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Lineup 2020


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Feel bad for poor old @PastRecedes getting downvoted for opening the 2018 thread in May 2016... this is a whole new level :rofl:.

Not even gonna attempt to do a 3 headliner prediction because it's impossible to foresee that far, but I reckon RHCP could potentially be a candidate that might not be considered too much. Seems as though The Getaway era is over now and from recent interviews it sounds like the band are gonna be back writing again this year, so should have an album out late 2019/early 2020. They'd probably only be booked if they're struggling for a 'big' headliner, but I definitely think they'll be on the cards.

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43 minutes ago, danz026 said:

Could be Bastille’s year if their next record is a banger 

I'm probably one of the biggest Bastille fans on this forum, but honestly I wouldn't want a headline set.They're my fave band but even if the next record does really well, I don't think an hour and a half of them would be too great. Co-headline I'd hope for as we get Bastille and then someone else to make it a bit stronger.

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17 minutes ago, Gucci Piggy said:

Wow Bastille as your favourite band.

That's as baffling as Imagine Dragons being your favourite band.

That's just plain insulting.


Nah I think it's more I started listening to the first album through a rough time in my life so they've always been held close to my heart. Probably over stating saying they're my fave.

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Just now, danz026 said:

They haven’t headlined a festival before have they? They’ve coheadlined R&L and Benicassim. But there’s a big gap between Reading coheadline and Glasto headliner 

No there isn't lol

I think headline sets at Parklife, Citadel, Bestival, Latitude and, most importantly, a very well received one at Reading are enough to show they can knock out a Glasto headline set. 

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