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  1. Kizzie

    RIP Barry

    Daughter is in deep mourning, all morning she's been shouting 'Call me an ambulance'.....(you're an ambulance), bit bored with it now.
  2. Kizzie

    West Holts 2019

    Oooooh no, I saw them a couple of years ago, they were bad. Pastiche doesn't even cut it.
  3. Me too, I've 'over nighted' there a few times queuing for tickets in the early 80's.....marvellous fun. The overnight queue for Genesis tickets, a frosty night in 1980 snaked it's way all around the Bullring and back up New Street, we was on the telly all day. I also managed to get the elusive A12 ticket a couple of times by queuing overnight!
  4. Kizzie

    Jah Wobble's Invaders of the Heart

    Grumpy I read somewhere that the 'ticket for life' people would get them this coming week.
  5. Kizzie

    Got any gigs coming up?

    'The Magic Band' tonight in Brizzle. Played Trout Mask Replica today at work, cleared the office!
  6. Kizzie

    Got any gigs coming up?

    'The Tubes' tonight Brizzle
  7. Kizzie

    Bestival 2017

    Actually there was a 'special green' camping area at Shambala, I think it was mentioned in the guide that they sent via email to ticket holders. I think it was with family camping with older children maybe? They badged it as 'extra green campers' or something like that. I considered heading there if we couldn't find our mates (Kerplunk et al ), as there were only two of us carrying no booze or food, so our litter was a paltry affair, some wet wipes and a rizzla packet or two. No I didn't get the eco bond tenner back, I knew I hadn't generated any where near enough rubbish so they got an extra tenner from me.
  8. Kizzie

    Shambala 2016

    Not sure if this is old news or nor but it appears that they have signed a deal to stay at Kelmarsh for the next ten years, wonder if they've given up with Dorset, I doubt they'd run a sister event would they?
  9. Kizzie

    Simple Things 2017

    I think he's a bit orchestra'd out this summer, everywhere we've been has been orchestra heavy. Orchestra's are the new black.
  10. Kizzie

    Simple Things 2017

    Thought about it, nearly bought tickets on Sunday then didn't. Leftfield are playing in Colston Hall no idea what time though, I guess you might not know that till the day. All the venues will be good, Colston Hall is your usual city concert hall but it's ok, quite relaxed, we've seen loads of stuff there. What puts me off a bit is the ticketing format. 6 Music festival in Bristol had the same ticketing system and loads of people moaned about it as you're not guaranteed to see who you want. As it happens we did see who we wanted to, but I think it was luck. When we left after Underworld people were still queuing. Basically the ticket is for all venues so I imagine you may have to queue for Leftfield to make sure you get in. Once it's full that's it, so if you need a wee and there's a queue for the hall you probably won't get back in. They do it on a one out, one in basis if you see what I mean. This will apply to all the other venues too, so popular stuff may be over subscribed.
  11. Kizzie

    Flaming lips

    Saw them last night in Brizzle, I thought it was bloody great, what a party, which was also great as we took daughter for her birthday. She even got to shout Wayne as he passed us in the street.
  12. Kizzie

    2017 New Music Thread

    Touring here in December too, I'm still holding out for a Bristol date.
  13. Kizzie

    The National

    Not National related I like the This is the Kit album too, I bought it at the same time as Thurston Moore's 'Rock n Roll Conciousness', now that is a bloody marvellous album.
  14. Kizzie

    New site layout

    Lack of a brass section I reckon. When you're headlining, a keyboard fill in just doesn't cut it, bit shoddy.
  15. Kizzie


    I hope they were as good as when I saw them on Friday night, they were great. I've seen them a couple of times before and thought they were a bit Abba on Acid, but they've come on a bit, they were bloody great.