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  1. They are having a laugh with Ozzy. He's got his own dates which have been pushed back for years now then throw in his health issues it would be mad for them to book him.
  2. Ah shit, oh well I will get extra drunk then to enjoy myself!
  3. Ozzy is in June so I don't think Judas could be added to the poster until a few days before the fest if it is Ozzy blocking them playing in the UK.
  4. On the Download forums someone who's usually in the know has said it's Metallica x2, Bring Me with Architects subbing and another band is booked who are a weak headliner/strong sub is also playing. Andre also reckons Guns n Roses are the 4th headliner too. Speaking of Guns has anyone seen them in the last few years? I'm seeing them tomorrow and I'm curious if Axl is voiced is fucked or not.
  5. I drank 12 pints seeing Jack White the other night. The last fest I went to I drank 5 cases of beer plus I went to the bar loads when I was in the arena. I specifically tell people not to include me in rounds as I drink too much but every now and then someone takes it as a challenge so they try to keep up with me, they end up slaughtered and on the floor whilst I'm still standing.
  6. Yep, the line up being aimed at tweens means there's not much for me to see so I'm spending most of the day at the bar and getting shit faced so it's handy the bars are empty due to the kids aren't old enough to drink. Of course the other side to that is I'm gonna be a wreck by the time Rage on. Sorry in advance to anyone I throw up on in the pit!
  7. Dimebag is dead and Phil is racist c**t. I like them but Zeal & Ardor aren't even close to sub level, most people don't even know who they are. They were supporting Meshuggah a few weeks ago on tour.
  8. Some of those acts are way too high like Yard Art, Badflower and Creeper but especially Zeal & Ardor subbing is even madder than Hawkwind subbing. Pantera and Bosstones have broke up. Also why is Machine Head in a tent? They will draw a massive crowd!
  9. No offence but you don't have the most robust taste in music now or then. 😜 In terms of the UK louder non-indie rock scene I completely disagree. 20-10 years ago the UK biggest current acts were stuff like Bullet For My Valentine, Funeral For A Friend, Enter Shikari, Lost Prophets, You Me @ Six!, The Darkness and Biffy Clyro who are respectable enough but in the last 10 years since you have While She Sleeps, Architects, Bring Me The Horizon, Frank Carter, Slaves and IDLES with the first three basically smashing metal like nu-metal or thrash did before it as well as IDLES being a figurehead of shouty post-punk. Although I did love The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster and Gallows backintheday but they were bands that never got to the next level to matter sadly.
  10. Thing is there's already a dedicated punk stage already so stuff like Fall Out Boy shouldn't be seen as a crazy suggestion that needs to book loads of pop punk on the main stage to support such a radical booking. Once it's accepted that Download DOES NOT get stadium bands to headline all that often and never really have the real issue can be addressed. The line ups are getting worse, go back to the 00s and look at a few posters and you will see Killswitch Engage, Lamb Of God, Disturbed etc on the main stage which are a lot of the same bands as now however that was 20 years ago when these were new fresh bands so that combined with how they have brought in all of these Monsters Of Rock acts has dented the festival. It's lot easier to accept new blood headliners when the insular thinking of the Downloaders is not more of the same which they have been accustomed to now. It needs a rebuilding phase like with what happened to Glasto and R&L and by that I mean a fresher booker in addition to Copping (even Michael Eavis clocked onto he doesn't know modern music anymore decades ago) who will place more value on new exciting bands being talked about than looking at Monsters Of Rock and 00s Download line ups for inspiration to plug holes on the card so younger punters will come, put a new emphasis on the main stage from top to bottom as there's fuck all reason why the bottom of the card should look so boring every year and add some curve ball bookings to spice things up. With a stronger and more interesting line up booking headliners like Queens Of The Stone Age, Nine Inch Nails or Fall Out Boy would not seem such a gamble as people are there for the day anyway unlike now which is driven by headliners and with younger fans there now they are excited for Ghost, Bring Me or Royal Blood headlining and their enthusiasm may even infect the crusty old Saxon fans into seeing them too. It's that or have Status Quo headline! 😜
  11. I always gave credit to that Wheatus song for reviving Iron Maiden. It probably was a resurgent of metal in general but I just think it’s funnier that Iron Maiden owe Wheatus one and should have them as their support on their next tour!
  12. It is a weird thing that a lot of younger rock fans aren’t put off by listening to older music, getting a shirt for band that started before they were born and going to see the old bands play. It doesn’t even matter if they aren’t someone the status of Metallica or Guns n Roses either as long as they are decent. However on the other side older rock fans seem to have a harder time listening to and accepting new rock for whatever reason. It’s fucking annoying that I will go to a family thing and some uncle I barely know will start talking and expecting me to know about some old rock band from their time they like but if suggest a newer band to them of similar ilk (which is still way before my time) like say Monster Magnet they will still have fuck no interest as it’s modern.
  13. Status Quo have played before but didn't headline...
  14. One of the joys of getting old is discovering that there is new music which you don't understand! 😜 There are always new acts breaking through all of the time but it's not because Yungblud or whoever are part of a sinister conspiracy where the lizard people are working with QAnon to brainwash people into buying albums or have a song on loop on Spotify for the evil purpose of bumping them up a few slots at a shit music festival. They were given a shot, smashed it and from there the ball got rolling so they take another step which makes them connect with more people, then they take another step. For as many Wet Leg or Yungbluds there are loads more acts given a similar shot but it doesn't work for whatever reason so the momentum never starts for them. Music is fickle, there's no formula to become successful especially with indie/alt type acts.
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