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  1. Yeah that’s gonna be up there with 2017, 2009 and 2008
  2. Yeah if all of Dan’s names are correct that’s an instant ticket buy for me
  3. He’s gonna pop up with a “lineup at 300 pages” isn’t he?
  4. I’m not buying Rage for next year. The info from Ken over on the RW forums plus a lack of mention from Dan plus the fact that they’re not at any other European fests makes it pretty unlikely imo. Happy to be proved wrong tho.
  5. Think we’ll get an “Announcement on Friday on Radio 1” tweet from R&L today
  6. Can we just have the announcement already so we stop with this
  7. Might be crucified for this one but Imagine Dragons before RHCP in 2016 were fantastic, really exceeded my expectations. Was quite disappointed by Slowthai this year, thought he wasn’t up for it.
  8. MSE: Radiohead / Kanye / The Killers MSW: Foals / BMTH / The Strokes
  9. Green Day / Paramore Eminem / Panic! At the Disco Sam Fender / AJ Tracey
  10. Best - Foals 2016 Worst - some band I can’t remember the name of on the Introducing stage on Saturday morning at Reading 2019
  11. Yeah I think we’ll not be getting too much in this announcement. MSE Headliners: Arctic Monkeys, Dave, Dua Lipa MSW Headliners: Kings of Leon, Bring me the Horizon, Yungblud Also appearing throughout the weekend; Bastille, Courteeners, Idles, D Block Europe, Headie One, Maneskin, Jamie XX, The Amazons, Fontaines DC, A1xJ1, Tion Wayne, 100 Gecs
  12. I don’t know booking Kings of Leon again and Yungblud to headline might just top it.
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