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  1. Seeing as the second part of the US tour is still confirmed as going ahead in 2023, I'm certain they'll be in Europe in the summer of 2023. That's probably the reason for the cancellation and not the rescheduling g as well. Makes no sense to have festival shows and venue shows booked (Sportpaleis and Werchter for instance).
  2. A yes from me for Pulp. Chances are slim though I think, as they'll want a prominent spot.
  3. I think it's time for a double main stage (like Graspop and Hellfest). There are many good acts in the Klub C and Barn which you have to make a choice of, otherwise you cannot enter the other.
  4. Still not certain. Gear is in, but they haven't confirmed fully yet says Rock Werchter.
  5. Ticketswap has a percentage limit, so you'll never pay too much over the original ticket price. Besides, there will ALWAYS be people selling their ticket closer to date for various reasons, so just make all travel plans to go and you will get one eventually.
  6. I understand. Normally that's the case for me as well to go for established names I listen to. But I had some time to check out all names and my planning is now stacked. I'd suggest you give it a chance to check out all names, as you might find a gem. Don't forget that almost all artists start out on the smallest stages.
  7. Just a question: have you actually listened to all names that are playing the festival? I've done so and have been extremely suprised and look forward to seeing a bunch of artists I never even heard of previously. Ever more surprised that rock music has made such a return.
  8. Buy a ticket for Best Kept Secret like we did. Very much looking forward to The Strokes!
  9. Deftones will perform at Graspop, and therefore Belgium exclusive festival appearance.
  10. While I was over the moon about the addition of Faith No More that year, I vividly remember A LOT of negative messages about FNM replacing the Foo Fighters. So, caring for the audience is relative. The organisation can't really be blamed for bands dropping out. Rock Werchter aren't the ones that cancelled the bands we wanted to see.
  11. Looking at the Hellfest headliners that have not been confirmed for Graspop: Scorpions: have a show in Germany on the Sunday, so highly unlikely Nine Inch Nails: Hellfest exclusive, would not suit Graspop for a headliner I reckon as well. Nightwish: high possibility, have a show at Pinkpop that weekend but are free on the Sunday. Guns N' Roses: free for the Sunday, but have a show the day before and after, therefore not likely. Wardruna: no way they will headline Sabaton: possible, they have shows planned a few days later in Europe. My gut feeling says either Nightwish or Sabaton will replace Aerosmith if the rumor is true that they're cancelling.
  12. The line-up is ok, nothing to get really excited about. But I'll be extra excited if it finally goes ahead this year!
  13. I try to limit my alcohol consumption to evenings, which helps massively. Plus, I limit that consumption to whatever I feel like drinking, so never overboard.
  14. We're planning to get day tickets for Best Kept Secret to see them. Not too far from the Belgian border.
  15. I did not say that I think she is a goddess. In fact, I don't care for her music at all. I'm only acknowledging her current status. Adele fills the gap in which she also conveys an older audience, which Taylor Swift, Katy Perry etc. do not.
  16. In monetary sense, she is astronomical. Yes, more than Beyonce and Madonna.
  17. I'd say a seperate day TW Classic (Werchter Classic), not Rock Werchter. Roskilde might be possible if he's doing festivals.
  18. Same here, huge shame Gorillaz will not be at Rock Werchter. Wouldn't mind going to Boutique, but I'll be at Graspop.
  19. The Weeknd will be doing his own tour (stadiums). Peter Gabriel would be great for the Barn. Deftones and Black Label Society are playing Graspop (exclusively). Deadmau5 might be more of a Pukkelpop or Tomorrowland thing. While I miss having the dance act headliners after the rock headliners at Rock Werchter, there's probably not enough people that agree with that sentiment.
  20. It was mean of me, and for that I regret saying it, however I still do believe she'll fade away when the next pop princess is in town. Ellie Goulding was doing pretty well, but haven't since heard from her. Lily Allen was also on quite a high, same story.
  21. Dua Lipa? Nobody's going to care about her in 5 years time. Other than that, it would be a disastrous booking to have her as a headliner for Rock Werchter. Boutique no problem, but not Rock Werchter.
  22. No way in hell that's happening anytime soon. It'll be information about a new solo album from Liam and possibly tour dates to support it.
  23. Volbeat will be "headlining": either main stage 1 or 2, before or after Iron Maiden (my guess is after Iron Maiden). Iron Maiden and Aerosmith have most probably demanded that their name is placed above the rest of the names as a status thing.
  24. Have fun! You should be in for a treat.
  25. We're heading to a party (max. 750 people) at the end of the month. We've had two vaccinations, which is fine as entry for us (but you can also get tested for entry). We've also got a few events planned in September and October, but we'll see how much the government can f#ck it up. If specific governments fail to let events proceed, I'll just set my sights abroad to see where I can have some fun. From what I read Exit festival was terrifically organised with I believe one case of coronavirus contamination. Lollapalooza just had a huge festival in Chicago, and Guns N' Roses are doing a stadium tour in the US. Unless there's some wonder medicine or 100% protective vaccine created, we're going to have to make due with this virus in our lives. It's the new flu and it might be here to stay forever. No matter how good one country performs (i.e. lockdowns etc.), a new variant might pop up in god knows where and it's back the drawing board all over again. Personally, I have not been too worried about the virus, but I've tried to be most considerate towards others and especially the elderly by wearing a mask and keeping distance. I'm glad the risk groups are now protected enough with the vaccines, realistically it will never be 100% protected, but that's life. Tomorrow you might get run over by a bus. Let's all try to enjoy life, love and respect another.
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