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  1. damn I feel bad for you.. are you 8 years old or what
  2. clearly ! compared to Garorock, Rock en Seine and soon EurockΓ©ennes, Main Square is the weaker this time.
  3. also, Lollapalooza Stockholm make me a bit jealous.... Biffy, Galantis, Maneskin, PURPLE DISCO MACHINE !, Jimmy Eat World ,.... Ok Sziget, my Love, you gotta be ready for the February announcement, I don't want to be disappointed !!!
  4. Damn the Rock Werchter line-up for 2022 is.... waw. Just Waw . 🀩
  5. heard that HellFest (June) are already talking with them to be one of the 3 headliners, and it is serious
  6. Werchter line up is every year one of the greatest in Europe... and this 2022 edition seems to be amazing, I honestly love 80-90% of their acts so far , they are at the moment killing Mad Cool and Sziget, BUT still in competition with Primavera IMO πŸ˜„ But Sziget still can have some surprises with acts being here only in August (which is way more difficult than June-July, most of the artists choose this months over August)
  7. look who's back, the great liar... ! hey...why don't you just get lost ? we don't give a f... about anything you have to say.
  8. He was confirmed by 2 serious "leakers" (including @Sziget2022_Leaks ), before being cancelled very lately by @Ken19
  9. If my memorys' correct, we often have news mid-February, and not only for Sziget. That would be more than fine to me ^^ I know it's your "role" to sell the fest' πŸ˜‰ but I really wonder how Sziget could sell out without at least 1 or 2 BIG names. Last year Foo Fighters + Ed Sheeran were amazing, and I find it very hard to book similar names next year, considering the 2 years off and probably the money issue, don't you think..? It is not a complain, I actually am very happy with "smaller" names, 'cause it means --> not too much people in front of the main stage ^^ I'm also going to HellFest next year, and I'm really afraid of the days when Metallica, Gun's & Roses or Nine Inch Nails will play... I can already see people being at the main stages at 10am just to see the last show, and I would hate to see that at Sziget πŸ˜•
  10. I kept my ticket for the Apero Camping + locker ... now there's no more Apero camping lol πŸ˜• stll waiting for more info about that... refund ? another camping area ? About the line up, pretty good!, but clearly incomplete, many artists supposed to be here in 2020 ( Amyl and the sniffers, Keane, Bakermat, Foals, Kensington, Alison Wonderland, ...) are not here YET, and I was looking forward to see them ! . I hope most of them will be added next time ( I suppose February) I like the addition of Alan Walker though
  11. @davidoffescassithanks again for the tips dude, we'll see about all of that tomorrow ! πŸ˜‰ no doubt about it
  12. ( Imagine Dragons already ruled out by SzigetLeaks )
  13. no idea who dat is .. DAAAAMN Am I becoming too old for Sziget at 30 years old ?? 😭 I want Marina .. 🀧
  14. @davidoffescassi maybe you have some info about the "tributes" acts for 2022 ..?
  15. lool 🀣 DONT SPIT ON THE PROCLAIMERS they are legends !! That would be THE book of the year, over the headliners ! "500 miles" in the crowd is .... 🀩
  16. "only" 40 names tomorrow you know.. something like 60 more to come in February ( I guess February !)
  17. and guess what.. they are announcing their UK Tour dates tomorrow.. imagine, just IMAGINE if ........
  18. After all the disappointing news of acts who aren't gonna be at Sziget, here is the only men who can save the fest' ... : (+1 to those who know them πŸ™‚ )
  19. Gorillaz and Disclosure already rules out .. !
  20. .. Hello there lol , you just woke up ? ... Sooo The Strokes aren't in Europe at Sziget time so forget about them, AM yep, Tape Impala no, and Idles very unlikely.
  21. You know what ? .. I'd gladely have Kraftwerk after all πŸ˜„
  22. Earlier you said something about a name most of us don't want to see (or don't like), and yet we did'nt talk about them. Let me say the name ..... MAJOR LAZER !!!
  23. it's IMPOSSIBLE to dance or move while listenning to them.. I would be lost lool ... or like maybe at 2am, completely drunk ... πŸ˜…
  24. "not , too , expensive" . ... Dude !!! lool Miley and Pink must be over 1 million , easy ! Plus, I haven't heard Eminem is touring in 2022 ..? Speaking of electronic acts, seing Kraftwerk at Rock en Seine frightens me, I really hope they're not at sziget..
  25. Phoebe Bridgers would match Sziget IMO . Not my style, but I would totally get why they book her.
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