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  1. I made my plane! Great fun last night and thanks to all!
  2. I’m off to the theater but we’ll join in the witching hour if it’s still going
  3. Daft Punk 95 (-10)Elton John 70 Kate Bush 35
  4. Daft Punk 110 Depeche Mode 50 (-10) Elton John 60 Kate Bush 90
  5. ShakeyCrash


  6. Daft Punk 102Depeche Mode 113Elton John 85 Rage Against the Machine 110Pearl Jam 99 Talking Heads 90Kate Bush 100 Taylor Swift 75 (+10)Nick Cave 95 Dua Lipa 101
  7. Daft Punk 100 Depeche Mode 97 The Strokes 29 Elton John 80 Rage Against the Machine 100 (-10) Pearl Jam 104 Talking Heads 92 Kate Bush 90 Taylor Swift 70 Nick Cave 95 Dua Lipa 70 The Jam 55
  8. Daft Punk 105Depeche Mode 100 The Strokes 59 Led Zeppelin 40 Elton John 90Rage Against the Machine 106 Green Day 20 (-10)Pearl Jam 124Talking Heads 92Kate Bush 79 Taylor Swift 91Nick Cave 99 Dua Lipa 100 The Jam 65 Lady Gaga 50
  9. Daft Punk 85Depeche Mode 80The Strokes 64 Led Zeppelin 59 Eminem 15Elton John 90Rihanna 60 Rage Against the Machine 65 Green Day 50 (-10)The Weeknd 50Pearl Jam 104Talking Heads 92Kate Bush 70Taylor Swift 105 Nick Cave 115Dua Lipa 91 The Jam 70Lady Gaga 65
  10. Daft Punk 65Depeche Mode 59The Strokes 50Led Zeppelin 60 (+10)Drake 35 Eminem 45Elton John 60 Fleetwood Mac 46 The Stone Roses 60Kanye West 55Madonna 30Rihanna 50Red Hot Chilli Peppers 55 Rage Against the Machine 62Iron Mailman 50Green Day 50Pink Floyd 50The Weeknd 50P!nk 50Pearl Jam 65 Talking Heads 60 AC/DC 40 Kate Bush 60 Taylor Swift 87 Nick Cave 53 Dua Lipa 56The Jam 50Genesis 30 ABBA 50Lady Gaga 50The Smiths 65 Portishead / Massive Attack/ Tricky supergroup 55
  11. I sent a what’sapp to my mates, went to a pub in Cardiff, had a pint and listened to many of honour while continuing the chat. Then a bus to London to watch an NFL game basically listening to many of honour on repeat while going back through the chat at the point when my mates realised they had tickets. Great feeling to reciprocate my mate who is the reason i go to Glastonbury and has always got tickets in the past!
  12. Thanks, forgot/missed this and I’d be shocked if it wasn’t dropped in march but thought it interesting she caveated it on the interview.
  13. I hate to be that guy but in the radio interview with Clara Amfo Emily says “hopefully in March” for getting more news out on the lineup. 9:04 in for those fact checkers amongst you. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m00145dy
  14. Wolf Alice - Blue Weekend The War On Drugs - I Don't Live Here Anymore The Weather Station - Ignorance Django Django - Glowing In The Dark Lana Del Rey - Blue Banisters Mogwai - As the Love Continues Robert Plant & Alison Krauss - Raise The Roof Damon Albarn - The Nearer The Fountain, More Pure The Stream The Coral - Coral Island Katy Kirby - Cool Dry Place That was more difficult than I thought but this is what I ended up with.
  15. Wolf Alice - Blue Weekend The War on Drugs - I Don't Live Here Anymore Mogwai - As the Love Continues The Coral - Coral Island Self Esteem - Prioritise Pleasure
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