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  1. Have a proper search of the castle when you do try it again as there's some goodies hidden away.
  2. jump

    Football 19/20

    I'm curious if the pay cuts are anything to do with the fair play rules and not that they owners are being greedy.
  3. After watching Picard I'm currently binging the 90's Start Trek shows. Tbh I think Deep Space Nine was better than The Next Generation, there were some right shitty episodes of TNG. Some of the cameos in Star Trek are right weird, I've spotted Tom Morello and Iggy Pop and when I was googling to see if I was right I spotted the Fleetwood Mac drummer playing a random jellyfish alien.
  4. I would recommend giving it a try before all you do all of the Devine Beasts, I did Hyrule Castle after all of the bosses were beat and I found it too easy. I think I may get out my copy and give the Castle a storm now.
  5. Have you tried to storm Hyrule Castle yet? I love that part of the game.
  6. My take on "too experienced" is there was someone else cheaper.
  7. The publisher one I didn't get as I was "too experienced" which fucking annoys me as why interview me in the first places?! I'm guessing the record label job has been put on hold, right before it got mental with virus stuff the HR person said she would be giving me an update next week which was 2 weeks ago.
  8. Damm, I'm running out of turmeric my favourite spice. I've had two food deliveries in the last few weeks and it is always out of stock. One of my favourite dishes is keema with peas. Get some mince meat, onion, garlic and some chillies, then fry it with it gram masala and turmeric spices, then cook some frozen peas to chuck in the mix.
  9. If they were meant to be retiring so they may not want to hang around for another year, plus they are in their 70s and already rich so with the virus is still likely to be around in a year they may not want to risk it.
  10. Apparently multiple business consultants in the city are recommending to companies to make 10-20% of their workforce redundant, not even furloughed, to cope with the virus. That's quite depressing.
  11. jump


    Apparently former Tory MP Edwina Currie saw a clip on twitter of the Stone Cold and Booker T supermarket fight and thought it was a real fight over panic buying in Asda so she started tweeting about how disgusting the country has become.
  12. jump


    What the fuck is a boneyard match? With all the gimmick matches associated with 'taker already they don't really need to create new ones. This feud is starting to feel like when DDP joined WWF and they started focusing on 'takers wife.
  13. Learn to cook, if people are buying the ready made bolognese sauces and tin soups so they are always selling out just learn to make it from scratch. Hopefully with limited indigents people will start getting creative with the ones they do have.
  14. jump

    Home work out

    Cheers for the suggestions but somethings like jumping jacks aren't good for me, I'm a big guy and I can touch the ceiling in my place plus if I'm jumping about too much it will piss off the neighbours.
  15. Disgae is like a bonkers version of Fire Emblem. I'd rate Fire Emblem as better but it's so different that in stands on its own from Fire Emblem. Donkey Kong is a great shout too. Yeah great game, I remember being something like a 80+ hours, had all of the map discovered etc but then I discovered something which got be playing it hardcore like I just started playing it for the first time. The DLC is a bit poor though.
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