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  1. Was always gonna happen! My first year going as well lol
  2. Yeah would be better to cancel and start a fresh in 2021! New announcements, new headliners etc!
  3. Can't see it, this will all have blown over long before August!
  4. If you go back about 3-4 pages, this was already discussed
  5. They cancelled for Download Australia which in turn meant the festival got cancelled! (although it was in like 8 days)
  6. Plus Dinosaur Pile Up, JEW, Creeper, Dream State, SHVPES, Kid Kapichi, and Young Guns! Oh and Boston Manor!
  7. If it's Weezer then i'm going! It's only 15 mins away from me!
  8. 2000 Trees still going ahead at the moment, and they said 2 big Californian bands tba, i wonder who they might be?
  9. I've already had my next two gigs postponed! (I Prevail and Lamb of God) now waiting for Download to get cancelled!
  10. Marsicans played Reading last year
  11. I'm blind to think that Taylor Swift or Beyonce would be a future headliner of Reading? Give your head a wobble!
  12. Actually i think you're right, it's more messy on placings, making it feel really bad!
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