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  1. To be fair we’ve had a vaccine before we thought we would, with efficiency beyond what we dreamed it would be, which also stops transmission to a high level. We’ve had an incredibly fast vaccine rollout and a higher than anticipated uptake in vaccinations. Combine all this with a low number of cases and repeated reports about low transmission outside and on a festival forum and I totally understand and feel the frustration. I am totally invested in festivals happening this year and am confused as to why these are still in doubt given the above.
  2. I don’t think you’re the only one that’s nervous but personally I’m happy to see these scenes. We’re both seeing the same things and are of equal intelligence and it’s just a case of personal interpretations. My overwhelming belief (as you know) is outdoors coupled with low infection rates mean this will have little to no impact. Thinking of all the concerns from before with scenes like this, all the protests that have happened and how i have seen none that have resulted in an uptick of the virus.
  3. Turned 40 yesterday and Vaccine booked for 10 am tomorrow in Cardiff. A little bit of a wait on the phone (5 minutes) and then had my choice of when!
  4. The Cure - 94 REM - 75 (-10) David Bowie - 93 Daughter’s awake
  5. The Cure - 104 REM - 85 (+10) David Bowie - 93 Daughter’s sleeping!
  6. Going to call tomorrow. I heard today that someone in their 40s called at 8 am and was jabbed 9 am. It really is coming to an end. 60% of adult population first jabbed already, 20% have received both jabs. Some restrictions have been brought forwards. Number of cases dropping so we are under 18 cases per 100,000 people. Cases are still dropping.
  7. Wales data - pretty compelling evidence that lockdowns work I would say. Red line indicates lock down.
  8. Yeah, it did bring up an awkward conversation about genealogy... but she then got bored and started playing with her LOL dolls.
  9. As a side from this I no longer have a horse to back in this race. I was going to be all contrary and side against those that I feel have wronged me but then I had the following conversation with my eight year old daughter: Me: Right, time to punish those who voted against Radiohead! Daughter: But Dad, did not @Ted Dansons Wig give 10 points to Stevie Wonder and @kalifire put up a passionate plea to right the wrong of Adele's exit whilst later on producing a spreadsheet that made you weep with joy. Me: Well yes; so I'll leave them. But there's always @vintagelaureate who finis
  10. I liked the bit when your pets had pets. Super cute. It's a shame we got drunk and all cancelled Rhythm of the 90s though.
  11. We must never forget the harm people have done... isn't that right Fredo (you know who you are).
  12. Well this is a bit of unexpected good news. Some restrictions in wales being brought forward a week due to low infection rates: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-56680593 Nice to see “lifting o restrictions subject to change” working in the right way for once!
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