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  1. Only just seen the news of the 2 main stage/ 6 headliners idea and the subsequent announcement and judging by what very limited reaction I've seen this could potentially be the worst reaction to a set of headliners I've seen since I started following the festival. Anybody else feel the same? I'm sure it's all been covered a million times since the announcement but Post Malone? Again? Really? Easily the laziest booking since getting Fall Out Boy on a 2 year rotation. I saw Catfish being touted as headliners heavily from 2016-2018 but the force behind that has gradually dwindled so why boo
  2. These surveys have next to no bearing on what happens the year after and my gut feeling is we're going to have the same headliners with some changes dotted around the lineup including some bump ups on the main and R1 to cover for the acts that have to drop out.
  3. I think Foals need another shot at headlining the major fests at least one more time, they smashed that 2016 set out of the park and it's still the best headline set I've seen to date. Biffy into Foals or vice versa would be an amazing way to finish a night. The Rage day was the only thing going for this years festival in my opinion. A run in of Slowthai> Run the Jewels > Idles > Rage was actually tempting me into getting a day ticket.
  4. Foals + Biffy Clyro Idles Jamie T Everything Everything Would honestly be boss that, it's what the people need.
  5. I was honestly expecting much worse but that is still piss poor
  6. Haven't been on this forum in time as I wasn't planning on going this year but just thought I'd jump on after the announcement of the announcement to see who people are predicting. Any actual solid info come out yet?
  7. Honestly think we’re not getting anything till post New Year now and they’re gonna go down the route they took in 2018. Part of me thinks they’ve struggled with the lack of big names seemingly around and have gone for some really mundane bookings so are hoping enough people take a gamble on Christmas presents etc. Comparing it to last year they had 3 major headliners already released at this point along with some very strong bookings lower down meaning sure fire sales over the Christmas period. IOW, Latitude, TRNSMT have evidently struggled too and I personally think R+L will be no different.
  8. That TRNSMT lineup is one of the most bizarre I've ever seen... I don't know where to start.
  9. The most vanilla headliner shout I think there is, really hoping they're not around for the foreseeable future. Sadly very much agree with this. Easily my favourite band both on record and live but I really don't think they have the outreach in terms of popularity to do it on their own despite their heavy back catalogue of bangers
  10. Haven't been on here in time but looking through the last few pages if i was to give my ideal headliners I'd probably go with something like: Foals/BMTH - Travis Scott - MCR or The Strokes I'm more assed about them getting Idles and Sam Fender/ Bombay Bicycle Club for those 3rd down main stage slots more than anything along with maybe Fontaines 5th.
  11. Y'all arguing over who had the biggest impact on popular culture but choosing to forget that this 1 song still has an iron grip on the evolution of society to this day...
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