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  1. At the end of the day fans want more spending and don't care where it has come from. Fans are happy when the gambles pay off. Wrexham paid 300k for a forward from 2 leagues above yesterday, not a single complaint from fans.
  2. We all know they will just bring quique sanchez Flores back!
  3. FFP has worked as it's intended, it's just most never realised it's true intention which was to protect those at the top. My view is that a Dave Whelan type should be allowed to take over a club and push it above its natural level. While I get the sympathy for Derby fans, most of them would have had no issue with the gamble, if the gamble had worked.
  4. Without the threat of liquidation what is the real threat, for most they get relegated and either go straight back up or stabilise in the league below. On that basis financial gambles may be considered worth the risk. Also if a club liquidates it doesn't (generally) disappear, it just starts from scratch. A team like Derby would fly up the pyramid.
  5. I don't think you can really change the rules now. I think you have to play the season out and tighten them next time.
  6. So torys using the "abolish the BBC" approach to try and unite the party. My view is that of those on the left and right both think the BBC is bias against them, it's probably getting things about right.
  7. I remember a few years ago Lascelles looked like he had potential, now he looks a championship player. I think what's more insane is Norwich have a chance of staying up, they have been comfortably the worst team in my view.
  8. Can I check if there is a variant that has the opposite effect, just asking for a friend!
  9. Agreed he must be close to 60!
  10. I think it's hard to judge without knowing the basis of the action. Even when the reason is released people may not be able to make a real informed decision.
  11. I remember when Wrexham played Man City in league 1 (amazingly this happened) our very mediocre keeper did the same, it's one of those things you can't account for sometimes. At the end of the day it's a good result for football. Newcastle win that game and it's forgotten a couple of weeks later. I have been in the same position as the Cambridge fans and you remember it forever. In terms of the legal action how do you know it's not justified? My understanding is they haven't released the reason for it.
  12. I'm sure Newcastle fans will just blame Steve Bruce!
  13. I guess some may judge a successful career in terms of money earned, in this respect it's far from a failure.
  14. Also my understanding is that they don't release the criteria that has resulted in the cancellation which leads to a lack of transparency.
  15. I have no doubt clubs (possibly including my own) have taken advantage of covid to get games called off they could have played. The league's need to be clearer on criteria for cancellation if they want to stop it
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