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  1. I mean I preferred his first 2 albums to Testing but I thought he was still just as popular if not more than that 3rd down slot in 2016.
  2. Is A$AP not potentially pushing for a sub spot at the festival now?
  3. MIchael_scarn

    Lineup 2018

    That's not bad I would've seen FC and probably BMTH if it was early on in the day, how did they go down with the attendees? Also presume BMTH are being heavily considered for next year now after that?
  4. MIchael_scarn

    Lineup 2018

    Been away during the fest so missed anything that went on. Anything of any relevance happen? Also who was the secret set?
  5. Their setup would genuinely be one of the greatest closes in the festivals history in my opinion. The pillars and how backgrounds change the mood for each song is truly breath taking and I've experienced that from academy level to arena and tent environments and its still the same feeling of pure bliss when you watch them perform, doubt it'd be any different closing the main stage.
  6. What are people's thoughts on these 1975 tunes then? Personally i'm thinking Give yourself a try is the weakest despite loving it when it first came out it's starting to grate on me a bit. Love it if we made it was the complete opposite however and was unsure about longevity of it with other fans but I now think its a very cleverly crafted song with repetitive rhythm and shouty lyrics it's quite easily memorable and somewhat persuasive. Finally, this new song is just a great pop song that I know I shouldn't like but I do and feel like it will do the best of all the pre-releases with the fans. Really looking forward to this album and seeing them on tour again as I think all these above singles would fit straight in to their setlist with ease.
  7. MIchael_scarn

    2019 festival

    Obviously all these acts are headliners at this point in time but perhaps they're not as viable options as the ones listed under the headliner options. It is bizarre however that the list includes: The Prodigy, 30stm, Blink182 over these so I'm not sure at all the thinking behind it. Additionally, this is who I'd say would be the best choice of headliners with the ones i disagree with being crossed out and the ones in bold being the better ideas.
  8. MIchael_scarn

    Lineup 2018

    Leeds fest 2019 is cancelled
  9. MIchael_scarn

    2019 festival

    Hopefully their time has well gone.
  10. MIchael_scarn

    2019 festival

    What a rollercoaster of emotions that was.
  11. MIchael_scarn

    Lineup 2018

    Not really relevant but did anybody see AM at TRNSMT and if so what'd they think? Looked pretty good from what I saw and the setlist looks pretty solid bar a couple of missing tracks that hopefully they'll add to the tour setlist. That depends on whether they perform longer than what they did in Glasgow which i presume was just short of 2 hours??
  12. MIchael_scarn

    Lineup 2018

    Lyrically it's nothing special but the beat is catchy and if the music on a guide to.. is similar to this track i'd say it sounds closer to the first album than the 2nd one was which i'd be much happier with. Didn't notice that on the website but saw the day countdown on their insta and was a bit gutted to find out that was just for a single. Think the idea for announcing the release of 2 albums despite this one supposedly being the last before a hiatus is a bit weird but I guess they mustve just had a change of heart.
  13. MIchael_scarn

    Lineup 2018

    Dunno if anyone cares but the 1975's new single dropped before. I personally quite like it and would expect they're still a good shout for a secret set. New album in the next couple of months, tour starting in January and another album dropping next May would make them an even stronger candidate for 2019 headliner.
  14. MIchael_scarn

    R&L 2018 Bracket Tournament

    Kooks and Shame