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  1. Yes, and yellow point.... it is a clue? The new album of weezer maybe will be yellow album....
  2. Yesterday some many names disappear in artist section . At the night dissapear all names. Taylor, billie, KOL, khalid, samfender, charli xcx, tove lo, paul weller, refused, cala vento, the chats, confidence man, peggy gou, tones and i, richard hawley, city and colour, tycho, sticky fingers, hinds
  3. in 10 minutes they have a radio program, Road to PS 2021. https://www.primaverasound.com/es/radio/rps
  4. Massive attack IN. The lineup are different in social media and the email.
  5. Good hotel, i live near. If this year the underground will be open, you must go in line 8. All years have buses to return to plaza castilla, 20 min walking of your hotel.
  6. If Altj is headliner... Deftones. Pixies. Placebo Killers Royal blood Faith no more Kings of leon Taylor Altj Billie Mumford Twenty One pilots
  7. 2019 was different, they dont have problems
  8. Probably more than 200€ Roskilde 305 € Sziget 299€ Glastonbury 315€ Werchter 243€ PS 205€ Nos 203€ MC 196€ BBK 163€
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