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  1. Sherlocks and Jake bugg secret sets on Friday at Leeds abit disappointed in that, but thats only because of don broco, yma6, and possible vaccines sets across the weekend. ah well will still have a great day I’m guessing they will both be the slots on the festival republic stage, can still see two slots on the bbc stage possibly three so fingers crossed for one more good addition
  2. I disagree tbf, they will make the announcements each morning of the day affected. No need to keep announcing every couple of hours just confusing, everyone craic on it be reet! if anyone enters the Leeds arena tonight could you take a picture of the alcohol prices thanks
  3. That will most likely be the case (with the exit leading to the campsites) I did get myself excited at the thought of just being able to buy myself a crate and have it in the arena, but surely they aren’t going to allow that after the strict rules they’ve had since it’s existence
  4. Just noticed the co-op this year is in the arena at Leeds? This will be a first as it’s normally in the village/campsite area,
  5. Yeah so I think the main stage moved in 2011 prior to that the dance stage/lock up was right at the back of it, tried showing this on the picture below (yellow mark was main, red was the shared dance/lock up)
  6. The stage will be facing diagonally towards where the nme stage use to be thats surely got to be the case, people will be able to pass round the back of the crowds that way, Quite fascinated as to where the other stages will be as they won’t want them in the middle (top of the hill) surely 🤷🏼‍♂️
  7. The problem with the stages not being well attended is quite simply down to the bookers. R&L has gone right downhill the last few years in booking bands, Especially on the festival republic and pit/lock up. they seem to just put all their energy in making the main stage headliner sets rammed by booking poor choices throughout. Those stages if booked correctly with similar types of bands can build an atmosphere throughout the day and it boot off for the headliner, unfortunately now it’s all just a mis matched bunch so no excitement can be built and other bands won’t want to gee up the group for the headliner/band after them because they have no similarity to them or even know who they are
  8. Ahh yes great spot, for some reason I thought they had postponed their whole tour untill next year. Are those dates new ones or re-arranged does anyone know? seems strange they haven’t kept the uk dates together, nice big gap for when R&L is also 😬😬
  9. Im just a day ticket holder this year for Friday at Leeds, would be slightly disappointed if MGK isn’t there, wasn’t really that into him but after being convinced by my gf to listen to his album I feel he will be a big loss to the line up as it is a great album. But obviously these things were always going to happen, could be even more casualties if bands or crew start failing covid tests. in terms of a replacement it’s surely got to be don broco would prefer enter, idles that some have suggested but neither seem active and would probably turn it down. While I write this though I’d just remembered Frank Carter was a secret set.(supposedly confirmed)? So that is probably the replacement as it will make the most sense in terms of logistics
  10. It would be unsafe 😂😂😂 what you on about?
  11. First time going to trsnmt this year, I went to t in the park once and it was a cracking festival. Wondering if trsmt actually has more going on than the three stages advertised?
  12. Not sure who it was that recommended the band STONE! just checked them out and they are great, very much looking forward to catching them at Leeds on the Friday. Thanks whoever it was, great recommendation 👏
  13. Yeah 100% the gates are manned 24/7 or else people could just walk in, early entry opens at 14:00 if I remember correctly and then people with a normal weekend ticket could gain entry from 12am you’ll be absolutely fine I’ve no doubt
  14. At Leeds festival the gates never use to shut once opened? You could arrive any time you wanted am-pm. Would find it slightly odd if this wasn’t the case at reading also
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