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  1. Don’t shoot me if not, normally next week they will start again.
  2. When the headliner decide to announce… don’t think tomorrow, but not sure
  3. Yeah you will know a lot more soon enough.
  4. There is something going on, but the second classic headliner will be something else.
  5. They will announce the Friday sub soon enough. And you all know who that will be by now. Wednesday they were still in doubt what to announce first. I think the second TW Classic will be next.
  6. Good news! Hopefully not Les Ardentes.
  7. One new big name for Friday I think
  8. Primavera and Roskilde are another category, RW is going for all the big names, the more quality headliners (and overall line up) can you find in Roskilde/Primavera and some others. Mad Cool tries do the same like RW. And they benefit from the live nation promotors in Europe.
  9. I think Glass Animals will do their Pukkelpop show.
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