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  1. Also, would legit love Taylor Swift as a headliner, especially with a Speak Now/Red/1989 heavy setlist.
  2. With Riot! in full to celebrate its 13th anniversary.
  3. Does this not count as rap? 😃
  4. Problem is it would look too rocky with that and the Slipknot day too. Not that I'd be complaining about that, of course 😄
  5. Reeeaaaally out there suggestion for a subheadliner... Motley Crue. 😄
  6. Slam Dunk exclusive, I think.
  7. Is Boy Better Know still a thing, and are they possible as a subheadliner? Not that I'm interested in them at all, just making a new fake poster 😄
  8. Needs more It Never Ends, Blessed With A Curse, And The Snakes Start To Sing, and Go To Hell For Heaven's Sake.
  9. Interrupters for 6th/7th main would be good, though I think they may be doing hella mega at the time.
  10. Would prefer MCR, RATM and Slipknot to be honest.
  11. With Priest effectively ruled out now, I could see Nightwish as the final sub.
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