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  1. And they did Werchter and Graspop on this tour already
  2. Best metal lineup by far so far. Small names especially
  3. I just listened to the new Coldplay (leaked) and it's ummm good? Like, actually good. That single Orphans is by far the worst track in there
  4. I'll really start talking like a bot But if you read my posts for previous editions I generally disliked the lineup except DJs and an odd band here and there. I only go there now cause of the friends, atmosphere and it's 50€ (for Serbians). I've been going to the dance arena since 2006 and I never ever felt unsafe. There's medical stuff at 3 points, bars on both sides and bar on the top so people generally don't move much, the longest I waited ever was like 40 seconds. There were muddy years, rainy years, hot as shit years and there were never any problems with the crowd. Exits are very clear. You have stairs to get there and get back but those stairs are never crowded and you have 4 bars to grab so you can't really fall down unless you really try to I don't know. I never saw a festival like Exit so far (not talking about lineups cause there're like 300 better). I feel the only comparison is Sziget but even there there're way too many kids who don't know how to take their alcohol and/or drugs
  5. Ken said that was supposed to be Blur/Editors and that was the reason RHCP played before Editors who went in instead of Blur
  6. People here would go in one of the 2 main directions from the stage and it's not that many people to begin with there. It could be evacuated in minutes I'm sure Roskilde 2000 happened in an open field. Having a field isn't really a guarantee of anything. Stadiums shows would be banned then too. Clubs with like 2 doors to enter and exit etc If a stampede breaks out it doesn't matter where it is
  7. There aren't crush points cause nobody is really moshing/jumping and goes in or out. It's a rave stage Basically it's getting filled from midnight till 2am then slowly emptying from 6am
  8. Cause 2 of the most trustworthy insiders Ken19 and Kusy said they'll be there
  9. The thing, in my opinion, with RATM is that they have a LOT of young fans. They crossed that line into Metallica/RHCP/GnR/whoever tier where if you start listening to rock you gotta listen to. So their fanbase grew over the '00s and '10s without them really doing anything
  10. For sure. Prophets of Rage are the perfect size. RATM is way too big
  11. It could still be both RATM those 5 shows and that's it. They had weird tours during the reunion too
  12. Were they really bigger influence on culture in the UK than Green Day with their 2 massive 00s albums?
  13. They were never that popular in this part of Europe (or any outside of the UK). I mean, they were known for sure but they were just another emo band, they weren't THE band. They headlined Volt with Moby, Sum 41, Paul Kalkbrenner, Pendulum and 30stm back in 2011. I'm not sure if the reunion can give them a good enough boost
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