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  1. Here's hoping they copy and paste this
  2. Doves for me... going to Greenman so may catch idles there (although it looks as if they’ll clash with Father John Misty so maybe not).
  3. Loved Liam so much, and thought his voice was great.
  4. I got there at about 12pm last year and a bit of traffic when I got there but nothing too bad, and arrived about 6-7pm 3 years ago and can’t remember any traffic (although did get lost a couple of times which would have been annoying if the view wasn’t so stunning). Have settlers pass this year so cheating a bit!
  5. So weather has not been great in recent years then? It’s a trip down nostalgia memory lane for me as listened to maniacs, badly drawn boy, Gomez and the doves in my university days. Lots of things to catch up on so thanks for that. What’s the beer like? I see it has its own festival but does this extend to bars by the stages?
  6. Will keep an eye out to but something will come up. im not sure the sell out is a line up entirely thing... I was going to go this year regardless (early bird tickets). It’s the safest I’ve ever felt, and amazing for my kids (2 and 5 last year who will be 3 and 6 this year). Just really well run! Saying all this when FJM was announced it made me happy!
  7. In a year where most apart from Glastonbury has sold out, it speaks volumes Greenman does it in record time. The thing is another headliner is going to tuck me up! Still can’t wait till that first sip of tiny rebel on Thursday
  8. So me and a few others have taken the plunge. We are relatively pampered sorts who do Glastonbury and Greenman but this year we’re going far from home (4 1/2 hours to be exact). Have many questions but let’s start with whose looking forward to what? As a Welshman Tom Jones impregnating the crowd will be a hoot
  9. Bravo both - remedied
  10. ShakeyCrash

    Flaming lips

    Ahh Sheeaaaat... Bristol it is then.
  11. Or if anyone plays he's "simple, he's dumb, he's the pilot" by grandaddy I will be a mess.
  12. All mentioned already, but... Do you realize - flaming lips fake plastic trees - Radiohead emmylou - first aid kit I will be crying, especially if they are all on at the same time.
  13. In the past couple of weeks, Future islands have elevated themselves a few levels in my book from the "slightly intrigued" to the "I sure hope they don't clash with anyone". Their performance on Jools has kept up this momentum; cracking.
  14. ShakeyCrash

    Flaming lips

    I have 4 must see acts; Radiohead, Flaming Lips, Chic and First Aid Kit. This could be the mother of all clashes, or the best day at the Pyramid known to man.
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