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  1. It looked rammed. Fair play they've done well selling it to the young team. Looking at that I'd have felt like a pedophile walking round the festival.
  2. Feuerzone fur mich auch.
  3. TRNSMT wouldn't have got a licence if they'd said they were bringing the TiTP format to Glasgow. The bad press it was getting would have got a solid no. So they pretended they were aiming at the older audience. Situation normal now. I enjoyed the Radiohead and Queen days, I really doubt they'll book something I'd go to now. Looking forward to my 1st GSS this year too.
  4. It has. On its social media so I checked and could still buy day and weekend tickets. It's all on these pages if you can be arsed to look back that far. 13 and 14 are probably the ones I'm referring to, I lost interest in the festival after that.
  5. It means that sunday is at capacity. Maybe. They used to claim sell outs for TITP the week before when it was 30k under capacity. At least they've taken the tickets off sale at the same time this time.
  6. WTF? It's this weekend isn't it?
  7. They had one single out at that stage. They were 4th down against a guitarist who has headlined main and is widely touted as one of the very best in the world (even if he does go on a bit) They are very much a Download band. Stereophonics would be a pretty popular wildcard and headlined a major festival last year. They'd headline 2nd minimum. Royal Blood would be a more popular choice at DL though.
  8. Yes! I'm all over this. In 17 they played the O2 ABC in Glasgow. Crazy to think their next show is Hydro. Lars was learning from a good drummer The bands given as examples are all recent arena level bands in this country. Someone will have to fill the top spots when the dinosaurs die out. Ghost are as likely as an of the current arena bands. They are on a steep upward trajectory. Did everyone forget Royal Blood already played Download? The 3rd stage absolutely rammed to the gunnels suggests different. None I hope. Unless they are prepared to accept their stock is about 2nd stage headliner. Also, if you didn't see Rammstein at MK then you missed the greatest off the fucking scale show that has ever been played on these shores. I'm probably under selling it at that too.
  9. Of course they're not selling VIP tickets. There's nothing there for older festival goers who have the disposable cash to afford such things. They'll really suffer with onsite sales too at the bars and merch. Ice cream vans will make a killing though
  10. Well I watched stormzy at Glasto. I tried to get it but I just can't connect with it at all. I'm sure the lyrics are all meaningful and that but most of them fly past me as just noise. IDLES and the Cure however, were brilliant. Gerry C was OK, Lewis Capaldi just not my thing. At least I found another band on teh TRNSMT line up that are pretty good though - Fontaines DC.
  11. At current rate of popularity increase, IDLES will be big enough to headline in about 11 mins and 37 seconds.
  12. Aye and Kasabian have done stadiums too. Muse will play some time no doubt as well.
  13. It means that I am far from being "left behind". Queen and Radiohead are capable of selling out stadiums and the likes of Sheeren or Robbie Williams aren't beyond the realms of possibility for TRNSMT either. Had it pointed out to me the other day that I actually had a ticket to see Lewis Capaldi in a 50 capacity venue. Would have gone too as I go to see as many bands as I can when they come round to us but he cancelled with sickness and promised to reschedule. Guess that'll never happen now. Chase and Status is an upgrade as far as I'm concerned too. Will never forget their set in King Tuts at T. It was mental.
  14. Bet the Sunday hasn't really sold out and more tickets become available once the combo tickets don't sell. Couldn't tell you a single Lewis Capaldi song but I reckon he'd be fun to hang out with. My pal regularly shows me his posts. He's a total down to earth fella who gives zero fucks. Direct replacement for Snow Patrol? I reckon most of the crowd that will be there will see it as an upgrade. Left behind? Aye ok then. If the line up this year is "where it's at" I'm glad I'm not there. Meanwhile the bands I want to watch are selling out stadiums in minutes.
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