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Lineup 2020


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I've got a lot of hope with Gorillaz new material sounds like a really cool project and with the new song with Slowthai & Slaves dropping tonight I've heard a few demos and it does sound pretty incredible if they keep doing collabs with acts of this size then there definitely large enough to headline.

Regarding Reading Gorillaz will be a great booking. As they relate to older listeners and there still known as classics to younger listeners and there music is still relevant to the current scene. If this new project is a success I can see them headlining outright certainly, if it's not then they'll probably co-head but even if they do headline outright they've still got bangers like Kids With Guns, Clint Eastwood, Dare etc. So I still think they'll have a good shot.

Also regarding SlowThai he's not around anywhere at the beginning of summer at festivals like Wireless and Longitude which means he must be coming Reading especially at this early stage of his career he should be taking up a lot of festivals. 

Nice to see Skepta is on the scene hopefully he'll be back to recover from his cancellation in 2018.  Plus I still think A$AP Rocky is one to watch as he's been announced for a lot of festivals. 

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Going back to gorillaz, which particularly doesn’t excite me im wondering if their show is holograms? Sure I remember it possibly being four big screen for the characters last time they toured and it was then mentioned it could be upgraded to a hologram performance that would definitely shift tickets merely on curiosity!

anyway I’m going with ac/dc with biffy subbing liam and bmth co then r1 will cater for each audience type while one is on then stormzy outright! 



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2 hours ago, gfa said:

Anyone else think Wireless seems extremely weak compared to last year? Will sellout anyway to be fair but its a big step down I think? Not really my music just how it appears

I think their clientele is so strong that they don’t necessarily need gigantic names to sell out. Plus all of the smaller grime / UK hip hop stars actually sell a lot of tickets in today’s market.

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3 minutes ago, jumperofftheshelf said:

They headlined R1 2 years ago didn’t they?

Nah 2 years ago they were originally 3rd down behind Skepta and Diplo but then got pushed up to sub diplo when skepta cancelled, since then they haven't really moved anywhere still awaiting  new material. 

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