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  1. Repeat booking, boosting an act of questionable size to a high slot, jumping on the bandwagon of what's trendy in the moment, disappointing older fans who would prefer RATM... Yungblud headlining may be the most Reading booking there could possibly be.
  2. I'm going with it being a fakeout - he's given us the headliners then 'admitted' to making them up, but the twist will be that he was telling the truth all along and lied about lying.
  3. Yeah I thought that sounded way too random to be accurate 😄 KTL I've not heard of before, I should check them out at some point.
  4. I need to listen to more of them really, the only songs I really know are Save Your Breath and Fucked Up Kids but they're both really good. They've moved away from pop punk and are doing metal now though? EDIT: I googled them, you're talking about Kill The Lights - completely different band 😄
  5. The band or the Metallica song? Either way, yes.
  6. Bullet For My Valentine to headline the Pit? Been listening to them a bit this week, I feel like people often forget how good they were pre-Temper Temper. Hearts Burst Into Fire, 4 Words and The Last Fight are all such great songs.
  7. He mentions RHCP as the band the festival were originally after for the royal slot though, which suggests it means 'rock royalty' - ie. a legendary act - rather than anything to do with their name.
  8. I like to think of it as realistically disappointing 😄
  9. Well... fingers crossed for a 3-day Knotfest with Slipknot, RATM and BMTH headlining. 😄
  10. I used to have this recurring dream about the first announcement, where it was its own little festival. People would physically go to the festival site for two days, and a giant version of the lineup poster would be revealed from behind a huge curtain in the evening. Then there would be a few mid-size bands playing right there through the following hours, with physical ticket sales taking place in marquees dotted around the site. It was like a whole big launch party thing.
  11. Just discovered Daine, she seems good. Another addition to the resurgence of rock/emo/pop-punk among zoomers recently, which will hopefully be reflected in Reading lineups over the next few years.
  12. Hoping for: Spanish Love Songs The Wonder Years The Menzingers Basement The Xcerts Pale Waves Yonaka Neck Deep The Story So Far Creeper Salem Funeral For A Friend
  13. Give me Bring Me The Horizon, Slipknot and Rage Against The Machine each headlining a day 😄
  14. Could be Reading and Leeds? Thought they were ruled out of Slam Dunk by Rock Am Ring/Rock Im Park...
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