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  1. CJB

    2023 Headliners

    Sorry if I’m out of loop/missed something but Bruce Springsteen is touring the UK around glasto time next year. Is there a chance he’d be one of the headliners?
  2. Reading through this thread is making me feel stressed and also incredibly lucky that I’ve got tickets both times I tried (for the 2019 festival and 2022 festival) on my own 😂
  3. Arrived Wednesday evening around 6pm and no queues at all, and no searches. Did leave and re enter the festival several times and didn’t get searched once
  4. Yeah they’ve made a new path and it was ridiculously steep especially when going down and turning corners, not sure how it passed safety checks tbh!! I saw a few people lose their footing quite a few times. Thanks a lot for your input, think I might try Sticklinch next time.
  5. Hey guys, would just like to gather some opinions from anyone who has stayed in both Worthy View and sticklinch and if they preferred one over the other etc? I’ve stayed in worthy view both times I’ve been to Glastonbury and I can’t fault it apart from the hill. I don’t think it’s QUITE as bad as people make out but it does make popping back to your tent throughout the day for whatever reason a bit of a trek. I know Sticklinch is still really new (think this was the first year of it????) but was wondering if anyone had stayed in both and which they preferred and for what reasons?
  6. Hi guys- was wondering if anyone who was staying in Worthy View camping this year has received their tent numbers yet? I stayed there in 2019 also and I remember them being sent a bit earlier than this.
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