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  1. I heard through a mate of a mate of a mate who knows someone who knows someone else who's sister might make the tea at R&L headquarters that MCR are playing.....🤫
  2. Does anyone know what time the announcement is?
  3. Well if I get on Gecs guestlist then it will be... 1. Bring Me The Horizon 2. Pale Waves 3. The 1975 4. Wolf Alice 5. Halsey 6. Courting 7. Arctic Monkeys 8. Poppy 9. Run The Jewels 10. 100 Gecs If not then take out the Leeds Friday and add in The Lathums, The Sherlocks, Fontaines DC and JPEGMAFIA...but I'm sure I'll end up with clashes. I'm not sweating missing 5-10 mins with moving between East and West when needed.
  4. Oh wow ma pal who’s offering me guest list is working with 100 Gecs on their European tour.
  5. Well I’ve bought tickets for Sunday at Leeds and now I’ve just been offered guest list for Friday!!! What a result as I love The 1975
  6. Out of votes but "going from Rage to The 1975 feels like going from Bielsa to Jesse Marsch" is my absolute favourite line of the day 🤣🤣🤣 If I have the time I might just write that on a plain white tee in a marker and rock it for the Sunday at Leeds.
  7. In your Barney the Dinosaur costume I hope?
  8. I kneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew it! 😜 And look how those years panned out, they were right 😝 My two replies above are jokes and this may read as flippant but I genuinely feel bad for you. Amazing dedication for the Rage cause and you've just had a huge slap in the face. I saw the band at First Direct just before lockdown and got told off by said teenage girls because apparently they could feel my breath (in a none creepy way 🤣) as I stood behind them enjoying the show. It was at that point that I started to think maybe I'm too old for some gigs 😔
  9. Gutted that rules The 1975 out of next year.
  10. Humble brag there just dropped in 🤣 I personally was in the east wing of my house checking my Monet had been rehung after I lent it to the British Museum.
  11. Yeah all you people suggesting moving BMTH can get tae f*ck 😜.
  12. Metallica aren’t in Europe let alone the UK so you can take them out.
  13. I’ll be gutted if 1975 are the replacement as thought that would be the day ticket I would go for next year which is when I thought they’d play if they weren’t at Glasto.
  14. My missus went to see Josh Widdecomb early in the day at Leeds the year Foo's played while I saw someone else in a tent and she said it was rammo with people spilling waaaaaaaaaaay out who wanted to hear which I was very surprised by. I think that was around 2pm.
  15. All these fan made pics of the prospective line ups look great but I really hope Pantera aren’t going to be booked. I’m of the age that I experienced them the first time around and I loved them but I don’t want to see them now without the Abbott bros and now we know what a racist pr*ck Phil is. Yes there’s an argument to be made about the art versus the artist and separation but not in a live setting in my view, I don’t want to see that pr*ck get the adoration of x amount of thousands going apesh*t for the music.
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