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  1. I suggested that earlier in the thread when the topic of a possible NIN like British band was rumoured to be taking their place since there’s some crossover between the two. As a headliner it seems unlikely but they are one of those bands that always do well on the undercard of a festival.
  2. Copping chats shit so I'd take that with a pitch of salt.
  3. I’m still waiting on hearing back from them and right now I’m driving myself mad overthinking things.
  4. If anyone is buying through Festicket use the code "PERKBOX5" for a 5% discount.
  5. I doubt King Of Leon since they are at Finsbury Park. I'm still hoping for Arcade Fire and NIN.
  6. It's a nice aim but the higher up bill will be hard without having to exhaust the female acts pool too quickly, it might end up like Download where it feels samey all the time.
  7. Slowthai has always seem to be a bit of a c**t, he made a complete fool of himself when I saw him supporting Slaves. Thing is though being a c**t has never stopped anyone from succeeding in the music biz.
  8. I thought Morrisey was refusing to play any festivals that sells meat or was that just him chatting shit again?
  9. Some festivals do pre-sales/early bird tixs with a small discount which is done before the line up comes out and there’s others that have tiers. R&L does early bird but I don’t remember them being discounted.
  10. I'd love for Rage to play but I just don't see it happening. The only way I could see it happening if Rage do a bunch of UK festivals like Glasto, Boomtown, APE etc but I don't think they would tour just the UK like that.
  11. That's correct but they weren't active as the Wade version of Gallows split up in 2015 and then they reformed (with Wade, not Frank?!) last year.
  12. I've got a job interview with a big record label today (in their back office, not an agent or anything) and I'm in two minds what to ask them beyond the typical work related questions. Should I ask them how they pick out bands to sign, if they campaign for the acts to headline Glasto etc as it seems a shame to not ask these types of questions or if it comes off as too unprofessional.
  13. Same here, I'm eyeing their Rock en Seine date. There's Eurostar so I can avoid planes and I can make a weekend out of it doing Paris/romantic stuff with the missus.
  14. Has anyone who has been to Rock en Seine before recommend if it's English friendly? I fancy this over seeing Rage at R&L.
  15. Yeah, Rolling Stones have leaked their tour and confirmed they are at R&L.
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