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  1. Not sure if anyone has mentioned it but Gorillaz literally end there tour of Song machine on August 11th the only place I can see them is subbing Would be a good booking though
  2. Just hope Gang Of Youths are there to be honest that's all I ask
  3. I put Parquet Courts, Gang of Youths, Declan McKenna, Sports Team and The Big Moon as my 5 and picked Wolf Alice, Fontaines DC and Playboi Carti
  4. That’s great so the three stage theory is 80% wrong I guess
  5. So it is going ahead expecting an announcement over the next two weeks releasing some headliners. Dave Muse The 1975
  6. Arcade Fire That's all I'm gonna say
  7. I'm saying Wolf Alice (after being slated massively for not having enough female acts) ,Gerry Cinnamon, Sea Girls, Fontaines D.C, Slowthai, Declan Mckenna something along those lines... have got a feeling there gonna drop a lot of acts and change the poster to the classic form.
  8. yeah I have to admit Melvin Benn isn't fuckin about with upcoming hip-hop artists Dababy and Jack Harlow are two pretty major names on the bill.
  9. Does anyone else this £235 is a little much for those headliners?
  10. Now you chaps mention it would love to see Coldplay close on Sunday would be a spectacle
  11. Tbh I just hope Melvins having a mid-life crisis and just thought let’s spend lots of money 👌
  12. Gorillaz Liam G Skepta Bring Me The Horizon Kanye West Royal Blood Tame Impala would be brilliant but can’t see them doing reading as probably APE and Vampire Weekend I don’t believe have the enough of a fan base over here. Lewis Capaldi is doing Latitude so cant see that happening
  13. Really Really hoping Melvin pulls something out the bag for this line up and pulls an absolute blinder! MS1 = Bring Me The Horizon Gorillaz Skepta MS2 = Kanye West Vampire Weekend Liam Gallagher Some big names but I do think Melvin means business
  14. I would love to see Parquet Courts & Gang of Youths on the poster next year where do we think they would be on the bill?
  15. I really don’t think Dave has the pulling power to be a co-head he is big in the UK but outside he hasn’t really made a name for himself
  16. There soo good! Funeral : Rebellion (lies) Neon Bible: Keep the car running The Suburbs (such a great album) : We used to wait Reflektor : Reflektor Everything Now : Creature Comfort or Signs of life Just a brilliant band.
  17. Got to admit just looked at Dave and AJ Traceys listeners on Spotify they are huge both are 6 million monthly listeners which is outstanding. Would expect them to sub next time they play. I really do feel though that Kendrick in 2018 was possibly the greatest headline set and a huge pull for Reading. Kanye’s new song sounds a little like ‘life of Pablo’ so hoping he’s going back to his roots which is good cause he’s stepping away from his church stuff. Meaning he’ll be back!! Just hope Reading have that kind of pulling power to get Kanye along (it would be insane) and tickets would sell quick.
  18. Give it to me right now! Tbh I really don't care if we get shit headliners this would be fucking insane and the festival would sell out!
  19. I can't deny I think The Strokes will take a co-headline slot if you look at the Primavera sound poster they have huge acts like Gorillaz, Tyler the creator, The National, Beck, Tame Impala and The Strokes all potential headliners of any festivals tbh The National and BECK will never be back at Reading but anyhow this proves The Strokes might consider the possibility of Co-headlining. Plus this puts the Gorillaz in the frame too. Plus even though we slag off Arcade Fire they have got some brilliant records and they'll be cheap plus they'll have a big enough pulling capacity too co-headline. I
  20. Arcade Fire releasing new album soon! Thoughts on them headlining again? Or they past there days I think if there new album has the same reception as Everything now they could be in with a shot!
  21. Yeah DMA's are huge now I feel like they'd make it to third down/forth down main stage like they were at sub status on Truck this year.
  22. It's a very sad situation for this festival I remember going in 2016 when Jamiroqui headlined. Personally I think Boardmasters will go back to there old ways with headliners. There was a big significance with this year as it was 40th anniversary and they obviously had the problems with the year previous. So in the current state I think it's very unlikely for it to go down the pan as it's just a brilliant festival and very well-known. 2021 I would go for. Dave Red Hot Chilli Peppers The 1975
  23. Regarding Next Year I really think Arcade Fire will be likely to be on one of the days Win Butler has had a few album teases so expecting a new album by 2021 so that would be a good booking. Plus they would suit the BST image and there material is brilliant. Currently gone back to loving The Suburbs what an album so would be brilliant to see them!
  24. Absolute belter! tbh I'm quite pleased that Foals didn't play Wilderness this summer because that still keeps them in line to be a headliner at Reading, I do feel like they were quite unlucky with there festival bookings this summer especially missing out on Glastonbury and Reading but there now extremely relevant as there a Brit award winning band which turned some heads I'm sure and the last time they headlined a festival in the UK would've been truck in 2019 and there Glastonbury set was broadcasted everywhere. So I think there really likely to co-head next year or even headline outright on
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