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  1. I’d be more than happy with the RHCP, purely because I’ve seen them with Dave Navarro in 96, Josh Klinghoffer in 2016 and I need to see them with John Frusciante!
  2. To avoid straying into pessimism, some questions for you all: Best act of the weekend: YM@6, Biffy, Becky Hill, Calva Louise and Yonaka Act that most exceeded expectations: Catfish Best new act you discovered: Calva Louise Best musical moment (song, crowd, etc): Biffy Many of Horror, song makes me cry every time!
  3. When I watching Yonaka at Reading, there was a young girl right by me near the front starting to have a panic attack, I managed to get her to chill and breathe and relax, and then said to everyone around if she needs to get lifted over the barrier be ready!
  4. Just got back from Reading, whoever on this forum suggested Calva Louise, I salute you, they were so good!
  5. Get Architects in quick to replace Fever 333!
  6. Gutted i couldn't go, so close to my original home, but miles away now, i had friends that said it was a great warm up show!
  7. Mines showing up ok but i've added to my Apple Wallet too just in case!
  8. I’m not sure, I was just going on them still being on the lineup
  9. My weekend plan: Nothing But Thieves > Inhaler > Sports Team > Mabel > Nova Twins > Yonaka > Boston Manor > Dinosaur Pile Up Fever 333 > Beck Hill > Sigrid > Loathe > Hannah Wants > Calva Louise > Disclosure > Fever 333 Neck Deep > Koven > YungBlud > ShyFX > Biffy Clyro > Crucast And hopefully Frank Carter and YM@6 if they’re secret sets!
  10. Mate that sucks! I work at at Covid testing centre, i got a 4 day shift from tomorrow, we get tested every two days, i'm praying i test negative before hitting Reading Thursday!
  11. I always camp in white, mainly because we take the camper vans, but always that bit more quieter and chilled, and a lot more tidier!
  12. I'll take him with MGK! I fucking love Travis!
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