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  1. It's funny how people can read a situation so different, I was about to post pretty much identical to you. A lot of talk about this being a great opportunity to revamp the squad, to me it looks like terrible planning. The type of players they are bringing in looks to me like those you supplement a squad not try and build around. I I agree bottom 5 and hope the 3 promoted teams are weak enough that you get away with it.
  2. On a football related matter Everton transfer business looks like that of a team just happy to survive in the premiership.
  3. I have huge admiration to how the England players have reacted post defeat. It would have been easy to get swept up in a wave of nationalism and instead are using the platform to advocate for social change. Great to see they refuse to let Boris cash in in their popularity by refusing to go to Downing Street. As a Welshman it's always been easy to dislike England with the likes of Terry, Gerrard, Rio and Rooney but struggling to see who can carry on their legacy, maybe Foden and Grealish have potential!
  4. Surely if your "best in the world" discussion you need to do it in the big games. Kane doesn't have that track record of performing in the biggest games of his career.
  5. Best team in the tournament and final won. You wonder if England will get a better chance with home advantage and relatively easy quarter final and semi final opponents. Kane did his usual bottle job in a big game, but he is definitely the best forward in the world.
  6. If Kane leaves you would imagine that would put a big dent into someone spending. Sancho is a funny one for me. I don't watch Bundesliga, don't have BT Sport for champions league and don't watch England outside tournaments. I have hardly ever seen him play to make a judgement!
  7. Maybe they are saving Deadpool for the away kit!
  8. Forget the England game. Surely the football news of the day is Wrexhams TikTok shirt sponsorship announcement!
  9. I heard a rumour Bruno Fernandes was at the Euros, can anyone confirm?
  10. The Wales journey over, outplayed in 3 out of 4 games so no arguments. Luckily as a Welsh fan you have no expectation so it doesn't really hurt !
  11. I think the teams will try hard to avoid the match. However whoever wins in the last 16 England match will almost be guaranteed a semi final place.
  12. I don't know why England fans seem so stressed, 7 points and no goals conceded. In terms of group that's job done.
  13. It's easy to blame the forwards, but to me Scotland central midfield hasnt done well enough particularly in the 2 games they lost. Also don't know much about O'Donnell but he has looked a bit out of his depth to me. However Scotland look a nation on the way up to me, hopefully some of these young players come through.
  14. I think I made the right decision watching the Scotland match which was a pretty good game. Croatia deserved to win and over the 3 games Scotland probably didn't deserve to progress. I am just glad they didn't end up the only team not to score!
  15. On that basis shouldnt several Scottish players be isolating as a precaution. What I'm struggling with is the science why a couple of English players are more likely to catch it than Scottish players, or is it just England being more cautious?
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