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  1. They said during the summer new names in august...
  2. No idea what they are planning, but focus on festivals august 2021 and a full festival tour in 2022? They are still on for Pukkelpop.
  3. I hope so. But people in Belgium have the hobby to complain about everything. They would say an announcement is inappropriate. And king Marc Van Ranst would say: it is too early.
  4. Ow, they are working on one of the things you suggested! Fingers crossed.
  5. No, but for them the thinking game is different, they are more uncertain.
  6. Festivals next summer by the end of June are a go it seems. I feel an enormous positive vibe in this business again, believe me, that is while ago. The fear with the guys of Primavera (but also Best Kept) is that the beginning of June is just too early.
  7. All European festivals worked out a solid plan for next year. And they are close to have the support of the governments in this (don't forget, governments earn a lot of money thanks to the festivals). They have the financial resources to organise a large testing scenario. If it is necessary.They can roll this out as a sort of back up. But they expect that the world will be completely different next year, thanks to the vaccines (off course, it is a big lobby campaign, they know more than we do) . If we announce this in Belgium right know, the media will find always at least 1 scientist to
  8. I think all the big European festivals will try to announce something before the holidays.
  9. That will take some time. If the vibe is ok in Belgium, something before the holidays.
  10. I can not guarantee anything. But things slowly looking better right now. Various scenario’s are/were on the table. Some of them not mentioned before. 2 very cool scenario’s, think Graspop / Lowlands.
  11. No, his agent and himself are preferring Werchter...
  12. If Werchter would announce something right now. There will be a shitload of criticism coming their way. Because it is not appropriate at this moment.
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