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  1. True but other Marvel films that had the same advantages yet didn't bank a billion though. Doctor Strange, Guardians didn't etc and not even the really popular ones like Ragnarok and Homecoming did. I'm not taking anything away from the others but I'm just saying those two made the most of their running start to be able to become staples of Marvel from now on.
  2. I've been playng DOOM and fucking hell I forgot how good it is, just pure testosterone pumping aggression. 🙂
  3. Just playing Devils advocate...Are we so sure there's going to be another Avengers film? Phase 4 is fully listed with no Avengers movie mentioned and some of the Phase 5 films have already been announced. What if the plan is for an Avengers series since trying to top the last film will be too hard but making it in a different a meduim will avoid direct comparisons or what if they are saving Avengers for when Marvel is rebooted with new Iron Man, Thor etc.😜 I like the shows but they have a c-lister feeling to them with who has been chosen so to me at least the efforts are first and foremos
  4. Fuck sake! Here's what they said on the email. We are so sorry to bring another round of heartbreaking news to you all and sadly it feels a bit like déjà vu, as almost exactly a year ago we had to break some identical bad news… Unfortunately, we will no longer be holding Boomtown Chapter One: The Gathering this year and it will now take place from 10th - 14th August 2022. We have been doing everything within our power to try to find a solution to the mind-boggling conundrum of putting on a safe and well-run event to the sheer scale, complexity and intricate nature of Boomtown
  5. Just remember WandaVision where everyone thought the obvious things were too obvious but ended up being the obvious thing anyway. Shang Chi looks great! This film caught my eye more so than the other upcoming films just because it has a chance to do something different and I’m a sucka for a good Kung Fu movie. I know people are using it to bitch about Iron Fist (which it fully deserves) but I do wish there was a season 3 as they course corrected so much in the season 2 when they got a show runner who actually knows Iron Fist, Colleen Wing was legit great and The Tournament of the Hea
  6. I've watched it and it's fine. You could eliminate Eleven and the fat kid from Deadpool from the movie without it making any difference and I really didn't like the look of Mechagodzilla but the actual fight was alright.
  7. jump


    A bunch of releases have been made. Samoa Joe who is one of the best commentators they have and should have been the champ, he looked every bit the equal of Brock in their matches, literally the only real women’s tag team they had The Iconics and Tucker who as part of Heavy Machinery was over only to split the team up and move Mandy Rose away from Otis and did fuck all with all three. WWE is a bizarre place.
  8. jump


    My take is it's less about Bray and more about Alexa and the goal is to make her a strong monster/star, Bray has always ended up being used to put others over without worrying about what happens to him next.
  9. jump


    So 'mania opened up with a skit where Titus O'Neil is telling Hulk Hogan he shouldn't call people scallywags...I hope that is a meta joke. The Fiend vs Orton was bit of a dud, I know they are building the story and all but you can have matches and story. Rhea Ripley's band entrance was awful, the sound wasn't right at all. Decent match. Now turn Asuka heel so she can be good again. The triple threat was good, Reigns should have always been heel. It is odd seeing a guy who had to retire from neck injuries and a guy who had to retire from concussions headbutt each other.
  10. jump


    I've watched Sasha vs Belair which fucking was great and Drew vs Lashley was decent but I'm not gonna bother with the rest of night one. I will probably watch most night two though. Also I assumed it was gonna be another videodome thing, it's weird seeing a crowd now.
  11. They have got The Hives supporting them too. I'm tempted by it but I'm of the mentality to buy closer to the time at the moment.
  12. I've been refeering to it as Captain America's Boiis. What's going on with this hour cut of Zemo dancing? I didn't think people liked it that much, they really need to do an hour long Agatha All Along!
  13. jump


    WWE really has gone down the shitter, it's less than a week before 'mania and I really can't be bothered with it. I suppose Ortons vs Fiend and Edge, Roman vs Bryan could be good. There's doesn't seem to be enough to warrant two nights, I will just have to skip the Bad Bunny (who?) vs Miz and Shane vs Braun.
  14. The new Cap saying "Do you know who I am!" makes me want someone to punch him hard in the face even more now.
  15. Just remember it's a book and it's not telling you to kill any celebrities but if you must Jacob Rees-Mogg would be good target!
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