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  1. George Ezra's nothing like any of those and I really don't see how Kendrick playing is the fest 'going into the mainstream'. The others I'll give you but I reckon they'd have always booked whoever the Lil Pump of the year is.
  2. Steve1000

    Download 2019

    They've definitely got bigger. You wouldn't get a second stage sub sell out Manchester arena at 60 odd quid a pop.
  3. Steve1000

    Bloodstock Open Air 2019

    I really can't see it.
  4. Steve1000

    Download 2019

    Those 2 bands opened main last time they played so it's probably fine and why couldn't FFDP play before Maiden? Don't know why I'm going so hard to defend this guys prediction but there you go
  5. Steve1000

    Download 2019

    Which ones? I reckon they're all fine apart from Saturday bottom half where I know barely anything about the bands so can't really comment.
  6. Steve1000

    Download 2019

    Why? It's abit boring and meat-and-potatoes but there aren't any mental shouts on it. I think it's fairly realistic tbh.
  7. Steve1000

    2000 Trees 2019

    It's is different but I don't think they're miles off if they can have Refused and Shikari headine, give big slots to the While She Sleep's and Bury Tomorrow's of the world, and fill the undercard with stuff like Conjurer and Oathbreaker. I reckon they'd be fine.
  8. Steve1000

    2000 Trees 2019

    Parkway? They're in Europe around this time.
  9. Steve1000

    Download 2019

    Wow Train at download
  10. Steve1000

    Download 2019

    I agree they aren't as big as Deftones since this tours around the same as Deftones' last, and they're generally a smaller, less well known and mainstream band. Obviously the crowd at Leeds was going to be a complete shitter, what did you expect? It'll be massively different at Download, and since then they've released their biggest song, sold out Ally Pally and are about to drop this tour and a single tomorrow. What else can they do in a year?
  11. Steve1000

    Download 2019

    I reckon they could sub but if you've got Slayer, Priest, Deftones and FFDP touring then I doubt Andy would bin one of them just to bump them up. Still, can't wait for the new track tomorrow. Well excited for these boys future.
  12. Steve1000

    2000 Trees 2019

    The Saturday main stage is far too indie I reckon, and aren't the bookers deliberately moving away from those types of bands? Also The Distillers subbing is mental. I reckon Gaslight or Alkaline Trio and Broco.
  13. Steve1000

    Bloodstock Open Air 2019

    Sabaton, Within Temptation, Lamb of God
  14. Steve1000

    TRUCK 2019

    Biffy? I reckon this the one:
  15. Steve1000

    2018 New Music

    Can someone do me one of these for Interpol please.