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  1. I really enjoyed Suicide Squad, I liked the characters, lots of fun and visually it's really interesting. Also it has Starro, one of the most brilliantly stupid and terrifying baddies you can think and it works! Despite most of DC's films sucking some of them look really great (Birds Of Prey in particular looked cool) compared to Marvel which can come off as bit too samey and "off the shelf" which is understandable since of how tightly produced they are and are meant to be in a shared universe so they can't look that different from each other.
  2. I would prefer the main stages next to each other since it’s clashless but I feel sorry for the Introducing stage which is gonna be in the way with people going backwards and forwards between main stages.
  3. You could try a VPN and get HBO for a month. I actually use my VPN on Netflix so I can access movies in the US which is a different selection than in the UK like Gunpowder Milkshake which is out now but won’t be released in the UK til later in the year. *edit* I’ve just seen this. ScarJo is suing Marvel over Black Widow for lost earnings. Her bonus was tied to box office performance which she says was affected by the movie also being released on Disney+ too. I hope she wins. https://variety.com/2021/film/news/scarlett-johansson-sues-disney-black-widow-1235030582/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  4. They never said they will stop touring only that they would tour in a sustainable way so just boats rather than planes I guess. So damaging the environment is bad but damaging people’s ears is good.
  5. I would want a UK Transplants tour. I’m still bummed out when they pulled out of Reading.
  6. That was my orginal plan for Wonder Woman 84, I had booked tixs to see it in the cinema but then London lockdown happned so I was gonna buy a random tix at a cinema that was still open but then I saw the film, fuck giving it money!
  7. It's in Leicester Square. Apparently Peter Capaldi was there yesterday taking pics with people in front of it.
  8. Calva Louise on the Introducing Stage are awesome live every time I've seen them, they are well worth checking out if there's nothing else on the other stages.
  9. It's not Marvel but The Sucide Squad is getting great reviews. 98% on Rotten Tomatoes, people saying it's the best comic book movies of all time and London has it's own Starro to promote the movie. I may have a look at it in person during my lunch break.
  10. I'm not sure if a new album is coming soon, as Homme and Brody take it in turns to be rock stars so one is with the kids all the time, before covid it seemed to be Brody's turn with her reforming The Distillers who were touring and ment to be doing a new album.
  11. Yeah, I was thinking of grabbing a day tix for them but it was sold out any way so it works out in the end. I would have been curious what their set list would be as their Finsbury Park gig (apart from the shit bar queues that was a great day!) missed out a few of my favourites from them.
  12. I’ve just spotted some baby hedgehogs and their parent in my garden 🙂
  13. I'd go for high energy punk /metal songs stuff like Body Count, Capdown, FIDLAR, Random Hand etc. Although I'd suspect your husband would hate them so maybe he can run away from them to keep him motivated? lol
  14. You can claim a Visa as a tax business deduction in most countries rather than just the US though as it's a common standard, it's just a travel cost really.
  15. jump


    I've not really been following this but are people angry at it like that female Ghostbuster film?
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