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  1. If they are doing a show at the same time as Download that's insane, it's going after the same audience but on the other hand if it's London park show I could probably get cheap last min tixs.
  2. jump


    It's the new edgy WWE, casual swearing from girlies now and next hot lesbians being put threw a tables attitude style.
  3. I think I read somewhere they have sold over 90% of the tixs awhile ago.
  4. Yeah, it's just roundabouts and concrete cows. I use to have to travel there for work so when I got tixs for the gig I thought it'd be ok to get there and back as it's only a 30mins train from London every 10ish mins, I didn't realise the stadium is so far away from the station and that once the gig has finished there would only be one train to London back which took over an hour.
  5. Great show but no there's no chance I'm going to MK again for a gig.
  6. It's 16 cans of beer or cider, which will be fine for me on the first day but then I've got nothing to drink for the rest of the weekend.
  7. Rammstein have been playing at Download and other festivals for years tho, I'm not sure why it'd be a problem this time.
  8. MK sold out instantly, I'm not sure they'd would hold back an announcement for that since they have also already announced Belgium/Poland/Sweden etc 2020 dates when they have Belgium/Poland/Sweden etc 2019 dates to play still. Logistically with the Belfast date a few days after Download they'd be fucking themselves over playing in the UK the same time as Download or making multiple journeys to the UK with their huge amount of equipment they have.
  9. So Rammstein look like a given. For their 2020 European summer tour they have a Belfast date but no other UK ones and are free for Download fest. I'm seeing them tomorrow, it's gonna be fucking brilliant!
  10. jump


    Huh, things actually happened on RAW, there may be hope yet. They are using people who aren't normally on to change things up as opposed to see the same wild card people on both shows, there were developments I want to follow and a holy shit match.
  11. jump


    AEW was good, the last two matches and the women's match were loads of fun but the chair shot to head seemed unneeded and the pre show was a bit shit.
  12. jump


    I'd love to see Samoa Joe as champ, he should have taken it off Brock as he genuinely looked like he had his number. It would have been a better pay off than low blowing Rollins or Reigns' distraction victory. For me I'd like see Kofi being more New Day-ish, go silly with it with a custom pancake belt, Booty-o confetti and a PPV win etc whilst not undermining he's a fighting champ.
  13. jump


    I saw you post that and thought you must of saw a tweet from WWECreativeish (who do great comedy commentary) and thought it was real, then I realised it wasn't a joke. This boogles the mind and comes off as a desperation play. I can appreciative it's a sign that they want to fix things but these guys knew their stuff in the 90s, you need the cutting edge modern day equivalent which is pretty much The Elite. At least one of them wasn't Russo tho. I've actually started to listen to the Bruce Prichard podcast recently and the episode I listened to today at work was the Paul Heyman one where basically as good as Heyman is his constant bickering/complaining/suggestions with Vince drove Vince insane and refused to work with him in a backstage capacity anymore.
  14. jump


    I bet Goldberg didn't think he meant Rest In Peace literally. What's really surprising is they didn't bother to advertise it, with ratings low and Raw only having £3k people in the audience last night (over half of the arena had to have curtains to hide the empty seats) you would of thought they'd hype him to get some attention. You can't sell tixs or get people watching after it happens. Raw being this shit isn't surprising but Smackdown has really gone downhill since Road Dogg quit. I only bothered watching two matches on Stomping Grounds, Bayley vs Alexa and Bryan & Rowan vs Heavy Machinery, and I enjoyed both of them to be honest.
  15. jump


    I've just finished reading AJ Lee's autobiography, she worked fucking hard to get into WWE. She talks about having to stab crackheads from breaking into her house on Xmas, starving herself to afford the WWE try out fee, how she was diagnosed as depressed but was actually bipolar so the meds fucked her up. There's also an interesting tidbit about how CM Punk (before they each other) was watching a women's match at a house show, called it shit and said to get some women who can actually wrestle so the road agent Fit Finlay put AJ in last minute which was well received. She contributes it as saving her from being cut from the development system. It was a very enjoyable read as she lets her personality shine when she (rather than a ghost writer) wrote it but decided to stay classy and positive by not naming names (like not naming the talent relations guy who told her she was unfuckable therefore not suited to WWE) and dishing dirt (I wanted to know about the heat with the Bellas) whilst good for her it's abit disappointing. Also WWE is still shit.
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