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  1. Are there no depths to which the thread won't sink?
  2. Times are on the website for the Eden show tbf. https://www.edensessions.com/line-up/my-chemical-romance
  3. I think MCR go Download 2023 > Jan/Feb 2024 UK Arenas > R&L 2024 personally. Download can make a go of being their "only UK show of 2023" or whatever, then you immediately get the arena shows in for the people who couldn't do Download before ending this album cycle at R&L.
  4. New FFDP album coming in August.
  5. They go back to the States straight after APE and have dates booked all of that weekend. Sorry to crush the hope.
  6. Is the Hella Mega Tour really going to go on that long? The last dates I can see for it are this June.
  7. Don Broco can absolutely sub in a 2 headliner format, get on board already.
  8. Still want a Broco > Architects > BMTH run for 2023 tbh.
  9. Like Barns Courtney and never seen Placebo so happy with that, wonder who the mystery name for Cardiff is.
  10. I really really hope they push both BMTH and Ghost up next year. There's an obvious argument to doing it in different years but they need to make at least 5 new headliners as soon as possible in my opinion. BMTH / Ghost / an older act they haven't had yet like Pearl Jam or Green Day would make for a class weekend.
  11. Waterparks have shoved this up on their socials, but I can't find anything specifying which bands are on which dates. EDIT: Seemingly all for the US dates but may give an indication of who's coming with them over here I guess?
  12. Get Swift in doing Iowa (Taylor's Version)
  13. Jericode


    That or an IWTV subscription, there's loads of good stuff on the indy scene. WWE isn't wrestling and doesn't deserve your money.
  14. He literally logged on yesterday.
  15. This American festival I've never heard of is like someone booked their dream Slam Dunk line up with no regard for realism, it's insane.
  16. Download have about 7 headliners total who don't have one foot in a retirement home. They'll have a full set of new headliners in 2025 because they won't have a choice.
  17. 1975/Paramore on one day please.
  18. Cart whoever's left of Rolling Stones out for a 60th anniversary set in 2024.
  19. Kings of Leon was 9, RATM would have been 12. Think RHCP was 9 as well thinking about it.
  20. Yeah the Strokes almost certainly aren't playing, I definitely remember reading something about Lytham Festival having some degree of exclusivity.
  21. There's nothing objectively wrong with Rizzle Kicks. There's plenty wrong with them turning up at Reading & Leeds in 2022 when they haven't released anything in nearly a decade. Have them pop up at Truck or Y Not or something.
  22. Absolutely awful what is wrong with everyone.
  23. https://www.instagram.com/p/CVmGW1DJ2T1/?utm_medium=copy_link New Bizkit out Sunday!
  24. I could easily see Bastille as MSE sub into Kasabian or Dave headlining MSW.
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