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  1. So are we now saying they might still come because there is no IG post about PS? I should probably start accepting the possibility they won't be at MC.
  2. Couldn't see them last year at APE London but a few friends went and said they were great. I saw them in Oxegen 2011 and have been waiting to see them again since then.
  3. Tbf, it seems like the same people asking in every publication. MCR are big amongst a good proportion of the Spanish public for reasons I don't entirely understand. I don't think I've ever listened a single song from them. Guess they diserve the headliner spot because of the reunion but the interest will probably wind down afterwards. What about Bad Bunny, C Tangana, etc? Given how up they are in PS lineup could they have a chance in MC? The current lineup is too strong for them to be given the Friday but I'm running out of names.
  4. That Thursday is going to be a clash nightmare. I wanted to see pretty much everyone from Cala Vento to Billie. The Strokes would be amazing but I don't see it happening anymore. Gonna be MCR which is awesome for lots of people but sadly not for me.
  5. Can you share a link for that? I would like to read whats being said on the Spanish forums
  6. I would love The Strokes + Arcade Fire. It is going to be RHCP + MCR though. As said before, Kendricks only show in Spain is BBK.
  7. Really? I wasn't expecting a sold out this early.
  8. Pretty far from the city centre, to the northeast, close to the airport.
  9. That makes a lot of sense imo. Hopefully it doesn't mean they have pulled out.
  10. First 15.000 tickets sold out now. That's one third of the total gone.
  11. Last step before paying. It is actually a bit less than 10% but have bought them anyway as ryanair /easyjet times don't suit me.
  12. I don't think so but prices might raise quickly after the first 15,000 tickets. Edit: first 15,000 almost gone.
  13. Very strong lineup, definitely the strongest in Europe right now. Don't wanna get my hopes high but The Strokes on Friday would seal the deal for me.
  14. They will give warnings, they did yesterday with the presale. Also, Sunday prices are limited to first 15,000 tickets so prices will go up when they are gone. Can't see a sold out happening soon but the first batch should go quickly.
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