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  1. Pretty sure they'll be touring Pt2 late 2019/early 2020 moving back onto arenas then playing a few major festivals before another break. Could easily see them headlining/co R+L or high up at Glasto next year. I feel like the reasoning behind them doing a few smaller fests this year is to regain a bit of hype and progress upwards as pt1 and pt2 go on. They said these 2 albums have revitalised the band when they previously thought they didn't have a 5th one in them, never mind a 6th. That's why I think they'll want to make the most of the next year and a half as possible.
  2. Foals are in France that weekend so no secret set from them
  3. Pretty sure they're moving on to arenas after Pt 2 of their album drops.
  4. I haven't been paying attention to the forum since I bought my ticket so didn't even realise Blaenavon had gone until I had a look before. Don't think it's too realistic but it would be an incredible booking for that slot. Any good shouts for who we think the secret sets will be? Main one I saw last time I checked was Biffy.
  5. Almost too good to ever happen. Both sets at Glasto looked insane though and were the highlights of what I saw.
  6. Bombay Bicycle Club doing I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose in full? Unsure the length of secret sets in recent years but 45 minutes sounds about right. Bit of a long shot really but with them announcing November anniversary dates and having all late August free it could be a possibility?
  7. They ran over so didn't have time to play black bull in Manchester. I'm impressed by the videos I've seen though, I just can't dislike any of their music.
  8. Never got to see them in a venue but it was worth the wait, definitely the best gig i've been to. I'd say so, they smashed their 2016 slot so even if their stock hasn't necessarily risen they deserve at least that spot again simply for their live performances.
  9. Saw Foals at Vic Warehouse last night. Easily the best gig I've ever been to. New stuff sounds quality live which is what my main worry was and their old stuff was gold as always. Venue was great, crowd was great, just an all round great night. Even got to give Yannis the sweatiest hug he's ever had when he came down for two steps, twice. Dunno what level they're at now and I guess we can judge properly after the next album in September but hopefully they're a shoe in for at least a co-headline in August 2020 because they'd smash it.
  10. Looks like the reds have got efests on strings by the response to my comment. Personally, love that we're hated and long may it continue but regardless what a game of footie. Music and football, the 2 best things in this world to bring people together.
  11. Not even you can ruin my mood tonight mate.
  12. Hoping they add a new stage that just shows Liverpool beating Barca on repeat for the full weekend.
  13. I'd like a Schoolboy Q secret set if it was a rapper, even though CrasH Talk was very underwhelming.
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