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  1. Never too early, they're not playing this year or next year either.
  2. Kill the Lights are great, absolutely get them on The Pit.
  3. Catfish have more than Biffy, proof it can't be used as a measure of quality.
  4. Save em for 2024 when he's bored making films and do a 15 year anniversary tour of This is War in full.
  5. Honestly I'll take Courteeners if it means we can have RATM
  6. Kill The Lights are dropping a new single tomorrow and have added Jay from BFMV as their new bassist. I honestly thought their last album sounded like the album BFMV should have been making for the past ten years so excited to see what the future holds for them.
  7. I'm just in denial mate don't worry
  8. I'm refusing to believe Kings of Leon until I see it. They're at Boardmasters two weeks beforehand, surely they aren't at both?
  9. Watch them book both but have Yungblud play the day before BMTH
  10. Arctic Monkeys / BMTH / RATM / everyone else is irrelevant
  11. We're at that point now where we have a date and a likely headliner so we re-guess all the names we've already guessed with confidence before the rug's pulled out from us and we get Kings of Leon / Major Lazer, Post Malone / Post Malone, and Courteeners / Jedward.
  12. Normally roll my eyes when "UK" Tours get announced with no dates in Wales or Scotland but a UK tour announcement with no dates in England either is class. Why even put UK on that image?
  13. Lineup news in December. But it's definitely AM given they've waited until they've announced dates to announce that.
  14. Tbh I don't care who it is, it's not Imagine Dragons so let's just be thankful for that.
  15. They have, but I don't think it's frequent. They've been using the castle a lot lately in the summer for bigger gigs, and the new arena will hopefully mean they don't get skipped from some of the bigger tours in future.
  16. The only rage against the machine for 2022 is everyone online at their collective screens when Arctic Monkeys aren't booked.
  17. They never actually announced any other acts for Knotfest UK did they?
  18. It'll just be Arctic Monkeys again. Or Post Malone. Just the pair of them alternating ad nauseum.
  19. I've seen that referenced all the time and still have no idea what it's in reference to.
  20. Ah fair, the last Instagram post with the prices didn't have them listed so wasn't sure what they were.
  21. £119 for 3-day camping, £99 for 3-day non-camping, general sale starts Friday.
  22. I'm fairly certain they've posted about day tickets before.
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