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  1. They had to focus more on their own organisation instead on focussing to expand the festival worldwide.
  2. News incoming very soon… TW Classic will help to fix some things.
  3. It sells, the crowd they are targetting are not really the ones who are on Facebook to say they are going. But it will be closer to 20k instead of 30k.
  4. Don’t think many will be added
  5. There are options, and every food stand will have a sign on it.
  6. No, Musilac announced qotsa cancelled their show a month ago.
  7. They will announce it very very soon, finally
  8. Liam and Editors are topping this event.
  9. No 😅… TW2 is off, old info from te local television station
  10. The 18th of june event… some, surprising, news about that very soon.
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