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  1. They didn't play in 17. 14 was their last Download, or has covid shagged my memory? Aye, sells 4k tickets and they have to give the rest away! Seems that online opinion at least is warming to BMTH headlining. It would irritate the hell out of me but I'd still be there, somewhere other than main Online opinion also seems to be warming to the thought of Nickelback so I wouldn't put much store in it
  2. Not in the next decade anyway. Aye 14 was a great line up and weather was pretty much perfect too. It not being too busy added to the experience too. If Downloaders knew it would be the last chance to see Linkin Park with Chester it would have been rammed.
  3. Sorry just catching up but 21P have played Download already. I remember watching them quite early on a Friday on 2nd stage. Was quite nice weather so probably 13 or 14. Halestorm sub next time they play. Side stage lols. They played the same stage as Rage and Aerosmith and the rest of the bill. It was as big as the ACDC stage. The crowd were flat because TCV were shyte and most of the crowd were just there to kill time before ACDC. TCV was a self indulgent side project that fell on its arse. Pretty sure Foos will play at some stage and that day in 2010 will have no bearing on the decision to play or not.
  4. Are people honestly still thinking things like this? There is no either way. Everything is off for the foreseeable.
  5. Love it. Be most excellent to each other people.
  6. Prisoners get outside exercise! I'm an extrovert socialiser who loves and spends a lot of time in the outdoors. Insane was maybe a bit too strong a word but if I was inside for months on end I would be very grumpy and not any fun to be near. Luckily that's not happening. I have a dog to walk and plenty empty space to do it. This is what is really getting to me just now. People aren't getting the message. We will all know people that die of this very soon and yet they think that it's a good idea to carry on as normal for as long as they can before a lock down comes. Go home people, stay safe and we'll hopefully have helluva party on the other side. It's way more important than a few missed gigs.
  7. Given that an awful lot of the leisure and hospitality industry may go under in this time, I think that just having anything that vaguely resembles what we are used to will be a triumph. Can you imagine if Iron Maiden have picked up the bug at practice? Tere might not be all of them left come next year. That said they are way fitter than your average old fogey.
  8. When download is on will be the peak of this epidemic. That means we'll still be where we are now (virtual lock down) in Sep. There will be no gigs, festivals or sport this year. Am gutted also. Just thankful I have big green spaces and woods out of my front door so I'm not going to go too insane. Can't say the same for everyone I know and it's a real concern. One thing is for sure, when I do hit Download 21 it's going to be the biggest blow out ever!
  9. Aye it seems that that was pretty much their thinking. I would but the pub crawl got superseded by the Boardie Corner Fancy Dress party and BBQ on Thursday evening. It's carnage and my absence would not be tolerated
  10. Aye. For years we used to walk into Donington for a pub crawl on Thurs and get a taxi back. Pointless taxi now as the walk from transport hub to camper vans will be as long or longer than the walk back from the village 🤣
  11. Is the bit below the village on this overlay. https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/viewer?mid=1DwsleWIlE778VU9yW-dZqX3BA8300Cj2&ll=52.82722966151978%2C-1.38940479483324&z=16
  12. Proposed changes here. https://downloadfestival.co.uk/download-2020-site-improvements/ The vid made by JP makes it all look a lot better for when the weather is bad. Normal car park to campsite walk times down too. Can't see many campervanners going to the village now though, it's a very long way.
  13. I'm really excited about it all bar Kiss. We've got nothing to whinge about until we get stage times and the clashes come out. There will be lots for me.
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