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  1. Foals Enter Shikari All American Rejects Band Of Skulls Don Broco The Streets Strange Bones Biffy Offspring Fatboy Slim
  2. Nope, Liam plays Leeds Sunday whoever made this got the days wrong 🤭 decent attempt though
  3. That would be unreal, snatch yours hands off for that
  4. Thing is when the announcements were mid March the line ups were always banging and you knew you’d be going 100% last few years it’s been dog shite so people like to know so can arrange another fest, gigs etc 🤷🏼‍♂️ The smaller festivals seem to have the better line ups these days especially compared to R&L
  5. What other festivals is she headlining lad? 😂😂
  6. Aerosmith? They are actually active this summer fits the left field for R&L demographic,
  7. 07, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 so 11 for me 16 was the last decent all round line up, glory years for me would obvs be 09-14 in terms of best line ups 17 and 18 is where I feel it’s started to go downhill for me so missed 19! Hoping for a good line up this year to pull me back in and take me back to my favourite festival bar glasto!
  8. Eminem’s new album is banging! I reckon he’s nailed on for headliner if he’s not at glasto! so that’s liam and eminem one space left
  9. It’s probably going to be something like Liam G/Gerry Cinnamon/Snoop Dogg Bring Me The Horizon/Two Door/Wolf Alice The Killers/Haim/Bombay Bicycle Club with nme headlines by Blossoms/Run The Jewels/Idles cant see and don’t want rhcp, feel being to optimistic for AM, Florence seems to get ignored, kasabian have their own gig, looks like missed the boat for mcr too so doesn’t really leave a lot in terms of a R&L headliner reckon biffy will be doing the smaller festivals ynot/kendal etc if I had to pick my headliners I’d really want it to be Liam G Foals/BMTH Rage/Tame Impala nme - The Streets/Don Broco/Bombay Bicycle Club with a closing set from disclosure (dj set)
  10. What are people’s thoughts on nme? I’d really like to see enter shikari back they deserve so much more than the pit headliner they got last year id like them to headline nme.(although I’ve wanted this since 08 closest we got was subbing pendulum in 10) Probably more realistic it being don broco or all time low along with two new exciting acts rather than established just wondering what other people would want or think to get a feel for the group
  11. I reckon Travis Scott talk is just some of the younger crowd hoping, sure he only headlined other year! Looking at previous line ups you tend to see acts working their way up which R&L are quite good at so your defo going to see haim, two door, wolf alice, run the jewels high up the bill this year! Surprised green day haven’t been mentioned been years since they are back and sold out their hella mega tour instantly , although I have a sneaky feeling that exact line up on the tour is going to be a day on the other stage at glasto
  12. New album on the way and with R&L ramping up the festival exclusivities in the past years I’d say it’s a great shout! However I have found the last 4-5 years for me I’ve always been let down by headliners not sure if this is me getting older or the festival being on the decline
  13. This thread needs to wake up Liam Gallagher is not co-headlining, his tours always sell out the day they go on sale, he’s headlining festivals throughout Europe his two albums have been fantastic and throw in all the oasis songs he does he’s the perfect headliner makes sense why foals feel comfortable to go on before him in Scotland because it would make one hell of a show also just out of curiosity why does everyone keep throwing travis scott around? I’ve seen acts thrown in the bin on this same thread for them not having tour dates near the event, travis Scott also doesn’t have tour dates past April? To clarify I don’t agree that no tour dates near the event means no appearance, it’s a massive event and most acts would happily fly over for the weekend adding a show to fill the week very much like slipknot have with knotfest, (again I doubt it’s slipknot headlining) feel everyone’s expectations need to be lowered because Liam will be the superstar act
  14. Ahh sorry, didn’t know we had their agent in the chat!
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