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  1. So this is my first post since this fateful night 10 days ago. I had 2 pints in the airport, 1 can on the plane. Room wasn’t ready so went to a bar close by so had another 3 pints and chatted with a retired Australian couple before checking in at 3pm (actually 4pm in the end as had the wrong hotel). Had an hours nap which convinced me I was sober and then made my way to Bourbon street. Saw a karaoke place, and made a mental note that this is where I would end up. Bit of food with a couple of pints (lined the stomach so convinced myself I was too sober). Went to a place enticed by a band playing sweet child of mine, and stayed for Proud Mary - 1pint). Played a song I didn’t know so went to a European jazz bar which was epic... lose count of pints at this point (More than 3). Saw it was past midnight and had an NFL game the next day so thought home time.... until I passed a piano bar which took requests... a few renditions of Piano man (and more beer) and feel it’s now time to mingle. Wonderwall provided the perfect opportunity to start up a conversation about me being British and was duly adopted by 3 lovely locals (amazing people - 1 guy paid $10 because I said I wanted them to play tiny dancer). Now I was in the zone and convinced my new found friends that we needed to do karaoke! At this point my friends back home (who I had informed of my karaoke plan) woke up due to 6 hour time difference. We choose Mr Brightside, nailed it, and as luck would have it the karaoke place did a live stream. My mate recorded it and sent me the video. I got back to the hotel at 5am and suffice to say I almost missed the start of the NFL game. I have now recovered enough to regale this tale (hangxiety amplified I can tell you) and to have a few beers to celebrate the Macca announcement. I also wanted to reiterate the fact that I hold @Bryanrebe solely responsible for this.
  2. First part maybe, but last part not for me. I think part of being a festival booker is you need to leave your ego at the door, and I can’t imagine them making any demands on such a big coup (especially given the relatively low price they can pay). I do think it was something that has happened recently, and suspect other bands have been courted (Fleetwood Mac and maybe Elton). The interview would have been the catalyst I reckon for it all coming together... Paul’s come and get me would have put Emily and Nick on high alert and they’ve just brought it home. Still buzzing that they have to be honest and that clip of Something was perfect so thank you @august1
  3. Also would like to know how far along are they with the booking (percentage wise)
  4. This should be a thread on it’s own. Fold
  5. Do we know how many people applied for the ballot tickets? I’f not, “How many people applied for the ballot tickets?”
  6. My thought is he turned them down, people who knew he’d been approached were in his ear telling him how cool it would be, he did the interview and then Emily realised that there was a chance and went all out for him. Given the Prince experience it’s not surprising she was cautious with announcing a date, and the rest as they say is history.
  7. Yep - my Saturday night (and Sunday afternoon) are all sorted. Delighted with this. Now onto the thread where someone was slagging off Emily to see how that humble pie is tasting!
  8. I saw him at the Avalon in 2014 and it wasn’t great as he had an issue with his in ear monitor. Missed out on tickets last year so would be delighted to see him again next year.
  9. Green for me. Greenman, Green fields, Greenpeace, green green grass of home, green day, al green, greensleeves... um.. Greengrass from Hartbeat
  10. Yep. Good news is I’ve made it to the airport. Ended up popping into a sports bar, watching some college basketball and picking up a dominos pizza having convinced myself that I had to sample one in the US. Sober me wishes I was drunk me, but he’d never hold down a job. Not too full of regrets, but this is largely down to the delete message function in WhatsApp and different time zones! Feel for you on the Paddington thing. Nothing worse than being hungover and in a busy place when all you want to do is cut yourself off from the world! Sampling that with a 8.30am pint. I hold you solely responsible for the rest of my day.
  11. In a blues club. Have a flight to New Orleans tomorrow at 8am and trying to figure out when I should leave. Current thinking is 2 more with the comfort that I have beer back at the hotel. Got me Spotify so may relive the time I got Glastonbury tickets (WhatsApp chat) to music, or listen to the nostalgia list. Either way I’m waking up tomorrow and regretting this post! God damn you hangxiety!!
  12. The chances of that are a million to one I’d say.
  13. So I’m in Orlando for a Microsoft convention and have just been to universal studios where I played a drink (can) before each ride with a guy from Denver (I’m from m Cardiff). We managed 7 and I am currently having a wind down drink watching chvrches on James Corden thinking I like em and don’t care who knows it!
  14. ShakeyCrash

    2020 headliners

    What always gets me is why the fuck do people attack random people\acts to get their point across? If you have a point try and make it without making derogatory comments about other acts, else you are no better than those who attack your sacred acts!
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