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  1. Down your pint so you can now use the empty cup rather than missing the band 😜
  2. I was there ages ago so it may have changed since but it looks like a ballroom, it’s 200ish people sized and there was nothing on tap so it’s all bottled beer.
  3. I feel the same, Lovercraft is fucking brilliant when it’s brilliant but it suffers from inconsistency. I never felt like I wanted to stop watching it though as what it does well isn’t in other horror shows. Like The Haunting Of Hill House or Walking Dead are fairly copy and paste from a bunch of other shows but I can’t think of many shows that are good Lovecraftian let alone it’s mix it with White America.
  4. Start Wearing Purple by Gogol Bordello, I know it's a great sing along song and probably their most popular one but I never liked it that much. Plus as everyone loves that one it means the bar is clear.
  5. Reading the question the way you worded makes me think Gazza is going to gigs just for the one song he knows and then puts up with the rest of set.
  6. Ghost have a new album out this year and then a full tour next year, I'd imagine they would then hit the festivals the following summer. They must be on Download's want list for 2022.
  7. That's fucking brilliant! I've now missed out on getting tickets for three socially distanced gigs, I tried to get tixs for The Skints, Millie Manders and Riske & The Ridicule with no luck. It's because they are on at small venues working on smaller capacity the tixs go instantly.
  8. Yeah I don't get this. Is meant it to be something like, would you want to see a band doing a greatest hits setlist rather than promoting their new album or talking about your favorite set lists?
  9. It depends on how the comedy is done and I don't think Splitting Image's caricature style is sharp enough to get the balance right to portray a mentally handicapped teenage girl doing saintly activism without it seeming like crass bullying. Of course it could just work in it's favor and declares itself as non-woke and anti-pc etc to create viewers from the controversy. I've just finished watching Future Man, I'm really surprised by how much fun it was. It's does smart-stupid perfectly and I regret not watching it sooner as it sounded liked a shit nostalgia joke which put me of
  10. I’d rather have Idles and Pixies on the same day than Pearl Jam myself.
  11. Apparently they are planning to announce the line up later so they can get around exclusives acts at other festivals.
  12. This will be interesting, I have no idea what form Boomtown will take next year.
  13. I do like Jimmy Eat World but they aren't great live. Crossfaith would win hands down in a clash.
  14. As it goes along it just gets more silly with it's plot. Making her interesting at all undoes One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest as it's her ordinary pettiness which drives the film.
  15. Ratched is a load of shit. It’s got zero in common with One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest and it’s just not a good show.
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