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  1. No one thinks that, they just have haterz as they have been mainstream too. They'll kill it as ever.
  2. Er...................."we are Motorhead and we play rock and roll" ring any bells? Definite punk influenced though. When I watch Anthrax all I hear is punk. More than thrash.
  3. T failed because they thought that getting rid of an eclectic mix and aiming purely at the popular music would bring in more people. It did and they stayed in the campsite till their favourite band was on, getting wasted and fighting. They spent nothing on bars and merch and the bad press from the campsite shenanigans and drug deaths meant that parents stopped tehir kids from going. The older crowd had moved on and wren't interested in coming back. TRNSMT started with a promise of not being like that but is kinda heading that way although the no camping thing and drug searches have kept the negative press away for now. R/L will head the same way on its current trajectory.
  4. I agree and Sonisphere basically couldn't run without the pulling power of Maiden and Metallica. I wish it was still going and would love to see it return but it wasn't as different as folklore makes it out to be.
  5. He was at introducing and Pit on Sunday. Took me ages to realise who the familiar face was 😂 I found that walking to the next bar was way quicker than queuing. Bar 3 and 4 were pretty close together yet one could be rammed and the other empty. No use telling you that now though 😂 The walk isn't really a negative for me. I'm fit, I do endurance events so the distance is not an issue but sometimes realising you have 10 minutes to see an act and it'll take you 40 mins to get to main is a pain. All part of the festival experience though, overdoing the campsite beers and missing half an act. The distance keeps all teh scratters away. The field has been as close as green in emptier years but this year it was as far as it could possibly be. Place was rammed. I can't see Rage playing despite the cancellation thing, surely FR will let Download have them. They'd sell more tickets there. The mandy crowd who think they are goths will still go to the festival but watch something else. Rage fans won't go because of teh mandy crowd.
  6. Yeah they were quite bad. It was easier to walk on the grass away from those paths. Hope your pal is ok and doesn't get festival lurgy or covid. Coughing and sneezing with broken ribs is absolutely no fun, I can confirm.
  7. Felt like the oldest man at Leeds and can't have been too far off it but I still had a good time. I was also in the campervan field. Walked back twice on a couple of the days, holy sheeite I got my steps in this weekend! There's a lot of negative press going on and a lot of it is true but it may have been blown out of all proportion. The culture has definitely changed a lot even since 2017 when I last went. The merch stand was empty all weekend and no wonder, there were hardly any band t shirts on display all weekend. Obviously not cool on insta and tiktok just now. Was more like an ibiza club night than a festival. I'm surprised there weren't cases of hypothermia given the lack of clothes worn despite the weather being pretty cool. Yes there were drugged up people and I've never seen so many ambulances at an event but the crowds were mostly good humoured and happy. I didn't see any fighting or aggro at all. Maybe because I was mostly at stages where the biggest crowds weren't. There were a few unresponsives lying about the place probably due to the bad batch of pills but there most definitely wasn't hordes of teens off their faces like I keep hearing. Everybody was polite to me and that was quite refreshing. I found the bars to be empty all weekend but that meant spending the extortionate £6 a pint more often. Food was same but I found the noodle van next to the Pit/LU to be really good. I spent most of my weekend at that stage but did venture to the mains a few times. Biffy was better than in 13 for me. Probably best I've seen them. LG was surprisingly good. If the current trend is the way it's going then I won't be back but if RATM or any big rock/metal bands are daft enough to go back there then I'd go again. If not then my last memory of the festival will be a happy and positive one, there were still quite a few moments where the atmosphere and music got to me and made my skin tingle and my eyes well up, the kind of sh!t that I go to see live music for.
  8. Ok, the save the ticket to you wallet thing. I dn't know if it's absolutely necessary as there may be signal on site but it's going to save time and stress IF IT WORKS. It didn't for me and pals. I've fixed 3 now. First thing to try is to go into settings and apps, storage and clear the cache on ticketmaster and google pay. If that doesn't work, uninstall the ticketmaster app and reinstall afterwards. Try again after that. Might work.
  9. Ticket and campervan pass bought already. My money is on Trivium for 3rd headliner.
  10. devilman


    My guess is that it has composted quite nicely by now.
  11. Pretty much. You know the double denim dinosaurs that sit on their chairs all day at Download? Well these ones did same but got a bit more exercise by getting up and turning round a few times a day. 😂
  12. Yeah I was there. Remember the outfit, could have sworn it was NME but I was likely baked and old age dementia etc.
  13. Isn't that their last secret set on the NME at Leeds?
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