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  1. depends, if people think they aren't going to announce anything else then they could go within a few weeks.... if there's a hint of another then some may hold out a while.
  2. you rock up with your camping gear, you wander through until you find a spot, you pitch up and settle in for the ride
  3. I can give them one right now... Liam Gallagher. they may know it already but I've given it 😐
  4. yeah probably, too much time with other things eh?
  5. fine... I won't try and find the old fake poster I had with Slayer occupying literally every slot...
  6. not used my playstation since June last year, just lost interest a bit and got a bit too busy with life... may change a bit in a month or two
  7. its gotta be the year of slayer though surely?
  8. a member of the undead? Kill it with fire!
  9. 😂 that circle this thread has been on is going to get deeper... might end up with a stage in the middle with all the acts mentioned eventually playing the festival that comes from it
  10. They are heading into Sonisphere territory at this rate.... Queen and Adam Lambert to headline.... or not 😉 P.s. is there a shortage of portaloos this year?
  11. people worried about this, you never used to get announcements until March... late March at that, slowly getting earlier.
  12. count yourself lucky... used to be 100's of pages recycling the same stuff - well over a thousand pages on a lot of the early part of the 2010's yearly line up thread.
  13. Yeah, we were to the side of the screen/viewing platform and had plenty of space. definitely was the smallest headliner crowd of the weekend - Muse was big, and I assume Pulp/Strokes was too - only saw a part of their sets from what I remember
  14. Can't you re-speculate the last 60 pages again? That normally keeps the thread going.... although only 200 pages? pfft
  15. wouldn't be able to compare it myself, as not been since 2012 apart from the sunday at Reading last year. edit: others who saw both may know
  16. there's 30 blocks of seating and if you take away approx. 11 as the ticketmaster map estimates, (may not be fully accurate) so about 10k seats not being used... add that to the pitch and reckon yeah about 30k, maybe a few more depending.
  17. capacity has to be about 25-30k then right?
  18. gotta make sure I've got all available resources onto it tbh, laptop, work computer, phone, everyone else wanting tix...
  19. the no presale thing is interesting, going to cause a bit of chaos friday though
  20. they're using gigs and tours for the info https://www.gigsandtours.com/event/my-chemical-romance/stadium-mk-milton-keynes/1482169
  21. Haven't posted on these forums in a long time, no idea on placement but I'd go with the person on the DLF on them playing. edit: have reasons to say that, can't say why on here though.
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