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  1. Rage Against the Machine (40) +5 The 1975 (20) Foals (25) -5 Queens of the Stone Age (30) The Cure (40) +5 Arcade Fire (55) -5
  2. I wonder if this could be rescheduled rather than cancelled, like Slam Dunk... second weekend of September, maybe?
  3. Imagine putting Metallica in the £50 bracket 😆
  4. Even V had the occasional token rock act - Muse, Prodigy, Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers...
  5. I was thinking NBT could be a 2KT headliner...
  6. Sunday sold out on SeeTickets already 😂
  7. What did Slowthai do? (And can we have Limp Bizkit to replace him?)
  8. I want to go back to 2008, 2010 or 2013 please. Or if we're doing time travel, back even further to before I started going - 2003.
  9. Can't believe how I've gone from giddy excitement to pure apathy in the space of 12 hours... I was sure with RATM announced it was a done deal for me, but there's not even enough there for me to justify a day ticket let alone a full weekend at the moment 😕
  10. Never mind posters, I did an entire fake festival website: http://danhart.uk/stardustfestival/ 😄
  11. Probably the best since Metallica in 2015 for me.
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