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  1. Not happening in July/September. They just replied on insta that there is still some time left for any lineup announcement so keep expectations low.
  2. Double main stage set ups work great for me. Festivals with a single main stage end up feeling like you spent half of the day waiting for an act to start. Especially if you want to see a fews acts in a row. For the first time, PS felt like I spent most time actually watching a band playing rather than waiting.
  3. We need to get Kendrick next year for Primavera. Insane show he is delivering at Glastonbury.
  4. So jealous of everyone at the pyramid right now and I don't even know Kendrick. Insane show he is putting. The set of the festival so far.
  5. I went only to W2 so can't speak for W1 (W2 had more people anyway). But we were FAR away from overcrowding or any dangerous situation. When a stage is overcrowded it gets to a point where you no longer have any space around you. You can't even get your phone out of your pocket. You can't control your movements and it is the actual crowd that decides where you are going. I have experienced this at few festivals before, such as Oxegen, Glasto or even smaller festivals like Citadel. W2 was nothing like that, pretty much the opposite. During the busiest times (Dua Lipa, Strokes or Tame Impala) I was perfectly capable of getting to the front rows 10min after the concert had begun and there was plenty of space. Sometimes you could even see people sitting down.
  6. Funnily enough I got covid 2 weeks before PS so I thought I was sorted. Came back with flu instead.
  7. Fred again, Jay Electronica, Tyler, Danny L Harle and Dua were my favourites. This has been my first PS so cant tell about past ones but comparing against other festivals it feels well organized and not too oversold. I didn't have any issues or see any trouble. There are some bottlenecks when leaving main stages but you get the same in pretty much any other major festival. Btw, I read that W1 had 220k people and W2 240k.
  8. He does the monologues at every show but yesterdays one was the shortest setlist this year.
  9. I think it was the worst set I have seen from The Strokes in 12 years (also the shortest). The stand up comedy show by Julian didnt go down that well with the natives. Especially the part where he was trying to teach them their own language. After a bumpy start it seemed like it was going to be a great gig but started derailing after about 5 songs. From that point onwards most songs were half baked and most people left from the right side where I was standing. I ended up almost front row with loads of space around. Special mention to Under the Cover of Darkness at 0.5x speed. Best part was getting to close with Threat of Joy and a pretty good sound overall.
  10. Weird, site is super busy today but most acts feel half empty.
  11. Yesterday was great. Had a blast on the stage invasion with Jay Electronica. Absolute scenes. Dua Lipa, Tyler, Bicep... what a first day! I was scared with all the horror stories from last weekend but it all worked great, no bar queues for me. However, I'm worried about today. Yesterday it felt like the festival was at full capacity. Not sure what it's going to happen with the extra people coming for The Strokes
  12. Managed to get to Jorjas gig yesterday at Barts without any issues. Thought I would try that one as the main attractions were elsewhere. Ended up being a great way of starting the weekend. See everyone around in a few hours!
  13. Sounds tricky. I was hoping that with all the main attractions being in Poble, Razzmatazz and Apolo it would not fill until gig time. Might give it a try still. Thanks!
  14. On my way to the airport now, excitement is starting to grow! Has anyone been to Parallel 62 venue? I want to catch Priya and Jorja Smith tonight but only have a W2 ticket. What time should I be there?
  15. This will be resolved in the coming days for sure. It is in their own interest to serve drinks faster.
  16. Is that everywhere? 4 freaking waiters serving 50 metres of bar? Never seen anything like it. They could hire 300 more staff with the drop out acts.
  17. Very interesting to hear Gabi's take on nfts, crypto and binance. BTW, he has mentioned that he has also signed the change.org petition against Nick Cave/Bauhaus clash. 🤣
  18. Exciting to see how some of you are already travelling and getting started with it. For us in W2 there are still a few more days left. Have a great time everyone and please come back and let us know how it goes!
  19. What I find funny is that people only remember about energy scarcity when it is about NTFs and crypto. Posting a comment or pic on Instagram (or this thread) also has an energy cost. And obviously, printing a whole book just so you can have a nice souvenir requires energy at orders of magnitude higher than minting a freaking image for an NFT. But hey, most of us around here are travelling from around the globe spending insane amounts of energy just to have some fun over the weekend. So please enough with the hypocrisy.
  20. PS is saying now that wristbands will be required. You would think they'd have things sorted out at this point.
  21. People now selling tickets for both weekends as low as 100€ in instagram. Should have waited..
  22. Gutted for the ones going on W1. I myself exchanged Mad Cool tickets for PS W2 ones partly due to The Strokes. If they are not coming in the end that would be a huge blow. Dont see any other act around capable of filling the gap.. Where are Arctic Monkeys those two weekends btw?
  23. Thats exactly what my contact working at the show production told me. Now that it has been leaked I guess that I can share that the Quimera guy is actually Lorenzo Ferro https://es.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lorenzo_Ferro If there is a secret act is definitely not coming from this direction
  24. Usually Movistar has the most reliable and fastest connection in Spain overall. Not sure about Primavera though.
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