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  1. Wasn’t too far from the front for kendrick last night at glasto. Absolute leagues better than his 2018 headline set and i thought that was quite good. I’ve watched the set back on iplayer and it really doesn’t do it justice. He may be the one headliner that could tempt me back for a day (probably not though)
  2. What a shite announcement. Courting doing the intro is funny after Sean’s been bigging up their high FR slot on the rage day to me for months, although i do think he was more guessing i think he just knew they were on the lineup. ho99o9 a great addition although likely won’t be able to see them with clashes. that’s all i can say about this announcement. i can’t think of a headliner they could get next year that would tempt me back that i couldn’t just see elsewhere now AM and RATM are out the way this year. i’m going into the fest very much knowing this’ll be the last of my 5 fest streak
  3. Just had some very good news from an act confirming they’re bringing their outstanding live show to boomtown….
  4. Yeah stupidly good lineup for that price imo
  5. won’t be disappointed at all. more of similar
  6. Yeah if anyone had forgot, Courting deffo still on to sub headline/3rd down the FR. their album comes out not long afterwards n it’ll be a must see set, album is genuinely elite
  7. Had seen nightmare stories about heathrow and having looked at twitter when we woke up it was horrendous, rather be safe than sorry
  8. got to heathrow for 6:45, checked in by 8, through security by 9 and sat in spoons with a pint at 9:15. flight to madrid at 10:50, train to barca at 5pm. bosh. unreal vibes
  9. Jamie T deffo nailed on for the introducing secret set today i reckon. We thought it’d be him yesterday with him being the only non lineup act with a poster but we got there only for it to be A1 x J1. fingers crossed.
  10. Nia Archives is currently on the dance stage. she’s been done mega dirty, no timetable to check who’s on in sight so there’s barely anyone here. probably the biggest act on the lineup outside of the main stage
  11. anyone got the dance stage times? really wanna catch nia archives and prospa
  12. also hoping this as i’m sat in spoons wondering when to get in for
  13. ah my bad read the clashfinder wrong haha, 3 hours deffo excessive though for tomorrow
  14. Would really love to know when the music starts tomorrow. Wouldn’t mind getting in early and seeing a lot of acts but if gates open at 3 and i get there not long after and there’s nothing till 6 i’ll feel properly mugged off. I really don’t think that’ll be the case, on sat and sunday there’s music half an hour after gates opening. i think the friday “schedule” found is just when they’ll play the sets that were recorded i dont think they’ll be live like the sat and sun
  15. Surely that friday schedule that was posted and put on the clashfinder is incorrect? Very strange running order, tiny slots and considering gates open at 3PM i'd be very surprised if there's no acts on for 3 hours and they cram 8 acts into 5 hours
  16. Nick Cave vs Bauhaus Caribou vs Jamie xx The Strokes vs Bikini Kill Gorillaz vs Idles Tyler, The Creator vs Beach House absolutely fuming
  17. Not an out there shout at all I assume but I’d be very surprised if Jack Harlow didn’t headline in the next couple years. He’s had a very post malone rise
  18. Yeah Denzel’s late 2018 Ta13oo tour in 500 or so cap venues was mental. absolute state of this set list. can’t find the birmingham one but i assume it was the same https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/denzel-curry/2018/thekla-bristol-england-5b948328.html IDK supporting was great too i’d been into him for a few years at that point
  19. I regret to inform you that user was having a laugh, would’ve loved it though
  20. Funniest part about migos 2017 was that only two of them even turned up. Lil yachty was apparently backstage too for a guest appearance and threw a hissy fit last minute and wouldn’t come out
  21. Anyone know how the resale works tomorrow? Need to try get a mate a saturday ticket
  22. TheWaters

    Wet Leg

    what da fuck
  23. local boys idle noise are the main support for libs on friday so whoever was hoping for a big indie band didn’t get their wish
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