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  1. Maybe never. They have a secret show in la riviera one day later that weezer plays in Bilbao.... https://www.enterticket.es/eventos/secret-show-la-riviera-4-de-junio-841343
  2. QOTSA are in the lineup, similar than other events in France. Same promoter have an event in Bilbao with Weezer 4 days before, the chances of them going to madrid are very high. Band target are similar.
  3. LiveNation have the Bilbao event with these bands 5 days before....https://www.metallica.com/events/2022-07-03-bilbao-spain.html
  4. The substitute of FNM is Weezer.
  5. NOS Stage 5 or 6 acts. Sagres Stage 6 or 7 acts. Nos Clubbing 8 acts. You can see the gaps in this clashfinder. https://clashfinder.com/m/nos19/?user=0u9yfh.lm
  6. In 2020 they had RW Classic with Macca and RW Boutique with Taylor Swift. They will have next year a TW Classic with Nick Cave....
  7. The tour dates, the rumor of glastonbury, the 2019 lineup and the missing headliner in NOS Alive. Everything indicates that it is one of the missing headliners
  8. Where do you see the split for days ?
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