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  1. Not seeing any chat on here but people should check they didn't get a refund if they wanted to roll over tickets to next year. Quite a few opted to roll over and still got a refund. No biggy if it's just a normal camping ticket but a massive deal if it's campervan or RIP which have already sold out for 22. I'd advise everyone that wanted to roll over to check and then contact ticketmaster if you find your ticket hasn't rolled over.
  2. Added sports team to my list to watch. Seem decent.
  3. They've been sold out for 2 years. In theory there may be returns that will go back on sale but I can't see many. I'd look at alternatives like shardlow marina.
  4. My 1st Download of not seeing a main stage headliner may be upon us. That said I have nothing against Biffy or Maiden so if there is nothing else on I'll likely see them. It will feel like the flattest ending to a Download ever though. The anti climax will have started before Biffy come on and I can't see them breaking that. Mind you that love pit thing they had going on last time was quite different and nice and their 2013 Leeds set was also pretty good so who knows. Anyways, I'll be at Donington doing my level best to make up for 2 lost years.
  5. My pal just got us 2 weekend and a campervan ticket so they are still on the go. I gave up ages ago.
  6. Nearly bought a ticket earlier. Can't now. Bollox.
  7. Even she couldn't hold back a tide of angry festie and gig goers when there are low cases and a vaccinated nation. She might stop events from happening but the people will go south and come back. Kinda defeats the point. The policy of doing things slightly differently to be divisive will work until it stops people doing what they want for no apparent reason.
  8. Given that Leeds etc seem to be going ahead, do we reckon Bella will? I mean, if the UK adult population has been vaccinated a week or 2 before it should be a goer right? I bought a campervan ticket just in case, I really hope I can get to use it. Don't really care much about the line up at this point, it's always good anyway.
  9. Aye there's no way it's going ahead. I reckon we'll have a summer of no festivals and almost no covid cases. Hopefully small gigs can save everyone's sanity.
  10. Serge is apparently releasing an album of songs that were originally intended and worked on by SOAD before they fell out. I wouldn't get my hopes up about new music despite these 2 latest releases.
  11. Rammstein 13. Miles ahead of anything else but yes Tool19, Sabbath12, all three in 2010 are all there or there abouts. Thrice in 18 is my happy place when I need to distract myself with nice thoughts. 😂
  12. SOAD are the best booking and will have the biggest crowd of the weekend. I also enjoyed them in 17, it was only the coverage afterwards that spoiled the experience for me. They sounded ok from where I was but then again the crowd was indeed singing every word. As was I. Also agree on the London gig. Dunno about RATM being the best live band, they're certainly very good. The two times I've seen them were both excellent but they are not the best I've seen. In 2010 they were the 3rd best headliner I felt although the sound was absolutely amazing that day. Back in the day, just about every crowd
  13. Oh well, another year away for me then. Just a couple points, both the stages side by side and opposite have been used and worked. The side by side thing makes for a more music filled day with a more pleasant experience for festival goers. The stages opposite thing is good for the organisers who have to put on less music and have a horde of people walking past secondary income outlets after every act. It's also good for "turtles" who have a seat strapped to their arse all day. They just sit in the middle and spin round when an act changes. I suspect that will be what happens purely because R/L
  14. That's a shit load of happy shite people
  15. Agree. Just getting on to new biffy and new avatar (htf did I miss that?). Lots to be happy about in these times.
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