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  1. This has really altered how I feel about people, we all have different views, but we are all human. I really hope he pulls through.
  2. In some instances, but I imagine they will still send the likes of Jess Phillips who is good in that attack role.
  3. Well he has 2 jobs so sure im busy. Look at the last election the MPs being sent on to do media were the pro Corbynite shadow cabinet members, several sacked by Starmer today. We may see others used instead now.
  4. I may argue that a handsome, articulate, ex army MP would appeal to the electorate every bit (if not more) than someone with interesting policies.
  5. Nope he is both. Benn and Cooper both committee chairs so can scrutinize from that position.
  6. I think its a clever move giving RLB education. Its a big job, but not one from which she can cause much internal damage.
  7. I dont know a few of them, but from the ones I do, this is a significant upgrade.
  8. How can you enforce contract extensions? Surely that wouldn’t stand in court.
  9. There are wealthy people in this country who have inherited millions and not even had to kick a ball. Why are these people not being asked to contribute. What I don't understand is of all the professions that produce millionaires. Only one seems to be a target.
  10. Surely in a time like this there is a role for journalism as long as social distancing. I think we still need our politicians held to account. Im not bothered who is sleeping with who, but feel this is appropriate use of a journalist.
  11. I would have thought Mounts behaviour was more risky than the other 2?
  12. Well I would assume RLB will be offered something. I Hope Burgon does not get anything of any importance.
  13. I don't have a strong opinion, but to me the bigger news is those asked to resign who in general performed terribly in the last campaign when pushed to the front by Jez. Worried that there is no news about Burgon being asked to go.
  14. With the likes of him, mount, grealish etc. I think its more arrogance than being dense.
  15. Why can't his friends in the city fund these hospices? Is he trying to deflect from what the government are doing? If we are targeting football, i think it should be Liverpool, spurs and Newcastle and not players in general.
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