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  1. It does make sense. In the post credit scene it opens up the possibility for multiple directions to be taken. There are two scenes... the other looks at Infinity war (but gives nothing away).
  2. Black Panther thoughts: Very good film, finding it hard to find a fault but there are probably a few minor ones that I didn't pick up on. edit: Will be interesting to see on whether there is a sequel planned (depending on Infinity War of course).
  3. I'm feeding off the outrage. This is beautiful. And also beyond laughable.
  4. Wording: every stage. Conclusion: every stage.
  5. They binned the Foos for a full day of Slayer. On every stage.
  6. lharris92


    raw has turned dull again for some reason... although parts of it do keep me entertained for a while. too many ad breaks as always and just caught up the last 3 weeks including summerslam. hopefully it will all pick up soon though!
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