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  1. If we start to list premiership teams that never act as c**ts we wont take time to write the list!
  2. I think man for man Chelsea and united are pretty similar. Im not surprised to see them similar in the league table.
  3. The trouble is the inbuilt advantage the big clubs built up before financial fair play. The idea of "sporting competition" is great, but i dont see at present how a middle ranking club could consistently compete for league titles without obscene investment. Im all for a salary cap, the big boys would never agree, they dont want fairness. Surely an effective financial fair play would have stopped Bury collapsing in the first place? I dont see how no FFP would cause bury to die. Bury is a town and if they want to have a football club they can. If one dies another can be born.
  4. I have always believed that FFP would fall if someone with financial muscles challenged it. Im interesting to see how this plays out.
  5. Any rule brought in to take power or money in the direction of the establishment, i will happily see broken.I have zero care for the integrity in these cases. The big clubs have huge influence over UEFA rules and i don't think always act with integrity in mind. To me the 2 biggest losers from the rises of Chelsea and City are Arsenal and Man U who have lost regular champions league football. I dont think many smaller clubs have been significantly impacted.
  6. They will never regulate the FFP rules. The big clubs don't want to give up their share. Why do we want to protect the big clubs?
  7. The trouble is the elite will never change the rules to let others catch up and take their share of the pie. I therefore feel the only 2 options are accepting people may bend/break the rules or accept the status quo as it exists. That’s why I don’t care if City break the rules.
  8. Neil out of interest what do you think the rules should be on spending. Should owners be allowed to pump huge money in and compete, should we have spendings caps when (in theory) anyone can compete. Or do you think the current system is about right?
  9. Anyone who uses Leicester as an example is using an exception to prove a norm. Where Leicester is now is a better comparison. Are they more likely to transition from 3rd to 5th or 3rd to 1st? The second they get a top player the vultures arrive. Look at Athletico losing Griezmann to Barca. Do we want a system where these teams can consistently compete for titles, or one where the status quo compete and the rest fight for scraps. To me there are only 2 ways of allowing new teams to compete, either allow massive investment or spending caps. Neither are however advantageous to the establishment.
  10. Which of those 3 can you see winning a league title anytime soon?
  11. Who do you think will be the main people against wage caps, the elite clubs most in favour of FFP. Try and think why that may be the case.
  12. Nobody has a right to be an elite, but the current system facilitates the current elite staying as the elite. The gradual improvement you talk about wouldn't work. As soon as you started succeeding the big boys would swoop and take your best players by paying more wages and short term success. For a team to trouble the elite they generally need to overpay in transfer fees and wages. As i have said i would have no issue with a spending Cap so there would be no need to do this.
  13. And dont compete to sign the best players which means you can only do so well in the league. I agree with Easty equal spending for all clubs and make it a level playing field.
  14. The question you need to ask is if it disadvantaged the G14, would it still exist? We all know the answer to that.
  15. I get the impression it was brought in for the right reasons, but the big clubs habe twisted it to protect themselves. As Easty says it should be about protecting Bury not punishing City. If an owner wants to pump money into a club why shouldn't he/she be allowed. As football fans why do we want a closed shop?
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