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  1. That's fair, but they have been replying "soon" for a month. If this turns out to be a crap booking seems like shooting themselves.
  2. MC is now actively replying the comments about the Friday headliners in IG. One of the actual comments is "We are aware. The wait is going to be worth it". Seems like they might be close to signing someone. They would not say that if they were going to cover ir with a less relevant act, surely. Or would they?
  3. The Strokes were great tonight in London. Sadly I only had a seating ticket but still fun seeing how the crowd was going mad in the pit. They are back at they top form and MC are going to miss hugely if they don't get them. Thought I would be happy seeing them just this time but now I'm thinking of buying tickets somewhere else.
  4. yosoyyoberdi

    The Strokes?

    So jealous of you guys in the pit but still great watching it from upstairs.
  5. Tame Impala were great at Citadel 2 years ago. I've seen them 3 times and that was the best imo. At least better than glasto last year. Would rather have Strokes but since I got tickets for next week I'm not feeling that depressed now.
  6. yosoyyoberdi

    The Strokes?

    Got one seated, was hoping for standing... Guess they'll be selling many more at 1pm.
  7. Game changer for me as well. I didn't know they were touring before buying tickets but now it seems they are playing every festival but Mad Cool. I'll decide whether to stick with it or try to swap tickets for another festival. Hopefully I can get tickets for that London gig.
  8. Good news finally. I'll try getting tickets for that.
  9. Well, Mad Cool is looking miles better than this, even without the two Friday headliners. However, it seems like we are getting Post Malone / LG
  10. Don't really follow Springsteen but does he do festivals at all? Don't think I've ever seen him around.
  11. At least we have got a Which Mad Cool 2020 artist are you? instagram filter. I am Parcels apparently. Funnily enough they are my most listened band this month.
  12. I guess it's worth keeping an eye on the RL announcement in case they throw any name we could have missed. Although in 100 pages I think we should have everyone covered by now.
  13. I would like to think there is still a chance but way negotiations are going it seems pretty difficult atm.
  14. I gave my opinion, that's why I wrote IMO. Matt has just replied to my post giving his view. Don't really what's all the fuss about. If we cannot speculate I don't really see the point of this thread at all. BTW, there is inside information from the organizers floating around Spanish forums in case anyone is interested. Better not copy it here since this is getting sensitive...
  15. Imo they had both MCR and Strokes and they were waiting for the MCR embargo to announce them. That's why they were saying "very soon" . They lost MCR. Fair enough, not their fault. They leaked that poster with the Strokes and potentially lost them as well. It only leaves two options now. 1. They still have the Strokes but are waiting to get the second headliners to announce both (unlikely, why would they lose clients to Primavera/NOS?). 2. They have to get both headliners (pretty likely given the recent silence)
  16. Mad Cool has just liked a chain of tweets where I was explaining that MCR won't show up because of the Ukraine/Russian ones. Guess they were in conversations with them and have quit in the last moment.
  17. Good news for me. I am sorry for everyone who was waiting for them though...
  18. So are we now saying they might still come because there is no IG post about PS? I should probably start accepting the possibility they won't be at MC.
  19. Couldn't see them last year at APE London but a few friends went and said they were great. I saw them in Oxegen 2011 and have been waiting to see them again since then.
  20. Tbf, it seems like the same people asking in every publication. MCR are big amongst a good proportion of the Spanish public for reasons I don't entirely understand. I don't think I've ever listened a single song from them. Guess they diserve the headliner spot because of the reunion but the interest will probably wind down afterwards. What about Bad Bunny, C Tangana, etc? Given how up they are in PS lineup could they have a chance in MC? The current lineup is too strong for them to be given the Friday but I'm running out of names.
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