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  1. MIchael_scarn

    2019 festival

    Didn't realise how much they've fallen off until I decided to have a look before, what a shame.
  2. MIchael_scarn

    2019 festival

    Yeah don't think there's much chance you'll get them sharing the spot again as that was pretty bizarre in itself in 2016. Doubt they'll have Foos and Biffy as 2 of the 3 headliners too.
  3. MIchael_scarn

    2019 festival

    Not being funny but people complain about the festival every year regardless of who's performing, dunno why you're just singling out the 'older generation'. I mean look at how many young people write it off simply because Arctic Monkeys aren't there or because they haven't organised an Oasis reunion. You're making a huge deal over a very small percentage of people.
  4. MIchael_scarn

    2019 festival

    That's just because he's w*nk mate.
  5. MIchael_scarn

    2019 festival

    I wouldn't rule it out that it happens but no one has mentioned anything about it on twitter so I doubt Greg's said anything.
  6. MIchael_scarn

    First Announcement 2019 Predictions

    1. Foo FIghters 2. Tame Impala 3. Skepta 4. The Streets 5. Dave 6. All American Rejects 7. My Nu Leng 8. Nyck Caution 9. Idles 10. Pale Waves
  7. MIchael_scarn

    2019 festival

    Ahh fair enough. Never had the opportunity to see them as missed out on tickets for their tour and it's probably my favourite song by them so it'd be a shame if it got overlooked.
  8. MIchael_scarn

    2019 festival

    No learn to fly? Next.
  9. Where are these Mumford & Sons shouts coming from? Honestly couldn't think of a worse booking from a personal point of view as well as the fact I don't think they'd do much in terms of drawing a crowd/selling tickets. I thought they'd be past getting headliner slots at R+L nowadays unless I've missed them suddenly become popular again.
  10. MIchael_scarn

    2019 festival

    Only way I think they would return if they were offered that I reckon, no point in them being a co-headliner again and doesn't really suggest they've progressed. I'd say they deserve the slot unless this next album completely flops as I still think they fit the festival and the attendees. They were who I was hoping most for but I've got a feeling they'll be elsewhere this summer.
  11. MIchael_scarn

    2019 festival

    Where would they place nowadays if they were to return. I don't think they'd get anymore than 3rd down/ NME headliner but I can't see them getting less than that either. Outside shot of a new NME headliner guess then?
  12. MIchael_scarn

    2019 festival

    Ahh that's okay then, was hoping for at least one of Foals or the 1975 and thought it might've hinted at them doing American fests late summer. Any update on rumours or has it all pretty much stayed the same predictions like BMTH, The 1975, TOP etc.
  13. MIchael_scarn

    2019 festival

    Haven't been on here for ages but does the rock am announcement make anyone more or less likely? I thought that with it being early summer it would make acts less likely but with the likes of the 1975, foals, architects etc being on there who have been heavily suggested for 2019 is it more likely to not have any bearing on R+L?
  14. I mean I preferred his first 2 albums to Testing but I thought he was still just as popular if not more than that 3rd down slot in 2016.
  15. Is A$AP not potentially pushing for a sub spot at the festival now?