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  1. I didn’t go last year so can’t comment on the secret sets but I did hear QOTSA were one? Sure I read that in a forum every year I’ve been ive always seen a good 3-4 secret sets your probably just missing them
  2. You never know BMTH could be the secret set, they’ve been making big things of the secret set lately (as in getting more than they use too)
  3. So which bands are playing which day at the minute all you have is what headliners are playing on what day you have no idea what bands will be playing underneath them
  4. Just a thought but with only headliners announced for which day, would they sell day tickets now? Surely they would wait till the day splits? I’m not sure never attended for a day always done weekend
  5. Neck deep added stick out like a sore thumb on that main stage, feeling fairly confident of the other stages being back with them five acts added
  6. No one needs to be able to name any disclosure songs, It’s dance music 😂 majority of the crowd are teens on ket or pills. Will go down a treat for them, the Dance stage has been the second busiest stage for years now it’s a solid booking as much as it’s a missed opportunity for more favourable acts it was a cheap booking that people will leave after watching them going yeah it was alright that
  7. Great analogy and couldn’t agree more with it, sadly that’s the way bands especially the younger ones seem to think these days I know josh from YM@6 has spoken out about it and I’ve noticed the brave forward steps they have took in a change of direction with the new single it will certainly be exciting to see which way that goes although we can all guess. In another topic bet it’s horrible to feel pigeon holed into one style of music enter have been great pioneers for that throughout their careers and BMTH have just took that to another level but when you look into that, that is a sma
  8. still find it ridiculous this guy hasn’t been booked, I’m hoping it’s due to the fact he will remain a APE exclusive next year along with some of the other acts like touted to headline like Billie, Haim (play o2 in June so maybe not) it gives the feel as it’s their own show but with spectacular support bands it would then make the bookings of catfish and disclosure more understandable. thinking about it you may well see dua lipa at parklife or wireless as a exclusive and Florence might get her own Hyde park show, bmth could be planning on tramlines or even there own summer shows I believe
  9. And this is where the problem could lie, bands turning down slots because they believe their worth is more! Bands should just fucking want to play festivals and be apart of it sadly this is why the indie rock scene is failing currently and the grime rap scene is thriving all the colabs that happen, how all the acts in that scene support each other even when you look at the one xtra stage it just always seems so stacked of acts and I really do believe band egos is a deep rooted issue these days, they would rather be seen as better than another band than help promote each other
  10. Course it’s relevant bar sales drive the festival what kind of stupid comment is that to make if your queueing up at a toilet for 30 mins your going to be pissed off I agree about the you can stand where ever you want for however long you want comment because everyone’s paid the same, im just saying it pisses people off, I’ve been stood at gigs festivals before waiting and when the young ones come down five mins before the band are due to start and push there way to the front it causes aggro and tension luckily stuff that like that doesn’t phase me I believe people can do whatever
  11. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion however side by side no matter how much it’s been “tried and tested” won’t be the format they follow. it would be horrendous for bar sales, toilets at that one area would be hammered constantly and these people who believe they are entitled to stand in the front pit all day waiting for one headliner will just piss others off who like to dip in and out for their favourite act The stages will be facing each other like slam dunk have done at their new sites causing bars to be used more, more toilets around the arena being used instead of one set, an
  12. No ones denying that, let’s not get tribal haha
  13. Aye I notice that I meant purely the space for the area in front of the main stage
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