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  1. Yeah, same bandsintown thing. There is some communication to fix this. People are confused. The info inbox is getting full.
  2. I think a little bit impulsive back then. It is not certain that they are going to tour.
  3. Haim is a band that needs a safe feeling before they tour. Complicated, but they are not the type of band that will reconfirm immediately. Was one of the first to cancel too. But they will be back when they are ready for it. Phoebe deserves a bigger spot on a line up. Things are changed for her. And she was playing everywhere very low. But Werchter will offer that to her. I guess she will be back. Paak can use a festivalbreak. Great act, but you can see him every year somewhere. Personal opinion.
  4. Exclusive Primavera i guess. They are still not able to book certain acts because of their reputation.
  5. They are not able to reconfirm a lot of interesting acts it seems.
  6. Yes it can. The issue are the indoor shows. Pearl jam likes to announce their tour when it is complete. But it is still uncertain what they are going to do for the indoor shows. On an other hand. Peppers are very close now ;-).
  7. FKA Twigs was on the list for Pkp20, she will be back over there, for sure. So, chances for RW are very little. They did not miss alt-j in 2020. It was a choice, because their new album will be released late 2020. The plan was always 2021. Alt-j loves to play RW. They were super nervous in 2017 for example. The festival means a lot to them.
  8. They had some more festivals in the RW period. It is just a matter of planning as far as I know.
  9. Yes, friday. But that doesn’t mean they will play friday this year too. They will try to announce something just before the ticket sales. To kickstart this. As usual. But no guarantee.
  10. Friday needed some barn headliner. Alt-J? But they were not on the list for 2020. The plan always was 2021 with a new album. Royal Blood is not new. Yes, they were on the list for 2020.
  11. Damon has something with RW. Everybody knows that. Artists are deciding by themselves where they want to play ... Jamie xx, both Pkp and rw? He was supposed to play Pkp in 2020.
  12. Yes, it moved a couple of times this week. First the plan was Wednesday, than thursday. Nice that Herman did it old school tonight instead of tomorrow. Nice that it is a big batch, including headliners. Also old school. The extra day is a work in progress. In 2003 and 2004 the announcement of the extra day was also later in the season.
  13. Don’t shoot the messenger. But normally tomorrow the date, monday names.
  14. Just the key festival in their tour. Building the tour around Werchter. The first booking, the rest follows. Nothing abnormal in this world. Based on trust and because it is important for the band. Bands do the same with Primavera for example.
  15. The tour from Pearl Jam is based on their RW date. Lollapalooza have to be flexible and have to listen to RW.
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