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  1. Imagine Dragons have already said their MK show is their only UK date.
  2. Yeah, Download has a load of bands that play arenas but not headline however those arenas aren’t normally the O2. It took Slipknot about 10 years to play the O2 after headlining Download. We are leaving in the 20s now, bands being able to sell shirts is arguably more important than being able to sell music now. I generally find the reaction to Halestorm when talking to folk is “Yeah, they are okay. Nothing special” whilst the reaction to Ghost is “I gave them a listen and they are actually really good”.
  3. I'd probably put Bokassa's Molotov Rocktail as my favourite heavy/alt album of the year with Gojira, Ministry, Fucked Up and Mastodon getting honourable mentions.
  4. I like Halestom but they feel like a band that have reached their summit of popularity and won't grow beyond this level whilst Ghost feel like they are on an upward protectory still even with playing the O2.
  5. I'm not trying to dismiss that achievement if Wet Leg did it but I've got a feeling someone has done that already even though I can't point my finger at any specific act. Properly some supergroup like The Good The Bad and The Queen, Prophets of Rage or Hollywood Vampires but I can't be arsed to check.
  6. It wouldn't be the first time as they are fans of the fest. They agreed to play 4th down as they were eager to play at the last minute in their orginal run, they asked FR to run that free X-Factor gig and on their first reunion their Euro dates were in June but then came back in Aug just for R&L. They tend to be loyal to promoters they like, there's a story about how they headline the first Coachella and they returned half of their fee back as the fest didn't make money in it's first year as they liked the promoter.
  7. Fuck using Ticketmaster. Try Seetickets, Ticketweb, Gigantic etc instead as they are less scumy and it works out about a few quid cheaper too.
  8. This is a so bad it's good song I can't help but like;
  9. I like both Franks, including their prior bands I've seen both at least 15+ times. I can't decide which is the better Frank so there's only one way to find out: FIGHT!
  10. I was thinking that too but they are a bit too big compared to the last few years of Pit headliners aren't they?
  11. That's got nothing to do with the Bosstones so I'm not sure why you quoted me but the correct answer is seeing Alexisonfire! 😜 Or maybe there's still hard feelings between The Used and Rancid as Rancid's drummer was kicked out of The Used despite being an OG member so they don't want to play the fest?
  12. Yeah it's odd. Lars has just released an ep but I don't think he's gonna be touring it, maybe The Transplants will be active again but I'd imagine that isn't likely since Blink 182 will probably be active soon with Hoppus getting the okay on his cancer results. The only other thing I can think of is if Tim is producing an album, one of them is unvaccinated or if the Operation Ivy talk has actually led to a reunion. In fairness Bosstones playing the UK is rare, I think it's one tour and a R&L appearnce in the last 20 years plus they are legends who are still fucking great live. To be honest I kinda find The Interrupters above them wrong.
  13. Alot of musicians are middle class including rappers, like Drake and Kayne West are middleclass lol It's common as it's how they can afford to go years without making money till they make it big by having a middle class safety net and afford lessons and instruments.
  14. I've just finished up Legion, fucking amazing. It does what Loki and WandaVision did but only better.
  15. Yeah, the last boss is a real fucker. I think I finally did them on the 12th attempt.
  16. Clashfinders for 2020 would had been guess work as stage times were never announced but those bands were posting this at the time so clearly they were playing together. Looking at that image they put out all I can think of is that it's the budget Hella Mega Tour.
  17. Yeah, Murphys and Bosstones are buddies as they are both from Boston. They have done loads of tours/shows together and have a lot of crossover with their fans so it's a much better pairing than The Used and Murphys. The Used and Sum 41 were meant to be on the same stage back in 2020 so I'd imagine it's the same this time.
  18. The Mighty Mighty Bosstones 🙂 Rancid out is a huge loss for me but at least that means there's no clash with Alexisonfire now.
  19. Hasn't Axel vowed to never play R&L again or was it Melvin vowed never to have them back after last time when they turned up an hour late and they wouldn't let them play a full set? Not including acts like Nirvana or The Clash which can't happen I've seen most of the legend acts I listen to already like Run DMC, Sex Pistols, Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Radiohead, Fleetwood Mac, Prodigy, Rage Against The Machine, Soundgarden and loads more so I'd put No Doubt on the top of my dream headliners as they haven't toured the UK in decades so I have not had a chance to see them.
  20. I saw them on their reunion and thought they were pretty good live but then I saw them again a few years ago at Camden Rocks where they were fucking awful. Plus Johnny Rotten has become even more of a twat now.
  21. I've just given The Darkness' new album a listen, I can't actually decide if I like it or not. Also new Frank Turner song, I like it but I'm starting to think the next album isn't gonna be hardcore like he said it will be based on the singles so far.
  22. So? You set the bar of Bestival headliners doesn't equal Glasto headliners which is wrong and if the whole forum did says The Cure aren't Glasto headliners then they are just as wrong as you are because they did headline.
  23. Counter point. Bestival has had The Cure headline multiple times, The Cure headlined the last Glasto. I'm pretty sure the same year he played Bestival he was meant to do a Hyde Park show too which he cancelled and it become a free event with the support acts. I was gonna go to that as they had Ray Davies on the bill and I was hoping he would just do a bunch of songs from The Kinks but I didn't go in the end.
  24. Have the Courteeners ever had a number one single or album?
  25. They are subbing at Download next year.
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