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  1. The Killers seem like the most obvious name for me, although most of the time the most obvious headliner prediction is never accurate. Could also see AM as a shoe in if they’re on their next album by then. Surely they can’t go for Post again. Surely.
  2. No surprises there really. People did vote to “Get Brexit Done” around this time last year. Even though this is clearly not the end of the whole debacle, most people have got it in their minds that this is Brexit being done and we won’t hear about it again from Jan 1 onwards.
  3. Yep. I was saying this to someone else, without the support of Scotland, Labour will never win an election. And as Scotland seems to not want to vote for anything other than SNP, I don’t know how Labour can captivate enough of England and Wales. The next election will be the Tories pushing that a vote for Labour is a vote to break up the union.
  4. No British act founded before 2003 will ever play R&L again (No, Liam doesn’t count in that)
  5. That’s not a bad shout, seeing how the was that rumour from a while back they were doing three nights at Hillsborough Park in Sheffield.
  6. Maybe not quite stadium filler but, Thom and the lads maybe? Edit: just seen that Thom himself has already been announced
  7. I think someone said earlier that The Libertines are playing, so they’re on the list of possibilities to fill out a big slot, suppose all rules are out the window this year as we don’t know what the other stages are going to be there.
  8. Maybe not 22 seeing how he’s technically subbing next year but definitely on the cards for 23 onwards.
  9. Can see them doing some live podcast recordings or something like that.
  10. Keeping the Alternative stage I see. “Next year we're going big. Two main stages. Over 40 huge names already announced... and we've only really just got started! Keep your eyes peeled for 100's more music names, our alt stage lineup, plus more surprises still to come. View our Artist A-Z to recap everyone announced so far.”
  11. Talk about a band whose stock has dropped. From headlining alongside Mumfords and Metallica to subbing potentially Catfish in a year with six headliners.
  12. I think that the six headliners/two main stage thing is a one year deal. But I also don’t think its too far fetched to see them push the “more for less” angle, having more headliners. Travis Scott, Dua Lipa/Tame Impala, Biffy Clyro/Foals With Machine Gun Kelly, Bastille and Dave subbing.
  13. Did he give your favourite album a Strong 3 aswell by any chance?
  14. I’ve got to say, Visions of a Body Being Burned is up there.
  15. 2020: Rage against the Machine, Rage against the Machine, Rage against the Machine & Rage against the Machine New Acts: Just anyone that isn’t the Wombats or Post Malone again.
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