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  1. I think the location kills off most casual fans interest, it’s too much of a pain to deal with getting trains, hotels booked etc there for a band you only so-so like.
  2. They did smash it though and these type of support shows is more about trying to convince the headline band's audience to go to their shows. Besides I've got half price tickets from a seat filling site so I can't really complain about not getting my money's worth although the fucking drinks were expensive! I drank about 10 pints costing £7.50 each, this is the 4th gig of the year I've had at The O2 after Ghost, Bastille and Tool so I really should have come up with a better plan by now as I drank a few cans outside too but I wasn't in a merry enough state. I'm indifferent to The Cult, they weren't bad but I doubt I will ever see them again. Alice Cooper was great though, just a cheesy fun rock show. In the space of a month I've gone from struggling to name anything more than his obvious hits to being able to complain his setlist should have been 40 songs to adequately cover everything.
  3. I saw Creeper last night (they were good as always but they had to rush through 5 songs) and they were very precise with the wording when talking about their futures shows. They talked specifically about their Download show rather than saying something like see us at the festivals in the summer. Or maybe I'm just reading too much into it.
  4. I'm hoping there will be someone notable to be added to the Rage day still since the other two days have special guests on them. A semi decent hard rock band to open the day will really strengthen it for me plus if I have someone decent to watch I wont just start necking beers down me to kill time and get too wrecked by the time Rage are on.
  5. Yeah, it's because they wanted to film the gig so they didn't want to risk having other bands playing bleed into the recording. I do remember some of the old Download faithful defending it as it means there's actually 4 headliners including Them Crooked Vultures which is bit silly when they could of jusr said it's fucking AC/DC, why wouldn't you be seeing them. lol
  6. Could you just not buy some Capri Suns, pour them out and fill those up?
  7. At least Deftones are still together and touring, I've seen other bands like The Mighty Mighty Bosstones break up over this shit. Speaking of Deftones I was trying to get tixs for their London show this morning but my sister asked me to get her N Dubz tixs so all of the time I was messing about trying to get N Dubz tixs meant I missed getting the Deftones ones and I didn't even get the sodding N Dubx tixs.
  8. Yeah, aluminium doesn't normally get picked up by most metal detectors. Although when I went to Disneyland Paris a few years ago I kept setting off the metal detectors even though my pockets were empty, it turns out I had a tiny bit of aluminium foil from my cigarettes packet which got torn off in my pocket which kept setting it off. I also got chased by security later that night at Disneyland too. I couldn't sleep so I went for a walk at 3am and I went through the security check point at the Disney village area when no one was there but then out of nowhere two armed guards came running at me from behind as I was listening to music so I didn't know they were there. They were very pissed when they catched up to me and they didn't speak English so they were just shouting at me at French. Fuck those over expensive ride photos, I want a picture from the security footage of me being escorted away by arm guards at Disneyland as a holiday memento!
  9. I would have thought they would be laughed at but Dappy did headlined the 1 Xtra stage not too long ago. Did he get a big crowd when he played in 2019?
  10. Saint Agnes are a great band but to be honest I thought they were already playing as their recent London show was "2000 Trees Presents".
  11. That's a fair point about tour buses. Slipknot and Metallica did seem to announce their Euro tours later than the other mega bands who are about so maybe all the deluxe XXL tours buses are already booked and Lars refuses to go in a standard coach.
  12. Yeah they are excellent band. It is odd as I can never seem to manage to see them at their own shows, it's always at festivals or supporting others including next week when I'm seeing them support Alice Cooper.
  13. jump


    You need to see the new Top Gun in 3D though to fully appreciate it's 40 minute volleyball scene!
  14. I can’t remember who was wishing for it in the thread earlier but I’ve just seen Creeper are supporting My Chemical Romance on some of their mainland Europe dates.
  15. To be honest I don’t understand why ‘tallica (as well as Slipknot and a few other bands who are active in Europe) aren’t playing in the UK this year, the UK is the biggest market for bands in Europe and even if there wasn’t a festival free they can do a one day fest just for them like what Download are doing in Germany. Fuck Hellfest basically decided to do two festivals this year as there were so many bands playing.
  16. jump

    Arcade Fire

    Those are the high up nosebleeds seats, if you are gonna over pay at least make it worth it and get standing or right next to the stage.
  17. jump

    Arcade Fire

    I did see it yesterday but I ran out of upvotes at the time. It's one of the most bizarre things Nintendo have ever done and they are company with a history of doing things bizarrely.
  18. jump

    Arcade Fire

    Yeah and they were mocked for doing it too.
  19. I've just been sent an "exclusive" offer of half price tickets for Alice Cooper's gig at the O2 Arena with The Cult and Creeper supporting. I'm actually tempted by this as I reckon when Alice Cooper dies I will regret never seeing him play. https://sable.madmimi.com/c/19285?id=255166325.62393.1.cee517283eeb6dd0f8ce5b6c9d22f0c4
  20. I wouldn't rule it out, a few people said they wouldn't book Rage and Bring Me the same year. It depends if Paramore would be on the earlier finishing main stage or not as I couldn't see them both being on the main stage that closes the day.
  21. So are LostAlone back together full time or are these just one off dates?
  22. I didn't realise The Joy Formidable and Alice Glass were big/notable in the US and I'm pleased to see Bob Vylan breaking into America too.
  23. I remember them being announced led to a chorus of people going "Who the fuck is Arcade Fire?" and it was so common the band even did merch with it including one of my favourite band shirts ever.
  24. jump


    Nothing in the post you quoted was to do with Roger Moore. That's just the type of mistake I'd expect from someone mistakenly thinks Roger Moore is the best Bond instead of Sean Connery! 😜
  25. It was really cool when they played Ticks & Leeches as they had this huge moth/bug thing projected onto the stage. I really wish I had took some shrooms with me for this show.
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