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  1. I suspect booking prices are not what they used to be before covid.
  2. So someone smaller than Mumford and bigger than altj. Any ideas?
  3. Spanish version is still saying "one of the headliners" on Instagram. This also is in line with the yellow dot between the main headliners of the day.
  4. It's not the main headliner that we are missing on Friday for example
  5. If placebo, pixies or royal blood are headliners, Liam Gallagher can definitely be as well. Headlined FIB a couple years ago too.
  6. Billie Eilish, Kings of Leon and one of the Gallaghers
  7. Yes, this is just as things stand. By the way Mad Cool is answering all comments re Billie seems like she will confirm in August.
  8. Out: Billie, Taylor, KOL. Anderson Paak, cage the elephant, phoebe, rex orange county, sam fender, haim, tove lo, clairo, khalid, tones and i, hawley, kali uchis, paul weller, Charlie xcx, the chats, hinds, cala vento In: RHCP, Carly rae, Puscifer, fever 333. Seems like they are going back to rock.
  9. How is this a better lineup? They have brought up bands that were on the second line with only RHCP being added and removing loads of interesting names. This is clearly downsizing unless there are headliners missing, which doesn't seen likely given they haven't left blank spaces. The only hope is that bigger dot on Friday. Edit: apparently there are headliners left.
  10. Mad Cool is saying on Instagram that they will publish a statement regarding refunds before the end of the week.
  11. At first I was thinking of keeping my ticket for next year but not anymore. The whole thing has been complete shambles from the first day. I already have refunds from other festivals in September while mad cool is still playing games.
  12. Surely that's fake. NOS has all headliners already, right?
  13. I am pretty much with you on this but let's keep things together until we see the announcement...
  14. They started posting clues on Sunday, not just today. I'm expecting another clue/announcement tomorrow before the price change. By announcing the headliners after the increase they get sales before and after. No point on increasing prices after disclosing the full thing at least from a sales perspective. But MC seems to do pretty stupid things sometimes so... Who knows?
  15. Surely it has to be Thursday, no point on making an announcement and revealing the full lineup before a price increase.
  16. I really don't like Mumford and Sons but I'm afraid they are big in Spain. Tickets don't get shifted by people in forums and we are far from being representative of the main public tastes. Having said that, I still don't believe is gonna be Mumford purely based on the insider's comments.
  17. As far as I know they are not, I would say even AltJ are bigger. They are usually 2nd 3rd liners so maybe had been given the push to fill the blank space?
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