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  1. Levitate Levitate Levitate Levitate! very happy with this
  2. Problem that we had last year, a lot of people thought this was a ticket including 10 drink tokens. It is indeed a hard ticket that you can hang on a lanyard. Nice if you are a collector. Nothing more than that.
  3. I think that Bring Me The Horizon will be at Pukkelpop 2020
  4. Would be great in The Barn, but they want main stage, hopefully it happens sometime in the future.
  5. Great name for the festival. Perfect fit. The word is finally out. There have been some changes i reckon, Faith No More on friday seems logic.
  6. Maybe just start with today? They will announce the friday headliner asap.
  7. This is the normal amount of names to start the ticket sales
  8. Last year they paid extra to have Christine & The Queens exclusive in June. I can imagine that they did the same for the The National. And again. They tour way too much. Great band but need a little break. But that is my opinion.
  9. Or just buy a BKS ticket if that line up is more your dreams.
  10. Normally FNM on Graspop. There are 3 weeks between BKS and RW. I don’t see them touring for such a long period. But I can be wrong off course.
  11. No, a band that played there already in 2018 and a band that canceled dtrh in 2016.
  12. Tame Impala is my favourite band. But have been told that they will focus in 2020 on arena’s with a few exceptions, 2021 festivals. But that can have been changed by now.
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