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  1. Nicklord


    Isn't presale only for those who preoredered the album? They don't care about this presale I think. Their management wanted to get them that no1 spot
  2. Nicklord

    Rock Werchter 2019

    Saw BRMC at RaR/RiP. Hope they have them here
  3. Nicklord

    Rock Werchter 2019

    Lateralus is the best place to start but I'm not sure if there're full albums on youtube so I gave you songs
  4. Nicklord

    Rock Werchter 2019

    Try Schism, Parabol/Parabola, Lateralus, Hooker with a penis, Forty six and 2, Stinkfist, Pot on YouTube. Those are some of their most known songs and they represent them quite well
  5. Nicklord

    Rock Werchter 2019

    There you go! So we are 2 hate, 1 meh, 2 love it in this thread
  6. Nicklord

    Rock Werchter 2019

    I'm yet to see a "meh" review for their new album. It's either "I love it" or "I hate it"
  7. Nicklord

    Download 2019

    Then it finishes with dubstep guitar solo
  8. Nicklord

    2018 New Music

    I have no idea why you take Muse seriously. Matt used #pwopaganda on twitter earlier and said that rhyming floozy with woozy was a doozey. It's supposed to be fun and it is fun
  9. Nicklord

    2018 New Music

    Funny thing, new Muse is their best reviewed album in years. It has 78/100 so far on metacritic
  10. Nicklord

    INmusic Festival 2019

    Hm, interesting Could be it
  11. Nicklord

    INmusic Festival 2019

    Muse could fit dates wise. They have a gap then. But there's no way they'll bring full stage show if it's them. They'll have huge B stage for example and stuff like that according to the ticket selling sites. But hey, I won't be complaining if it's them! Maybe FF? They're probably cheaper now after touring relentlessly last few years than Muse in their first leg of a new tour
  12. Nicklord

    INmusic Festival 2019

    It says "First press conference" We'll see what's going on. Maybe just a general theme and stuff like that for 2019 and looking back at this year with announcements soon
  13. Nicklord

    Mad Cool 2019

    Always find it interesting when people from northern parts of Europe say "27c heat". I could probably be 12 hours there and not feel a thing
  14. Nicklord

    Mad Cool 2019

    Tool is a headliner there. They wrote that in press release, something like "we have 6 headliners so far - Tool, Muse, Pink, Florence, Mumford and The Cure" Tool is relevant. They'll have a new album out next year and they've been playing new songs live and it will sell way more than The National one. Also The National is touring their latest album to death. It's not really an inspiring booking for 2019. And don't get me wrong. I like both of them. Actually I like The National way more but Tool is way bigger booking than them and the fact they didn't tour Europe since 2007 alone makes them relevant