bit surprised, because Muse isn't that rare.. So les Eurockéennes, and Rock Werchter very likely for Muse
  4. It is very possible, considering they are already headlining "Nova Rock" in June.
  5. i hope so, if we take for granted what he said, we will know tomorrow at 8pm
  6. I'm very confident we will have some news in the next 2 weeks, because many Europeans festivals are going to give us something before the end of the year. I know for example that tomorrow we will have a big part of Les Eurockéennes's line-up, which takesplace in July, and after what Reading, Mad Cool or Werchter already announced, I can NOT imagine Sziget staying silent until 2021. So yep, my bet is on next week ^^ or at least BEFORE Christmas holidays. Also, someone who seems to be on the inside also told us that we will get something before the end of the year ( @Sziget2020_Leaks ,
  7. absolutely nothing so far 😕 But still, when I see their 2020 line-up compared to the Mad Cool 2021, I'm jealous .. I've always been more of a rock fan, so I know Sziget has changed these last years, being more pop-electro than rock. So when I see Mad Cool having Placebo, RHCP, Royal Blood, Nothing but Thieves, The Killers, Thrice, ... I already know Sziget won't have THAT much of rock bands ! but I'm ok with that lol, it remains the best fest' I've ever been to ^^
  8. That is a very nice Line-Up, I have to admit ^^ To me, Rock Werchter and Sziget are behind. Definitely, the only thing this festival is missing is a camping !
  9. really..?? well, my hope is STROMAE THAT would be great ! A non-stop Hive Party wouldn't be BIG news... and the fifth day , well , it fits well actually.. ^^
  10. Still no news from Balton, Volt or Sziget so far... but I believe we are getting closer to an announcement, and not only dates ; Someone well informed (hey Ken )on others festivals said they are getting news before Christmas holidays, just like our principal leaker said here ; also, festival "les Eurockéennes" director said they will announce something (including a pretty great name it seems..) before the end of the year. Patience guys.. Sziget taking place in August, I believe we have a strong chance to sleep 2 hours/night for 1 week in 2021 ^^
  11. They will. Sziget is in 9 months now, it can not be cancelled that early, especially considering every single other fest' has announced their date + many names. Including August festivals like Reading. Plus, they really are looking for solutions in England (massive tests etc..) so it is way to early to consider Sziget is not going to happen. But I have to say, I'm a bit surprised, even upset, by this total absence of communication. Im looking at French, Germans, English, Swedih etc... festivals, and they ALL already gave something to their fans. This lack of consideration is somehow disap
  12. Yes there is, they now have datas and stuff. Sorry it's too long to translate, but I guess you can find the article in others languages too. I still strongly believe that outdoors festivals during Summer are not that dangerous, compared to people being stuck to one another in public transports everywhere around the world.
  13. https://www.rockurlife.net/news/les-concerts-et-festivals-peuvent-avoir-lieu-lors-dune-pandemie/ i had hope before reading this, and I have more now.. it's in French , it means " Yes, concerts and festivals CAN happen during a pandemic", and this is serious.
  14. Heu non. Je sais pas pourquoi tu dis ça, c'est faux. Avril 2021 c'est des bruits, rien de concrets. Des concerts auront lieu en Mars genre à la Maroquinerie, ou au Trabendo, etc... bref, des petites salles. Pas besoin de faire de gros effet d'annonce qui ne sont que des suppositions. L'interview de Barbaud du Hellfest n'est pas à prendre comme une généralité non plus. TRANSLATION : Wrong, I don't know why you say that, no shows until April 20021 is only a rumour amongst others. Shows will happen in March in small Areas, no needs to be dramatic with these kinds of statements. + HellF
  15. I think governments won't forbid festivals next Summer, too much money and jobs to lose, + treatments and vaccins are not that far now .. BUT American bands might not be able to be in Europe, so I wonder if we're gonna have a huge % of European artists/bands in 2021. Honestly, as long as festivals happen, I'd take it P.S: one of the best festival in France, Eurockéennes (in July), will give their entire line-up by the end of Novembre, mid-December. With "an XXXL line up and a huge headliner" according to the Director.. we're talking about Daftpunk, Coldplay or Queen-Adam Lambert, w
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