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  1. Didn't think about that much but it's true. Like The Cure and Inmusic this year
  2. Just listened to their Re-definições album. Songs range from trash to really good It does sound like it could be really fun live tho, especially with the crowd knowing the lyrics
  3. "Got a bag and fixed my teeth, hope you hoes know it ain’t cheap And I pay my mama bills, I ain’t got no time to chill Think these hoes be mad at me, their baby father run a bill" Liam (or whoever writes his lyrics now) has lyrical masterpieces compared to this
  4. I know. That's what I meant too. I'm just saying that Miley Cyrus and Cardi B and stuff like that attract way worse than lads
  5. This was my favorite Exit in a long time. I had bands that I'd like to see every single day before going to the dance arena and/or NSNS, a huge win for me after several years The Cure, Anselmo, Tarja, Greta and Whitechapel were all great. Greta's songs aren't really good but they play, jam and improvise really well, loved them at Werchter too. The most fun at the arena was Dax J, holy shit that crowd wasn't ready for him, dude just goes hard for 2 straight hours without a single quiet part. Saw so many people give up and go from the arena 😅 I tried to film a few seconds but my phone couldn't handle it at all and it could handle death metal https://streamable.com/k6zk8
  6. There were way worse things just this year than those 3 and the festival didn't die
  7. 21,099 / 21,230 in 2016 Doesn't seem bad to me at all. I'm 99.99% sure at one point every european RHCP gig on that tour was sold out cause I know I couldn't buy tickets for anything. Then some of them got additional tickets. That's how I got Bologna tickets like a week before the show that was sold out for months. Not judging but I don't think RHCP will struggle to sell at least one more tour Muse seems like only sold out shows in Italy, France and Spain. Stadiums sure but they used to sell out everything
  8. It wasn't Last night was okay crowd wise but I have some fears about today. They don't have anything big on the main stage now that DJ Snake cancelled so Tale of Us and Solomun are going to be rammed for sure even with the less people inside the fortress Phil Anselmo can sing again, I was surprised but boy does he talk a lot. He could've easily played 3-4 more songs if he didn't milk every single applause and kissassed the crowd so much
  9. Don't know about the number but it was the most people I saw there in a looong time. Hopefully there'll be a bit less people today
  10. That whole sunday was empty. I walked straight to the second row behind fanpits 15 minutes after the start of Greta van Fleet cause people were standing like a meter away from each other. Mac Demarco and some other stuff had like 40% in the tents
  11. They're running one really interesting anti drug campaign right now Da li znaš odakle dolazi tvoja roba - do you know where does your stuff come from?
  12. I've only been to the first 2 days (also was in Croatia the whole weekend before and that was ace too) and I loved it. It was smaller but that was better for me. Foals were great, they played all the best songs from the new album. They were better than the last time I saw em in 2016. Suede were boring as shit if you ask me Garbage were a nice surprise. All in all, I loved it. I wanted to have an efest meetup but I literally had no time for anything there. Hopefully next year
  13. My guess is that RHCP, Tame Impala, one Gallagher and The Black Keys are nailed for the next year (not necessarily all headliners)
  14. They're all the same really for that and they all work at the fortress in the crowd too so really it's basically what name you like the most There's a timetable on the app @everest
  15. Matt Bellamy threw the guitar after Starlight. They did a big bow and threw picks and stuff after Knights of Cydonia. It definitely didn't look like they'll be back to me and people around me. Muse is 2h30m cause they can be late sometimes. Last year they had 2h slot and 1h40m show and they were late 20 minutes and finished just on time Also I would love if all days were like that sunday. It had more action, moshpits and more space than all the rest days I saw before. Only Muse and New Order had a good crowd numbers wise I thought Other thoughts I'm dead 12 days of partying in 3 countries and now 36 hours rest then Exit
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