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  1. Honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Foals got shifted into that slot and they just closed that stage early.
  2. I’d say one more announcement end of June time with the Alternative stage and one or two empty slots filling. Wonder who they’ll get to headline The Pit.
  3. Agreed. At least Becky Hill has a bit of personality.
  4. Even though I really liked TBHC, it’s probably the most polarising release by any British band in the 2010’s. I think we’ve got to the point where AM are content doing their own thing and not caring about what the fans think.
  5. Thinking Download is more likely for them. But it could go either way tbh.
  6. Maybe not for 2023 but I wonder if they’d ever try getting Coldplay in. I’m just watching snippets from their live shows from their current US tour. Say what you want about their music, they certainly put on a show. Weirdly I could see Chris Martin wanting to do it as a bucket list kind of thing.
  7. At least that was memorably bad. I don’t think they’ll ever have another set like it. I’d like to imagine Melvin Benn was watching from the side looking horrified.
  8. One from every year I have been: 2015: Libertines. They really overestimated their reunion hype didn’t they? 2016: Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Wish I’d gone with all my mates to see Two Door. 2017: Migos. God am I glad they’ve fizzled out. 2018: Fall Out Boy/Kings of Leon. No wonder rock at R&L is dead if this is the shite they pull out the bag. 2019: Becky Hill. She can’t sing live. 2021: Yungblud. See above. One or two of his songs are a guilty pleasure of mine but he is so obnoxious it’s unreal.
  9. Foals are just the best. Get them headlining for next year.
  10. And she’d put on a much better show than the other two combined.
  11. I think Billie was moved because she was originally supposed to play in the NME tent (Gone but not Forgotten RIP) and it would have been dangerous for her to play in there with the amount of people. Still possibly the biggest crowd I’ve ever seen at the main stage for her.
  12. I swear I read a story that BMTH were booked in 2016 on the back of That’s The Spirit. But Rammstein suddenly became available so the booking team fucked off BMTH to get Rammstein in instead. And that’s why they haven’t played since. Truly gobsmacked that they haven’t been back and honestly if Amo and PH:SH didn’t do it for them, I don’t know if anything will. Can’t wait for Def Leppard, System of a Down and Avenged Sevenfold in 2023.
  13. Eminem with MGK on right before. I see no issue here.
  14. Both Download and Reading and Leeds have had an absolute shitter in not booking them. Can see them turning up at Glastonbury Guess the kids want D Block Europe and the metalheads want ADTR and Korn for the billionth time instead.
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