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  1. I think he is similar to Blair in wanting to get in power to make changes, instead of screaming from outside. I personally always got the impression that Jez would have preferred to do the easier job of opposition leader than PM. I think Starmer (like Blair) wants to be PM which isn’t a bad thing.
  2. I think Starmer politics are pretty much bang in the middle of labour parliamentary party. There is less focus on issues like Palestine and Nuclear weapons which aren't high priorities for many in the electorate, while at the same time he isn't ashamed of Britain and the armed forces as was the perception with Corbyn. I don't think Brown/Blair labels are helpful, like many labour MPs he didn't serve under either.
  3. I would argue the Irish team of the last 5 years has been uglier!!
  4. Yes the 90s (plus first couple of years of the 00s) definitely my favourite era. I remember that Irish team were pretty workmanlike, but I found myself as a young football fan getting behind them. I don't think I realised untill someone mentioned last week that they didn't win a game (without penalties) in the world cup.
  5. As a neutral I dont think I could be bothered watching a documentary about Spurs, similar to the Man City one. I prefer the clubs like Sunderland where everything is a bit messed up!
  6. While of course the big teams already have the advantage of having the best young players. I won't support any rule change in the premiership whicj benefits the rich over the (relatively) poor.
  7. Terrible rule, completely favours the richer clubs with the biggest squads.
  8. Messi and Ronaldo may disagree!!
  9. There is no doubt in my minds that teams approach games differently when there is nothing to play for. I also think that the last couple of seasons has skewed peoples minds in terms of what is normal. This going through the season and only losing 1 or 2 games is definitely not normal, it possibly could become the new normal, but we need more time.
  10. Would they have lost those games if the league hadn't been dead for a long time, we will never know.
  11. At the same time if Covid in England is higher because of outbreaks in the Midlands what is the huge risk of someone from Berwick crossing the border?
  12. I agree with this. It is hard to imagine a scenario where one side of the border is significantly different to the other due to government policy, I don't think the virus recognises a border! As you say there may be needs for a local lockdown, but hard to see the scenario where the border is shut. I guess I'm theory if an outbreak was right on the border the lockdown would need to extend in both countries.
  13. I was thinking about posting about this, but don't think I completely understand what has gone in. It seems like the people who owned the club sold the club back to themselves, although I couldn't really understand the purpose, as I understand the administrators won't sell it back to them. From what I understand their assets meant they shouldn't have needed administration due to assets they have, so possible relegation has effectively devalued the club. I also read there were rumours about betting scandal.
  14. Politicians spend their career not answering the questions they don't want to answer. Easy enough in that situation to answer that Scotland and UK governments are working to ensure that does not happen.
  15. If there was an Indy referendum now (which there won't be) my guess is that the remain side would go strong on the Furlough scheme being paid through British money and suggesting Scotland wouldn't have been able to fund such a scheme.
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