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  1. The government earns a lot of taxes with all our festivals (gigantic numbers). So they care, but are very careful. That is why the flemish government is a great partner in this. If the numbers are positive evolving like today, a lot is possible. I’m staying positive.
  2. Yeah, we were hoping for a go last Friday. But the patience will be rewarded.
  3. What Lowlands and DTRH are aiming for seems a lot of wishful thinking. I hope it will happen in a normal size, but I doubt it. Pukkelpop will be smaller. What already was the plan for months. Just like RW. I think there will be no closed tenthstages, but minimum 3 stages could happen (main stage, open marquee, open boiler?).
  4. Don’t think we have to worry about KOL...
  5. Pukkelpop already had a big part of the line up ready before RW moved to the end of august. DTRH is depending on RW for a majority of their acts, so it was very logic that they moved with them.
  6. No, from what I've heard.
  7. No... and the intention is RW2023. But this is always something that can change.
  8. Big chance. About RW, they were on the line up but switched to the AB, I don’t know why.
  9. Yes, that is why I think 2023 is more realistic.
  10. Normally Iron Maiden will be there.
  11. Normally was june/july Europe the year after their US tour. Without corona they would be in Werchter in 2021. My guess is this is still the case, Download festival would do everything to have them for example...
  12. Curious if there will be a Mad Cool in 2022. Heard again some stories about very bad communication with some important agents. And other issues...
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