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  1. I see room for the great Macklemore 😅
  2. Nothing on Cactus announcement tomorrow that Werchter will miss. One name they share in this batch though. Cactus and Lokerse share a headliner. Best of the Belgians.
  3. Just be happy that the festival still exist... They desperate need a good year.
  4. If you compare the line up from RW with Lowlands, you can add a lot of other certainties for Pukkelpop.
  5. There is nothing in the press release about new names next week. Keep that in mind. Normally by the end of the month the line up is complete, but I expect some news the last week of the month.
  6. Sunday is not complete yet. In the Dutch version of the press release you can read additions. 2/3 more bands to go this day.
  7. Big batch with a lot of small names. Decent though. But don’t get your hopes up too high.
  8. It's not taking that long anymore. But the sales of Rock Werchter isn't the best this year, so they had to wait a little bit.
  9. Parkway Drive was a positive experience. A little bit strange to see a typical Graspop show in Werchter, but it worked really well. But this has no effect on a booking for another metal act.
  10. I think this Glasto booking was already a done deal for a long time, like Jazebel said, they tried to continue her tour and bring her to RW but things didn't work out.
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