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  1. yosoyyoberdi

    Photos please

    First timer here.
  2. 5 hours to get from the shuttle bus queue to the train.
  3. Our shuttle has been stopped on a field as castle Cary cannot take more people. Rumours that there may not be enough trains
  4. We've been queueing 2 hours for the shuttle to Castle Cary, still not made it. Any news from the station?
  5. People keep queueing at water points or the taps at the busiest loos ignoring there are plenty of other places to drink / refill...
  6. yosoyyoberdi

    The Killers

    I wasn't convinced at all with the Killers when they were announced but as this is my first Glastonbury I wanted to see at least one headliner at the Pyramid... What a show! Absolutely loved it. Amazing atmosphere when Marr joined for The Charming Man. You can still hear people talking about it this morning.
  7. One of my highlights yesterday
  8. Lol, people have been asking for a sunny and hot festival for months and now 30 is too much to cope. Every festival in southern Europe has higher temperatures and everyone survives.
  9. As some of you probably know already, the forecasts are based on models, GFS (American), UKMO (UK) or ECMWF (EU) mainly. There is no point checking dozens of weather websites because they just replicate the models outcomes. If you prefer the GFS model I can recommend this website which gives you the raw model run for a specific point. I have already set up this one with glasto coordinates: https://www.meteopt.com/modelos/meteogramas/gfs.php?lat=51.16&lon=-2.59&lang=en&type=txt&units=m Meteociel (http://www.meteociel.fr) has also got a nice set of maps for each of the models.
  10. How full is it by Thursday midday? I was thinking of camping there but might be full by that time.
  11. 2 Good: Rosalia Tame Impala 2 Bad: The Cure Stormzy
  12. Your tickets were prepared for despatch on 09 Jun 2019. Tickets will typically leave our office the same day. Finally!
  13. Maybe Stormzy is not the great headliner booking some people around here have been claiming for months and the true headliner for Friday night is Tame Impala as numbers show...
  14. They have just released another batch, I've got now tickets for every day... They haven't sold any tickets at all, have they? I don't really know what to do, I was supposed to go to Muse tomorrow, which btw hasn't sold out either.
  15. In that case I will just give them away to whoever wants them, not gonna bother selling them. First dm gets them.
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