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  1. Oh rly? Been touting a Hampden gig for him for ages.
  2. E-fests meet at Bloodstock? Much easier to achieve than at Download etc.
  3. Priest aren't a UK exclusive because they are in the middle of a suspended tour supporting Ozzy. That may start again in 2020.
  4. Thrice are brilliant. they seem a strange pairing with Refused but I would still have gone if I could. I can't 😭
  5. Yes they did. Solid sub, can't see them dropping further for a while.
  6. Courteeners above Billy Eilish is funny.
  7. This logic suggests that Royal blood will headline either SS or TRNSMT next year.
  8. Aye they look nailed on to me.
  9. Just as well as they couldn't afford the rent with their ticket sales 🤣
  10. Bet they sell more tix than BMTH.
  11. Yes I'm sure at least 4k people will turn up for them if they give tickets away again.
  12. Context required. Gojira would bomb at a festival for double denim dinosaurs and Saxon would be very well received yet at somewhere like Bloodstock Gojira are two or 3 placings above Saxon. At teh moment Download still has quite a sizable oldies contingent. To buck the trend though, I'm old but think that gojira are way better. I've even got a Gojira tattoo. My big fear about next year is that they clash them with System. That would be brutal. Any other clash on those named so far doesn't really bother me and I'll take anyone v Kiss.
  13. What? Wait. System are playing Amsterdam? This is very relevant to my interests. *googles*
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