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  1. devilman

    TRNSMT Festival 2018

    For sure. I think I'll be at 2nd all day bar Queen and maybe the end of Alabama 3. I'll be easy to spot at 2nd
  2. devilman

    TRNSMT Festival 2018

    Were cash last year. Were ok most of Radiohead day.
  3. devilman

    TRNSMT Festival 2018

    I have my 6Jul tickets.
  4. devilman

    Download 2019

    I'm guessing Slipknot, Rammstein and someone new.
  5. devilman

    Download 2019

    Metallica were rumoured to be doing stadiums next year. This has been reinforced by Volbeat saying that they are doing the stadiums as support. Mustaine has been on record recently saying it's very unlikely there will ever be a big 4 again as Lars is "scared" to play on the same bill as Megadeth. All stuff I've read this week but don't have links for. I don't think it will happen. I was convinced that Metallica were nailed on but obviously not. Looks like a stadium run followed by festivals a la GnR.
  6. devilman

    TRNSMT Festival 2018

  7. devilman

    Download 2018

    Can see why you'd say that. Tonight Alive only have one song for me though.
  8. devilman

    Ramblin Man Fair 2018

    LOL! Anyone else going? 4th time for me, hope it's good. I'm not glamping I have managed to work my way down from Hilton to Travel lodge via the Premier Inn as they have wisened up to the festival in the town I found a clash finder that still has a TBA on it. Any guesses?
  9. devilman

    Download 2018

    Ok here's my review: Friday: Avatar 8 great start to the festival. They just make me feel happy. Dragonforce 6 Had to see them. Have now. Probably won't again. Just feels too eurovision to me. Marmozets 7 Who wears pink breeks though? Volbeat 9 Great band and they nailed it. Again. A7X 10 Haters gonna hate but Gates is right up there with the other headliners axemen. Their Floyd cover blew the GnR version out of the water and I thought they were brilliant. Sat: Whisky Myers 6 Nice mellow start to the day. Monster Truck 7 Very under rated band. Really enjoyed them. Thunder 7 Solid performance but it's an old man doing dad dancing. Black Stone Cherry 8 You forget how good they are because they are on too often. GnR 9.5 If Axl hadn't whined his way through a couple of songs these would have been band of the weekend. He can't do it anymore but overall they are still amazing. I had no issue with the covers but A7X did Wish You Were Here better. 3 hours felt like 15 minutes to me. Didn't even go for a pint or a pish. Sun: Dream State 8 Big surprise, this is what Paramore and the Marmozets should sound like. Hopefully a big future for these. Greta Van Fleet 9 Greatness in its infancy. I get the feeling this lot will never be on a 2nd stage ever again and will likely headline. Awesome vocals done effortlessly but the rest are super talented too. Turbonegro 9 By this time the awesomeness was overloading. They were amazing and fun. Why have I never seen them before. Puppy 7 Caught last few songs. Good band but more chilled out than the previous ones so I was able to prevent a critical burnt out In This Moment 7 Sound was crap to start. Bit surreal at that time of day but I like their stuff and it was ok mostly. BVB 4 I wanted to like these. They sound ok if you don't look at them. I looked and the sound was really poor. Sacked them off for.......... Thrice 9 Had a real moment watching these in the sunshine. Brilliant performance. Will be checking out all their stuff now rather than just the few spotify tunes I had listened to. Myrkur 8 A complete contrast to everything so far and pretty amazing. Has to be experienced. Made my pal go into some kind of trance. Alexisonfire 7 One of the bands I was most looking forward to. Wasn't all I hoped. Dunno why, just felt a bit flat. Rise Against 8 Better than the last time on main but not as great as I was hoping. I'm going to have to go to one of their own indoor shows aren't I? Ozzy 9 Held it together well enough. Enough now though. Zakk was mesmerising. Overall a great show but I'd hate to hear it without the crowd drowning Ozzy out Band of the weekend A7X. No you fuck off. Sunday was best day. Food of the weekend Duck fat roasties. Again.
  10. devilman

    TRNSMT Festival 2018

    Well if you get one in don't light it anywhere near me. Free advice.
  11. devilman

    TRNSMT Festival 2018

    Alabama 3 and Hunter and the Bear clashing is a killer.
  12. devilman

    Download 2018

    Rise Against were waaaaaaaay better than last time they played. I thought they were ok but were the band I least enjoyed on that stage that day. GvF, Turbonegro, Thrice and Alexisonfire all whooped their ass
  13. devilman

    TRNSMT Festival 2018

    Not that I'm aware of but that kind of thing will likely be on the app if anywhere.
  14. devilman

    Download 2018

    £5m for the 3 European Downloads.
  15. devilman

    Download 2018

    Incorrect. Headlining 2nd = 3rd down on main. They'll get sub slots first. They deserve it more than BMTH for me though. A far better band.