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  1. I hope it's not man city v chelsea, same country finals are not a good thing.
  2. When I stopped watching they were doing the 7 hour Manias which just burned the crowd out, so splitting into 2 is definitely an improvement on that. My preference would still be a 3-4 hour one off show, but I wonder from their perspective it's all about the brand rather than particular individuals on top such as austin, Rock, Hogan etc. So the fans don't feel like they miss out seeing only half the talent.
  3. I only follow online now. Hate the idea of a 2 night mania. They managed to keep it down to 4 hours when the product was at it's peak 20 years ago, don't see why that formula can't work now. The HOF class looked interesting, would have liked to see the ceremony.
  4. I think there are two top 4 positions that are all to play for.
  5. I'm not sure you can call anyone who has only (excluding loans) played for one club, in one league on one country to be risk free.
  6. He may ask, but he is under contract. I can easily see nobody meeting his valuation. You may be able to get Haaland for a similar fee.
  7. Never did it before or after, but if you are going to do it, the biggest game of your career isn't a bad time!
  8. Well he has an iconic international goal which is more than most.
  9. As a Wales fan I couldn’t care less who takes those 18-23 slots. I doubt anyone on here will have even heard of them!
  10. I was surprised everton and man we're both interested in King, I'm not convinced he is premiership quality.
  11. I do find it funny that sometimes players are written off if they aren't succeeding at a top 6 team. It makes perfect sense that a player may not be good enough for a top team, yet will be perfectly fine at a traditional mid table team.
  12. I'm amazed Arteta is getting such an easy ride for mediocrity. The results aren't good and the football is pretty boring. I can't really see any evidence of improvement since he took over apart from the cup win.
  13. I really struggle to know what Arsenal are at present. While fans weren’t happy at the end of the Wenger years they have significantly regressed since then. The thing is you look at the squad with the likes of holding playing every game and they just look a mid table club which is where they are.
  14. I don't think you can use total premiership goals as the metric. It massively favours british based players who likely spent their whole career in England.
  15. I think it's because he didn't do many interviews, they always prefer someone they can get in front of the camera.
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