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  1. I can't seem them being that popular with the crowd plus Download would probably grab them first and I can't imagine their replacement hips being strong enough for a 3 year long touring schedule.
  2. I don't think anyone is saying they are out of place at R&L, it's more about if they are big enough to headline after cooling down and their APE shows sales flopping.
  3. I thought Pearl Jam were suppose to be against this sort expensive ticketing stuff. I swear Green Day refused to have a paid golden circle on their day so it was a free first come, first served wristband deal whilst being £20ish cheaper.
  4. jump


    There's a some tixs on twickets if you act quick for the people who are after them.
  5. Nice try, it's clearly a fake poster as it's been copied and pasted from a 80s Butlins weekender.
  6. I thought At The Drive In split again anyway? Tbh I wasn't that impressed when I saw them at their last 2 comebacks supporting Royal Blood and their 2012 festivals sets.
  7. I'm not keen on Manson myself, the last two times I've seen him his voice has been completely gone. I reckon Babymetal, Rob Zombie and Ghost would go down well but are a bit on the pricey side. Bullet for My Valentine seem to be willing to do smaller fests so I could see them as Town Centre headliners.
  8. It's fairly obvious I was talking about your Prophets Of Rage remarks only. If you want I could bring up that the festival has a history of having metal like Napalm Death, Limp Bizkit, Skindred etc and the extravagance of Slipknot cosplaying might actually mash well with the festival but it's fairly clear they are too big for Boomtown and it was not a direction I fancied talking the discussion to.
  9. There doesn't seem to be a new album on the way, it's more that they are having a "comeback" even tho they didn't split up. I think people are saying they are likely because their day at All Points East was the only one to sell out with the rest of the days needed to have their tickets given away, they have history with R&L so they may have taken notice of it.
  10. As good as the big names are I really like the selection of small font bands too. Moscow Death Brigade, The Inspector Cluzo and Guerilla Poubelle were loads of funs when I've seen them before. I really need to get some mates who'd be up for festivals in Europe.
  11. Fuck off, Prophets Of Rage are loads of fun live.
  12. Fuck sake, they were the most enticing band announced.
  13. Prodigy are continuing, Liam has mentioned he's working on new music as Prodigy so at the very least they are releasing new music. In terms of legacy probably Frank Turner, he's the act that has played the most and has new stuff to flog.
  14. Do they do much for the LGBTQ community though? I honestly don't know and I just thought they were a modern day Spice Girls, occasionally they will do the odd Comic Relief or whatever charity single for publicity rather than being some sort of U2 preachy activism band or have big gay following like Lady Gaga.
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