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  1. Bastille are touring those same venues too and I wouldn't care for them as a headliner either.
  2. Regardless of what other festival posters say I find Halsey the most questionable headliner out of the six.
  3. I watched Danger 5 a few years ago and I loved how bonkers it was and I've just seen they have it added to Youtube for free now.
  4. For anyone who fancies it Korn are doing a Q&A in London on the 13th June; https://dice.fm/partner/rough-trade/event/2de9p-an-evening-with-korn-union-chapel-13th-jun-union-chapel-london-tickets
  5. I fucking hate going to gigs at Milton Keynes, one part because of how rubbish MK is but also because of how stressful for no reason trying to get the train back is. It's best to not even try and just get a coach booked in advance. I don't like this sudden trend of bands having their only UK show in MK.
  6. That seems silly since there's been both black headliners before like Cypress Hill, Public Enemy, Kendrick Lamar and female headliners like Patti Smith, Bjork, Paramore way before this and last year.
  7. Not specifically the Monkees but I've seen a few bands say they prefer outdoor shows to stadiums/arenas before. Arcade Fire did an interview once talking about it and it was something along the lines of you can do more with outdoor shows than big venues. There might be more of an acoustic issue with stadiums too, I've heard wrestlers talk about when they are at a stadium it takes an extra few seconds to hear the crowd which puts off their timing when preforming.
  8. I'd applaud them if Download booked Avril Lavigne but then instantly complain she's shit. lol There's no other festival in need of fresh ideas more so than Download, it just can't double down on boomer metal forever. It's not the creative booking I'd want to see (or could even possibly work) but at least they'd be doing something to address their stagnation.
  9. An act chooses to play park/field venues rather than stadiums so they aren't considered big? Christ this is asinine.
  10. Thing is the festival is already a mix of punk to scoff at and punk to celebrate but it works as there's so many stages. There are bands that get booked constantly and are loved by some of the regulars in this thread which I think are complete utter shit but hey ho if folk like them and it doesn't impact the bands I want to see on the other stages so what. Besides it's Slam Dunk, if folk are worried about bring a credible punk then they shouldn't be going to the pop punk festival then. lol I don't think she is a high priority for Slam Dunk though but it is probably the festival most suitable to get her to play.
  11. I'd assumed they'd be back anyway. They are doing an one off show for that Slam Dunk rap festival thing next month without any other UK/EURO dates so I'd imagine they'd be up for playing and travelling for R&L.
  12. Are we talking about Iceage might be Nazis as to why they might be cancelled or has something new come up?
  13. Nah, omicron was more transmissible and less severe but other variants can be more or less transmissible and more or less severe depending on the actual variant. You aren't really talking about moving on though and just talking about going back to how things were pre-covid. I definitely think the world has changed and wont be exactly the same as before but not just for covid but for other possible pandemics too. Tbh we were lucky to have such a long time without a pandemic.
  14. Thing is we aren't talking stop testing at some point though, we are talking about stopping it now when alot of the world hasn't been jabbed so new variants can develop still. In anycase I’m personally not a fan of the ignorance is bless strategy myself, people being told walking about with coivd is okay now doesn't exactly feel me with confidence.
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