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  1. Wales were in total control of the last 2 games which isn't the Wales way! Moore has been a great find as a target man. I hope Scotland now join us, don't know if I can be as charitable about the 2 Irish teams!
  2. Some of us are just hoping not to need the play offs! Wales have pretty much lost every must win qualifier in my life time. I think we even lost when we qualified last time!
  3. I think the big issue in this seat will be a parachuting a non Asian candidate. I know the constituency well and Vaz is very popular. I have regularly seen his posters, calendars etc in people's houses, something I have never seen of another MP. I think there is no chance that the parachuted momentum candidate could have beaten a candidate with Indian heritage in an open contest and I suspect the Indian community will feel quite let down.
  4. I think the change was only a week ago!
  5. I will be watching Wales V Hungary instead and will therefore have far more important things to worry about!
  6. Im not an English fan, but just asking the question. I have no doubts these players can score lots of goals against mediocre (often championship level and below) nations. I dont think the evidence is there one way or the other that they can do it against the big teams which is why I would reserve judgement that they are the best attacking lineup in the world, as I feel that needs to be proven at a higher level. In terms of the golden generation again the jury is out if they are better, the evidence is not yet there if they can do it in a big knockout game against big opposition. I think international football is weaker then when the golden generation were playing, so maybe that will make it easier for them. In terms of the forwards you mention (Sterling apart) they arent players who have won many trophies from their attacking play, they are still young and maybe they will in the future, again maybe they wont. Kane in my view has pretty much flopped in the majority of big games he has played. I am not sure Sterling has yet had that defining performance in a big champions league, international match. To me there is plenty of potential, but "the best" is about delivering when it really matters.
  7. I have heard a lot of people throughout the British media in recent weeks talk about England having "the best attacking line up in world football". At present would it be more accurate to say possibly the best in Europe against mid/poor ranking opposition, or am I just being a bitter Welshman? To me a team with that label needs to have evidence of doing it against the bigger nations in the bigger matches and the jury is still out on that one. Also if you look at these attacking players I would argue most have won very little at club level and possibly dont have that much big game pedigree.
  8. Agreed its a quality publication. At first I felt it had too much focus on current premiership, but I feel that they are now a lot more varied about the types of stories they write.
  9. I do find it interesting how many on the left talk so much about Israel, but when discussing USA foreign policy talk about Trump rather than the whole country.
  10. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/election-2019-50467321 Sad to see people like this who have out years into campaigning for labour feeling like they don't belong bin the current party.
  11. Interesting reading the athletic to hear how appreciative the people of Kosovo are for the British military support during the conflicts and how well respected Blair and Clinton are over there. I think looking at the foreign policy of labour 1997-2010 a lot of the good stuff gets ignored with simplistic analysis.
  12. I don't think Prince Andrew was particularly popular before this, so didn't really understand why he thought it was worth the risk.
  13. To me the devil is in the detail. As you say I think a big selling point is catching the oral cancer early. You then recoup some of that expenditure back through reduced treatment costs. However you need not only more dentists, but NHS dentists. I have one, but many find it difficult to get one.
  14. Free dental checks a good policy for labour in my view, but obviously would need additional dentists to cope with demand.
  15. I think that it will be impossible to pay for the promised spending without increasing income tax. It is clear labour (knowing a very small percentage of voters will earn more than 100k) are trying to give the impression that millionaires, billionaires and corporations will pay for everything. As you say let's hope that the manifesto is honest they will have to pay more.
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