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  1. Let's hope the fans are allowed in, would be a great day.
  2. Which big boys have changed managers in the last 12 months? Juventus and Barca both went for ex players rather than recruiting on managerial achievement. Bayern promoted from within. I am not sure which big clubs he could have joined.
  3. I suspect a combination of Covid and a recent trend for the big teams to go after ex players.
  4. Most big European clubs (including man u) have employed less qualified managers in recent years.
  5. With the wage bill they should be competing for the title. The discussion is then how much fault do you allocate to different people that they are not.
  6. I guarantee if they do negotiate these deals they will still let the broadcasters choose the times if they pay enough money.
  7. Wrexham taking on previous Liverpool CEO on as advisor. Am assuming he doesnt know much about the lower leagues, but hopefully can help from a business perspective.
  8. I thought it was quite an entertaining game, probably helped by my low expectations. If your a Sheffield United fan you can't believe you lost the game, if your supporting WBA you take the points and run. What happened to that player you signed from West Ham. The media seemed to make a big deal preseason (maybe slow need day) but I forgot about him untill today, while West Ham seem to have done ok without him.
  9. If there is evidence that liverpool protested about the amount of powers they were giving broadcasters when the last deal was signed then I have little sympathy. Klopp talks about wanting to give Robertson a break, he can still do that by rotating the squad. Klopp came across as a bully picking on Wilder. I thought Wilder was very dignified in his response.
  10. I am more surprised that WBA are playing sheff utd and haven't been given the Monday early evening shift!
  11. The quality of a team is mainly determined by their wage bill. I think Olympiacos would be bottom 6 premiership level at best. Let's see how he does in the knockout against clubs with more competitive finances.
  12. Devil's advocate, but is Olympiacos in a group game the top stage? Surely doing it more consistently in league games where they are dropping points is a more valid standard?
  13. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-55057680 Pidcock can't ruin labour in Westminster so trying to ruin in other ways, sure she will be happy for labour to remain a permanent party of opposition and spend all her time moaning about how evil torys and Blairites are.
  14. If the clubs want a better schedule, take less money from the broadcasters and retain more control over scheduling. I have little sympathy for the big boys here.
  15. Have they had a few in cups as well? It seemed way more in my head!
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