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  1. MIchael_scarn

    2019 festival

    Wu-Tang Clan for R1 headliner slot?
  2. MIchael_scarn

    RnL 3rd Announcement

    jj completely contradicting himself again.
  3. MIchael_scarn

    2019 Secret Sets

    My money was on Foals but that's not possible now so i'm not sure who it'll be, Biffy Clyro was my next guess.
  4. MIchael_scarn

    2019 festival

    I've been saying Gerry Cinnamon for a while but not sure where he'd slot now.
  5. MIchael_scarn

    2019 festival

    Hope he continues to bathe in bud light from now until August.
  6. MIchael_scarn

    2019 festival

    Looks like Post's stage production has changed dramatically from some smelly rag in front of some lights which was last year, safe to say I'm majorly disappointed.
  7. MIchael_scarn

    2019 festival

    That new song is another level can I just say, I've had it on loop for about an hour now.
  8. MIchael_scarn

    2021 Lineup

    An act nobody cares about anymore A co-headline that makes very little sense A rapper
  9. MIchael_scarn

    2019 festival

    Could be I suppose. Would play Reading Friday, Leeds Saturday then headline Victorious on the Sunday if that was the case, can't see it being Catfish or M&S who it's rumoured as being so I guess we'll have to wait to see who announces some dates that hasn't already.
  10. MIchael_scarn

    2019 festival

    Bloc Party performing silent alarm to close the night in the tent would've been a very nice booking. Still going with it being A$AP Rocky despite his 'exclusive' label for wireless.
  11. MIchael_scarn

    2019 festival

    Over the past few years we've come to realise that means very little.
  12. MIchael_scarn

    2019 festival

    The TBC act is A$AP Rocky, calling it now.
  13. MIchael_scarn

    2019 festival

    We don't all just listen to Courteeners and Oasis you know, I'd argue that the headliners don't appeal to anyone in particular at all in terms of geographically.
  14. MIchael_scarn

    2019 festival

    Northerners are superior though.
  15. MIchael_scarn

    2019 festival

    I think he is an exclusive but we've gathered over the last couple of years it doesn't really matter and it can be just used as a sneaky way to sell more tickets, not that wireless wasn't going to sell out regardless. Schoolboy Q, Logic maybe? I'd love a Beast Coast appearance but I presume that would be more directed at 1xtra if that were to happen.