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  1. Love this stat Among the 33 managers to have managed 200 or more Premier League games, Bruce's win percentage of 28.1% (110 games in 392 games) is the second-lowest, ahead only of his former Manchester United team-mate Bryan Robson (26.8%).
  2. https://www.politicshome.com/news/uk/political-parties/labour-party/tom-watson/news/105362/tom-watson-leads-calls-independent I agree with Tom. I have consistently felt momentum slates being used for disciplinary panels brings impartially into question.
  3. Have heard a few people say that tied matches should be decided on wickets lost in which case New Zealand would have won. I suspect if that had been the tiebreaker Stokes would have played a very different shot on the last ball.
  4. Well I have no doubt Watson thinks Corbyn is crap and labour would be better off with a different leader. A large proportion of the country think the same. I also have no doubt Watson expected labour to do worse in the last election, most Jez fans did as well. To me labour won't succeed with either Jez or Watson as leader as they need someone who can unite the party.
  5. Labour are failing. Under Corbyn they have lost an election, record counsellors, MPs have defected, the party are polling crap and Corbyn is considered useless outside the cult. I'm sure some MPs think it's better to fail at council elections if it means success later, but I don't think any want to see labour destroyed Ina general election.
  6. Donald Trump is a disgusting human being who has only got worse than becoming president. I hope the Dems can find someone with widespread appeal to kick him out in 18 months.
  7. The only way they could have been better if it had been Australia at the other end. I'm not a massive fan of the super over, but both teams knew the score going into it. Someone on the radio stated he felt going on boundaries as the final decider encourages positive play. I honestly doubt any teams have tactics that consider a tied super over!
  8. Tom Watson has been consistently right on several issues where Corbyn has then followed. As soon as the Panorama program was released, it was pretty much impossible to ignore the role of Formby.
  9. Formby deserves sympathy for the fact that she has cancer and is having treatment. However it is perfectly correct that her actions are questioned and investigated.
  10. Is it progressive to have poorer people subsidizing free prescriptions for richer people?
  11. If Newcastle want a high profile manager who had managed in the premiership and international level, I would happily drive Giggs to the stadium myself.
  12. Well centre left parties have more power in Scotland and Wales. However Welsh labour and SNP are far from the left wing Corbynites are screaming for.
  13. Im really confused with your political views Feral because at the same time you are always very positive about the SNP who are pretty much your run of the mill centre left party. I would also argue that (assuming your not a teenager) you have experienced a left wing government. Labour 97 invested in health, invested in education, reduced poverty, brought in a minimum wage, invested in surestart etc, there is nothing non left wing about any of these things.
  14. I think the reality is we need the USA more than we need Iran, particularly in an uncertain post Brexit world. I don't think it's a fight worth fighting.
  15. One of the attack lines seems to be John Ware (reporter) was an evil Blairite with an agenda. The trouble is he has previously filmed a piece heavily critical on Blair trying to push Dobson over Livingstone in the London mayoral race.
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