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  1. Martinez Shaw Stones Dias Cancelo Fernandes Soucek Gundogan Grealish Kane Salah
  2. It'll be interesting to see what the atmosphere will be like at anfield etc when we get fans back. I'd imagine the majority of liverpool's fan base are FSG out by now
  3. Supporters of any of these 12 clubs - any of you gonna put your money where your mouth is and drop them?
  4. Anyone know how to get the crowd noises on?
  5. Reckon that’ll be city for the CL, sadly
  6. In terms of current popularity I’d absolutely imagine Tame Impala are bigger than Biffy in the UK
  7. Keeping as many as possible isn't keeping it the exact same. And if better options become available, they're not gonna pass on them just to keep the lineup the same as this years. What would be the point in that?
  8. Why would it? That would require every single act on the lineup to have the exact same touring plans next year, remain equally as popular as they were at the time the lineup for this year was announced, no more appealing acts become available etc etc
  9. I'm certain Parkway won't headline this. It'll be the same as how people (myself included) thought last year would be the year for ADTR, how every year might be the year for BMTH etc etc. I like the optimism but it just isn't the way that Download do business. I imagine that bands will be bumped up by default when there isn't 3 established options available.
  10. I think it's way optimistic expecting Parkway to headline by next year
  11. The FR and Pit stages are fuckin miles better than last years
  12. They’d go down amazingly if they did and would have gone down amazingly if they played any year after currents came out. It’s p ridiculous they haven’t tbh.
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