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  1. Headliners of other 3 days are all bands that even kids love. Like, whenever I saw RHCP or Metallica it was 7-77 crowd
  2. They should either increase the price for next year - as I said I actually paid more in 2007 than 2022 and that shouldn't happen or change the main stage concept. Like, this year they have only really 2 headliners - Nick Cave and Calvin Harris
  3. I love to watch that RHCP show in 2007 because they jammed a lot and didn't play all the hits and I love to watch that AM show from 2009 because they played almost the whole Humbug 😄 Different tastes I guess
  4. Koikoi is fun, they are a new band and have some small hype, also their singer (dude in the middle to the right) is an actor. Don't know Them Moose Rush tho
  5. It really depends on how much you're going to be drinking at the festival. I would spend like 2 tokens a day on the festival, and that would be usually 2 beers from like 9pm. I don't get how people get drunk on the festivals or drink during the day, I feel like shit if I drink during the sun hours but that's a different story lol Food is anywhere from 2 to 5 tokens if I remember correctly. Showers are also 1 token per use. Last time the 2 of us spent around 60 tokens during the 4 days there with each day being 3-4 beers, 2 showers and some food
  6. Nicklord


    Vienna was 10-15% more than that. I paid 107€ for the best seating tickets
  7. New Fontaines DC, King Gizzard, Spiritualized, Primus, Pusha T, Psychodelic Porn Crumpets, Kirk Hammett today 😄 I have a lot of work to do
  8. I think they only had the guitar turned on before the song started while they were showing her the chords. After the song started they put the volume on that guitar at almost inaudible levels lol and had Jason White actually play the song
  9. I know for a fact that Green Day at a show I saw had a girl out that didn't know that was going to be picked as that was my really good friend. Billie actually showed at me first and said something like "is it gonna be that guy right there?" and I pointed to the girl in front and he just picked my friend
  10. Any help on how to get from Eindhoven to the festival in the shortest amount of time, as I see it's only around 35km? Finally had some luck on ticketswap 😄
  11. I love when bands play random sets like that. I hate when I can figure out the set before the band even comes on stage
  12. You need somebody from a country ticket is brought from to exchange it for the bracelet at the festival. That's the only restriction really, after that nobody is going to check
  13. I have a question. Are there some lockers at the festival big enough for a laptop? I'll be working from Amsterdam for a few days before the festival (end of the Q2 yay) so I'd like to put the laptop somewhe safe for the duration of the festival Googling didn't help
  14. Stromae is big everywhere in Europe except UK I'd say
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