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  1. Volbeat is a way better fit for Graspop. they have not the back catalogue to be a succes in Werchter.
  2. It’s different each year. Important for Werchter is that they can announce each week an act. It can be next week, next month, november...
  3. He was a strong rumour for last year. I think Werchter was a one thing happen. Very expensive.
  4. Never forget that Werchter has to sell 90000 tickets / day. Huge amount. So they have to chose their headliners wisely.
  5. Green day has too high demands, and are not that relevant anymore.
  6. it’s not a matter of they are a better fit for Graspop or not. There are a lot of other things that will bring us to the decision. Does Graspop need an act as soad to sell tickets? A big difference between the 60000/day Graspop or 90000/day werchter.
  7. Time will tell if they play Graspop or RW. For LN it's pretty much the same.
  8. Soad was an unexpected big succes in 2017... but they have to fill the headlinespots for Graspop. time is ticking
  9. They booked Editors first, Blur was supposed to play before them. Blur cancelled their summer plans. They contacted RHCP if they want to fill the gap. They did. The contract with Editors was already signed, and closing the day was in that contract. So no, allowed is not the correct definition. Werchter had the luck RHCP wanted to fill that gap. They announced as only festival RHCP some time later. The other festivals came all together with RHCP a few weeks earlier.
  10. In 2006 they played in combo with Muse, they closed the festivalday... I've never seen the field so empty... They had a lot of opportunities to book them again, but no...
  11. Tame impala before pearl jam was just an example. Werchter is trying to put a band on the right spot, if the agent is ok with it. So it can happen that a smaller act plays after a bigger act. But not Every agent is ok with that.
  12. Tame Impala is big enough to play co for a band like pearl jam. Not big enough to play in a co-headline combo.
  13. They are playing sportpaleis. Announcement tomorrow
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