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  1. Blink-182 / Korn / RTJ / Don Broco Mastodon Metallica / Deftones / Architects / Staind Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes Kiss / Ghost / Greta Van Fleet / The Darkness Gojira
  2. Steve1000

    2020 headliners

    Why are you so certain that bands are desperate to play the 50th?
  3. That was one of the biggest bands in the country playing a stage intended to be headlined by Opeth and Dillinger Escape Plan tho Stereophonics would probably ram the third stage
  4. I think it’s mental people think that The 1975 would sub. They’d headline piece o’piss.
  5. Course they are. They’re heavier then a good proportion of bands that play here, but I think most of their fan base aren’t the type to go to Download.
  6. I do think they could play and it would be a pretty cool booking, but I’d imagine more of their fans are into Kasabian and Arctic Monkeys than what you’d get at Download
  7. There’s gonna be moshing for Billie
  8. I’ve recently realised that TOP have been good all along, so I’m p annoyed that they’re clashing especially considering there’s hardly anything else on that day for me
  9. Seriously worried about them now, like they said that them pulling out of all their gigs this year has taken their toll on them financially massively, if they split, especially under these circumstances I’ll be gutted
  10. If they did play during the currents cycle they’d have subbed. And they still would sub if they played
  11. Yep I agree that they’ll headline Download still. I get that their APE gig sold like shit, but no other potential new DL headliners would have done any better
  12. It’s not a repeat, they always have 2 highlight episodes
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