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  1. That sounds like the start of Borat 2 when Kazakhstan wants to be part of Trump's tough guy club. Off the top of my head. Trump being nominated for the Nobel peace prize (anyone can be nominated) for his peace efforts was laughable. He can't be bought by the corrupt businessmen unlike other politicians because he's already a corrupt businessman. He's a self made billionaire even though he's inherited most of his money and after a series of bankruptcies his business model is that now of Paris Hilton where he just licenses his name on stupid shit. The Trump wall
  2. There are limits on how many new cops can join due to not enough available spots, I'm not sure what the application to rejection rate is and I don't know about the rest which is why do good leadership from the top is needed. Ultimately a minor response wont do like hoping the shit cops retire soon and racism is bad training works as it's just asking for more of the BLM protests to happen sooner or later. On a side note after the BLM protests happened my work put together a few equality committees for non-white, LGBTQ etc employees, I'm too cynical to look into what they do but one of the
  3. I’ve seen the 40% stat debated before during the BLM protests. Apparently the 40% is from a study in 1992. Even if it’s not an upto date figure it’s still shocking about how rooted it is in the police. Getting rid of half sounds alright to me. New officers can’t be brought in whilst the shit ones are still holding their jobs. Defunding the police so everyone is sacked and the good ones are rehired means eliminating the bad elements as they are too hard to get rid otherwise (evidently shooting innocent people is not enough of a reason) and their bad influences removed. Whilst not perfect i
  4. Yeah it does look good. I was put off RE when it went through its generic action game phase in but this and the remakes are turning me back around to it.
  5. Can't see the forest for the trees...if bans on non-essential travel are still going on then mass gathering like a huge festivals (well, not with that line up 😜 )would also still be going on too.
  6. I'm pretty sure it's the other way round, UK festivals generally pay more to acts than Europeans ones, largely because there's more competition in the UK and less in the induvial countries of Europe. It's also why European festivals are generally cheaper too.
  7. Nah, Steve Austin The Six Million Dollar Man.
  8. If that "Space Force" thing becomes legit rather than the Star Trek cosplay it appears to be his name will always be associated with it every time it comes up.
  9. Apparently Fox News are pissed, they have fired the editor and 20 staffers on who worked on the election desk and made the call to give Biden Arizona long before anyone else.
  10. There’s talk of three of the Trump-lings running for Senate. They seem to be targeting currently Republican states, which seems odd unless there’s gonna be a new MAGA 3rd party. https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2021/01/trump-allies-ivanka-challenge-rubio-florida-senate.html?via=rss_socialflow_twitter
  11. I signed it already. I still find it mental that live music was completely overlooked by the Government for smaller industries. I did find it funny during the Government committee about festivals a week or two ago it was suggested that countries like Germany could over take the UK as a leading market as a reason to sort these issues out.
  12. Nah, if that was the case then Jack White would have surpassed The White Stripes which despite being great on his own he's not really done that. I'd love to see The White Stripes back but I can't see it due to the odd interviews Jack has given since and mentioned Meg was just slightly indifferent or lacking excitement about the bands existence so unless she has new enthusiasm I don't think a big pay day will bring them back.
  13. Yeah, one of his core flaws is not being able to work with others so there's been constant comings and goings everywhere. Almost all of his appointments have been have gone, he's on his 4th head of CIA, 3rd head of FBI etc. Not joking, one of the FBI guys who left talked about how they had to plan their meetings with him to include pictures in the reports as his attention would wane otherwise.
  14. Imagine being such a c**t that when someone protecting you in your house asks you to go for a piss in even the worse of your 6 toilets and you tell them no. Piss off. I hope they get attacked whilst the secret service have left to use the toilet.
  15. jump


    Yeah, it's a proper mess but I reckon you might be able to carve out a decent movie from it with a new edit. It came out the same day of the London lockdown and I was tempted to travel to a place just outside of London where it was showing to see it as I was looking forward to it. Glad I didn't in the end.
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