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  1. danz026

    Lineup 2018

    What’s the point in secret sets? Obviously they don’t shift tickets
  2. danz026

    2019 festival

    Bit surprised no one is talking about Royal Blood for next year given that they were almost universally tipped to headline R+L in 2018. Do people think they'll be recording album 3 in 2019 rather than touring?
  3. danz026

    2019 festival

    Royal Blood (Blossoms) Drake (French Montana) Twenty One Pilots/Liam Gallagher (coheadline)
  4. danz026

    Lineup 2018

    Diplo and Slaves are co-headliners on the poster, doesn't that mean that one will headline Reading and the other Leeds?
  5. danz026

    Lineup 2018

    Set times easy to predict then? Just take last year's set times and plug the different names in? Courteeners will be 20:15-21:15 where Liam Gallagher played last year Broco 20:20-21:00 and Slaves 21:30-22:10. Although maybe Slaves will actually be headlining the NME rather than Diplo? Looks like they're co-headliners on the poster.
  6. danz026

    Lineup 2018

    Is the order of the bands on each of stages roughly the reverse of what they are on the poster? So for example Trash Boat will open the main stage on Saturday followed by Protoje, Skindred, Mike Shinoda and Sum 41 with Dua Lipa, PATD and Kendrick playing last? Just trying to figure out who may clash. I'm particularly worried about the possibility of a Courteeners clash with either Slaves or Don Broco
  7. danz026

    Benicassim (FIB) 2018

    You can certainly get by on less than this, but depends how much you want to drink/quality of the food you want to eat. I was travelling in Spain for a few weeks last summer ending with doing the full week at Beni, was down to my last €50 per day by the time festival started, and still drank a fuck load. Was spending €15-€20 per day on food consisting of a mid-afternoon burger king, an ice cream in the early evening and then some drunk food from one of the street food places in the festival. Big shout out to the Argentina steak sandwich van and Big Dan's fried chicken, highly recommend both if they're there this year. Sadly I won't be. Bottle of cheap vodka and mixers - less than a fiver. This leaves enough for like 8/9 of the small beers over the course of the night. But of course this isn't recommended and you can certainly choose more nutritious options/avoid the lidl vodka.
  8. danz026

    All Points East Festival 2018

    http://www.nme.com/news/music/courteeners-liam-fray-makes-blossoms-great-band-1822800 Liam Fray has played a big part in getting Blossoms where they are now, been a big supporter of the band for years.
  9. danz026

    All Points East Festival 2018

    The Blossoms flares thing is something to do with the fact that their big brother band Courteeners have an association with flares at their outside gigs. There’s always flares going off left, right and centre when either of those bands play a festival in the U.K.
  10. danz026

    2019 festival

    Fair play, quite surprised by this.
  11. danz026

    2019 festival

    When did this happen?
  12. danz026

    2019 festival

    There’s absolutely no way R&L are wasting a headline set on some gimmicky full album show, even if Blink headlining in itself wouldn’t be a huge stunner.
  13. danz026

    2019 festival

    You realise he sold out Finsbury Park in seconds and there’s probably a new album by the time Reading 2019 kicks off?
  14. danz026

    Neighbourhood Weekender 2018

    Think they'd probably have to increase the budget for that to happen. Liam will be at least the same price as Noel, possibly even more given he sold in Finsbury in seconds and is headlining Benicassim, a much bigger festival than this. Courteeners probably my favourite band but this was their first ever headline appearance at a festival so no way they're as big as Kasabian who might be the biggest British band of the last decade or so this side of the Arctic Monkeys. I'd imagine they'll go down the same route as this year for the Saturday and take a punt on a local band that are approaching headline status and give them their shot, it all points to Blossoms for me. Maybe they'll have to wait one more year since they probably don't have a new album out by this time next year and it'd be weird for them to headline based on the same album they just subbed on, but this isn't Reading or Glasto. Then the Sunday night will be a local area legend, if it's not Liam Gallagher then don't be shocked if it's Ian Brown.
  15. danz026

    Mutiny 2018 (Cancelled)

    Not true at all unless the 6 pills happened to contain PMA or some other toxic substance. MDMA itself won’t kill you, and really after the second or third pill it would have barely any affect at all. You can’t really make yourself “more high” in the same linear scale as drinking more pints will increase your drunkenness. It’s like an on/off switch. You’re either rolling or you aren’t. The only benefit you *might* get from extra pills after you’ve come up is to maybe increase the length of your roll which I guess is something people probably do want to do at festivals. But really the point is if you were to take some pills you’d probably be absolutely fine assuming it was actually MDMA. I loath to say this as I’m quite a big drinker and don’t really take drugs but I’m fairly confident that a night on the beers will do a lot more harm to your insides than a disco biscuit. Testing tents is absolutely the right way forward. They have to be a bit careful to draw the line between providing a valuable service and outright encouraging something illegal, so what I think should happen is you hand over a small sample of whatever you’ve got and it gets tested. This sample is then disposed of after the test and not returned to the customer even if it comes back clear. You also then have the option to hand over any other drugs you have to be disposed of (if the test comes back flagging it as a dodgy one)