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  1. It's very easy to get lost :-|
  2. Ticketmaster told me that the 2020 collector ticket is valid.
  3. but how does the token work? Is it an application that we have on the cell phone? Or physical chips?
  4. Thanks a lot for the help I was surprised that you pay to take a shower.
  5. How many tickets do you recommend to buy? 20 or 40 ? How much is an average meal worth? As for breakfast, if it's on the edge of the campsite, the food vans are nearby and they're open in the morning. Thanks in advance for your help.
  6. Hi everyone, I need your help, as it's the first time I'm going to RW, in the morning for breakfast, is there something from the festival or something close by? Apart from breakfast , is it worth buying tickets to drink and eat during the festival ?
  7. Do you have to take the collector ticket to the festival?
  8. Has anyone outside Belgium received the Collector's Ticket?
  9. These all Portuguese names announced today are for the 16th of August. Who do you like more? :)
  10. I'm still waiting for mine. Then during the festival we walk with him and with a bracelet ?
  11. that will be the plan , thank you very much . I am now looking at the status of food/drink coupons in advance, because here in Portugal a person pays at the time of purchase. Is it worth buying the coupons in advance?
  12. Is there a train from Charleroi Airport to Leuven ??
  13. It's a good idea, the problem is that I land late, I take a shuttle to Brussels and according to the shuttle schedule I arrive at 00:10 to Brussels and I think the last train is at 00:20 and the problem is if the shuttle is late.
  14. I think the ideal is to stay overnight in Brussels and on Thursday morning I leave for RW. Is there a bus from Brussels to RW?
  15. Guys I have a doubt that I would like someone to help me :) it's the first time I'm going to RW, however I travel from Portugal to Brussels Charleroi, from what I've been seeing I have to take a shuttle to the center of Brussels, but the problem is that I arrive at 10:45 pm and I wanted to go to RW because I booked a camping tent, what is the best solution looking at the time I arrive in Brussels
  16. We have a lot of bands that had Barn in 2019 that are in the 2022 lineup
  17. This having a curfew if true is epic 😄 Is there no stage at the campsite? 😄
  18. The question is really that "close the night" ... like you speak in Jamie XX, Jamie's performance is over and the IDs are still performing, in my opinion I would like better that at the end of the IDs we were going to see Jamie to close the night... I'm so used to NOS Alive. But here at NOS Alive the schedule is also different, the first band starts at 5 pm and the festival closes with the last performance starting at 3 am.
  19. It's my first time, but from what I'm repairing The Barn stage, one person "feels" the bands more. I think my picks will be TWOD , ALT-J and Sam Fender .
  20. Looking at the time quickly, my doubts are: TWOD or Black Pumas ? Greta Van Fleet or ALT-J ? Lewis Capaldi or Sam Fender? I also don't agree with certain things about the schedule, it should be like this: Moderat at the end of the Metallica concert Bicep at the end of the ID concerts Lost Frequency at the end of the RHCP concert
  21. I haven't compared the schedules yet, but having schedules at the beginning of February is very positive, it's a sign that this is going to happen... it's been 2 years of hangovers! Festival can't please everyone, but we can all make the best of it!!!
  22. 21p agrees to play behind Metallica. And Saturday I joined The Strokes to ID
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