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  1. Don Broco, Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes, Deftones.
  2. TKOCF

    Musical Confessional

    You’re all snobs. Nick Cave sucks. Also, Kasabian are one of the best live bands around, and should absolutely have another shot on the pyramid headlining. Also also, if Stormzy can Headline the pyramid, Foals absolutely can.
  3. TKOCF

    The Rock Slot

    Imagine War Pigs on the pyramid. Just imagine. That would be a moment.
  4. TKOCF

    2020 headliners

    I think Calvin could do it IF it was more of a live show and he brought out a shitload of special guests. He was crap at V Fest 2015 though.
  5. TKOCF

    2020 headliners

    I think this forum has massively over amplified how big Nick Cave is, he’d headline Other against a younger band.
  6. TKOCF

    Your Dream Line Up

    I think Emily said Tom Waits is an all time dream booking for her to get on the farm, so if he’s playing, it’ll be closing the Pyramid.
  7. Left just over halfway through Catfish because I needed to get a train home. Also, Catfish are boring as hell live. Bastille were thoroughly enjoyable though.
  8. Dream West Holts Headliner is Frank Ocean. Far too big though, maybe, please?
  9. Didn’t Green Day only do Reading when they did their secret set in 2012? Anyway I can’t see past it being one of Biffy, Bombay Bicycle Club or Catfish at this point. But it can all change last second and be someone no one was predicting. Or there might not even be one big main one and maybe it’ll be just two or three smaller ones.
  10. As much as I’d love to see them headline the Pyramid, I think they need a solo headline Reading show before taking that leap. Happy to be proved wrong, give me Foals headlining 2020 over some of the other names that are being thrown around on the Glasto forum.
  11. Foals Stormzy Green Day Subs: Billie Eilish, Catfish and the Bottlemen and Two Door Cinema Club Third Down: Lewis Capaldi, Run the Jewels, Idles R1: Fatboy Sim, Gerry Cinnamon, Don Broco
  12. Very glad to see Vistas appear, easily one of my favourite up and coming bands atm. Good to see TPD back too, their Piccadilly set was rammed last year.
  13. TKOCF

    2020 headliners

    You just know that if they get put in the afternoon metal slot, Trent will throw his toys out the pram when the audience looks confused because they’re playing an obscure album track from the mid nineties.
  14. Mac Demarco, knew a few of his tracks, but wow he is an incredibly entertaining performer. Same with Miley, she has an incredible voice, and brought out her dad and Lil Nas X which was awesome.
  15. TKOCF

    What's next?

    Citadel next week, I graduate University the week after, then Reading in August.
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