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  1. The FR and Pit stages are fuckin miles better than last years
  2. They’d go down amazingly if they did and would have gone down amazingly if they played any year after currents came out. It’s p ridiculous they haven’t tbh.
  3. The festival are absolute spanners for not booking tame impala btw. They’d go down amazingly.
  4. I seriously doubt they’ll clash Peggy and Denzel. That’d be p ridiculous. Ditto rage and fever
  5. Rage Idles Fever 333 Creeper Ho99o9 Black Peaks Slowthai on paper should be enough to get me a day ticket. I imagine half of these will clash, of course
  6. The Menzingers, pup, offspring, deftones, Distillers, Frank Carter, press club would probably be worth a day ticket if they didn’t all clash. Which they will.
  7. I'm surprised by how not arsed people seem to be about what the fella from As I Lay Dying did. And it felt like he only rejoined the band about 2 years after it all happened
  8. Reckon we’ll get Fever 333 on the main stage. We could prob get architects also but they’re way way way overdue a slot at download now and should just do that instead.
  9. Efests underestimate the MCRmy. Careful ye fuckers
  10. Nah it does mean it’s caput and I reckon they’ll never play R&L now. in for knotfest though
  11. Bring Me / Architects / Limp Bizkit Mastodon Rage / Parkway Drive / Run The Jewels Sabaton Aerosmith / Ghost / Greta Van Fleet Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes
  12. I reckon if they have their EP's out it could be the year for Bring Me
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