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  1. That's really the only thing that you don't have to worry about Everything else (besides some metal too) will suck hard, it seems
  2. Yeah, in 2015 when Florence was the big headliner (canceled last moment and Rudimental live stepped in) and judging by my 25 second research it was by far the most attended set
  3. Well Placebo is playing in Serbia So that exclusive regional show was bullshit
  4. There're literally 7 headliner sized bands on the bill and we're probably looking for one more on that friday I don't think it can get much bigger, better for sure but bigger I don't know
  5. Anyone here tried to get RATM tickets for those solo shows? Holy shit that went all really quick
  6. Wanna change one front of stage ticket with a seating in sector 75? I couldn't get a single standing/fanpit ticket
  7. Press release says "exclusive region show". What's considered a region for Macedonia? Serbia/Greece/Bulgaria or exYu?
  8. There's some really amazing stuff in the undercard but those names that are in Pink are meh for me. I'd see 4 of those and only one headliner - The Strokes Trap DJs are particularly good cause those don't tour that often here
  9. In 2014 I was having a beer with a dude who worked for some tourist company in Belgrade and he told me Sziget lineup announcement like 2 weeks in advance. He didn't have any connection with a festival except that he worked with some Hungarian people that worked in their tourist agencies or something and he didn't act like it was some secret info. We were basically talking/hoping those guys would come to Serbia It had QOTSA, Stromae, Placebo, Calvin Harris and something else which I forgot. All festivals tightened their lineup info in the past years (based on the amount of leaks) but with Sziget and a shitton of people in different countries they work with I guess it's not that easy to hide everything
  10. Announcements friday 4pm Belgium time Around half of the lineup is full. We should expect a lot of small names, some mid sized names and one big name for friday.
  11. A lot of people from this forum said that Prophets of Rage were to play Exit (and Open'er, Graspop and several others which I forgot) before RATM thing happened. They badly need some rock name Just last year they had The Cure, Greta Van Fleet and Phil Anselmo doing Pantera (for the first time anyone from Pantera came to Serbia) on mainstage. This year so far literally nobody
  12. DJ Snake added after canceling last year like 2 days before the festival
  13. I have them on instagram for months. Maybe you just got targeted now
  14. It all comes down to that Serbia didn't progress economically enough to follow the prices of acts. Ticket price for Exit was actually higher in 2007 than in 2020. So they changed from alternative festival with party atmosphere to just party and that sucks
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