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  1. Oh my God if I had upvotes available!!! I'd forgotten all about that song for 20 years! One of the 1st I ever learnt to play
  2. metallimuse

    Clashes 2019

    Janelle v The Cure. I'd LOVE to see The Cure but I ain't missing Janelle for no one, she's my "100% I'm there I don't care what you lot are doing" artist this year.
  3. Loved Russian Doll binged it all first weekend it was up. Binged all of New Amsterdam on Amazon which is decent as well. Currently halfway through Mayans MC which I’m enjoying.
  4. metallimuse


    I just don’t get it, just don’t get it. Am I being an idiot? Am I just not educating myself and reading enough to understand the in and outs of why it’s ok for Jon Jones to test positive AGAIN in a drugs test and still be allowed to compete? Am I just being a sensationalist headline reading idiot to just say “cheat”? Why is nobody NOBODY else testing positive to the extent that this man has/is and still be competing? Just **** him. It’s, in my opinion, just makes a mockery of the whole thing. But like I say, it must be me surely? Surely I’m the idiot here who just doesn’t understand the science?
  5. metallimuse


    Aye I'm buzzing for this weekend! Do not care about Jones though but that undercard is special. I've even gone as far as to get permission to watch it live from her who wears the trousers indoors , had to watch the past few months events days later already knowing the results which is just not the same.
  6. Dammit I got very excited then but agree, Muse aren't playing at all, only day they are free is 28th and I just don't see them coming back to do a secret set when they are in with a shout of being one of the three headliners next year.
  7. Quick question, there was meant to be a group of 6 of us going which would of been 2 cars but now 2 have dropped it out meaning only 1 car. The driver has health issues and I’m worried may have to vacate the festival early so my question is, how easy is it to get to Bristol, I’m guessing, to then get home?
  8. metallimuse

    Other Stage

    A slot that will have her play to sold out stadiums up and down the country which in the pop world will have been highly sought after I would have thought.
  9. metallimuse

    Other Stage

    Third down on the mainstage though behind arguably a 'legend' in Richard Ashcroft. 3rd down on Glasto second stage considering she tours arena's and has number 1 singles and album's regularly I don't think makes sense, imo obviously. If she was announced as a mainstage sub I would accept it due to the points I've made. It's not for me but I think looking objectively at her career and accomplishments a case could be argued for it if she wants to be on an upward trajectory.
  10. metallimuse

    Other Stage

    Eh? Jess Glynne and Courteeners are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to big for those slots in my opinion. Both tour arena size venues & Glynne has massive mainstream exposure and chart records. Courteeners are selling out their own huge outdoor shows as well in the past.
  11. metallimuse

    Other Stage

    Aren't the Chemical Brothers headlining All Points East, where The Strokes are ALSO headlining? Therefore, by your logic...
  12. Agreed on Push The Button, Round Round a banger as well and I really like In The Middle 🤭. Too Lost In You with Keisha’s “Baby baby BAAAAABY” middle eight? Spine tingling 🤭, I said it.
  13. What are you talking about? It has to be Heidi/Keisha/Mutya, that is 'classic' Sugababes, although anyone who says 'original' get's a nod of respect. Heidi/Keisha/Mutya was the vintage period though
  14. Anyone got any ideas of who could be playing/headlining this year? Mr eFests Sir? Any ideas? Personally thought at the start of the year that maybe Kylie might do some of these smaller fests seeing as she got announced for Scarborough was it? Thought maybe Paul Heaton might be in with a shout of headlining?
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