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  1. Don't know if this has been mentioned on here yet, but I saw a tweet saying that Sam Fender announced himself at a small Leeds gig he played recently.
  2. This is what everyone was saying last year around March/April. I can't see it going ahead with the amount of daily cases.
  3. Love the EP. I really like all the tracks except the last one. They have to headline soon. I hope the rest of the EP's they release are to the same standard of this
  4. I'm listening to this on repeat. It's actually a tune 😂
  5. Yeah I saw that. That's like people asking for Arctic Monkeys after the line up is out
  6. That sub is kinda like 4th down though when you think about it and I reckon that would fit him
  7. Radiohead are more likely out of the two. But I doubt that they'd play.
  8. I reckon Wolf Alice could be a shout. But I think that Gerry Cinnamon will definitely be there
  9. The josh rants at security bit should be considered it's own song as it's a given
  10. That would be an instant ticket buy
  11. I think it would be an unlikely booking
  12. It's the Hunna as special guests that I strongly disagree with. Also Wolf Alice are too low and Fontaines are too big to headline FR
  13. Would be an amazing set of headliners
  14. Their first album is still massive. Also they're really good live
  15. Haha the build up to 2020s line up was fun
  16. I would love a "Travis Barker and friends" slot
  17. Also I wish the streets were there that would be great
  18. The amount of backing tracks were obscene
  19. The disappointment if he were to perform the song and not bring Oli out
  20. To be fair YUNGBLUD was great on the Bring Me song if he releases more heavy that'd be great
  21. They've just announced YUNGBLUD, Charli XCX, Neck Deep, Sigrid and Jack Harlow
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