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  1. metallimuse


    When did it change to box office?
  2. metallimuse

    Is It Too Hot?

    Like someone said earlier, I did 2016 and found it far easier. I could NOT cope with Friday or Saturday so compromises were made. Still had a great time but just different to what I thought but if it hadn’t of been for the dip Sunday to bearable I don’t think I would want to go back.
  3. metallimuse

    Billie Eilish

    Was really looking forward to it but left after 5th song I think it may have been. It was boring.
  4. Aye I remember that but I’d rather either take cash or just use my card there, I really resent paying to take my own cash out 😕
  5. metallimuse


    Not been for a few years now, have the card payment services better/more available or will I still need cash? Also, I don’t need to bring ID to get in so I? Last time I went I had to take ID but I’m sure this was to get my ticket on the coach rather than to use at the gate for entrance.
  6. Bring Me The Horizon, no one was talking about them that I’ve seen on here. Lots of people I’m happy added but thought they MIGHT play but Horizon is a complete surprise.
  7. Sorry not read past 7 pages but does this mean Rex Orange County is up against Janelle Monae? I was already bummed I would have to miss The Cure f sakes!
  8. Well tried to get something out of him but only got a ‘like’ 😞🤣
  9. metallimuse

    day and stage

    When I went 2016 there didn't seem anywhere near the kind of clashes that look to be happening this year. No idea where I'm gunna end up and if I will be with anyone, taking the missus for the first time ever and from the looks of it unless I'm willing to concede a couple I suspect we'll be off at different things as the group I'm going with are very MOR "music died in 2006" lol. Saturday clashes look mental.
  10. Oh my God if I had upvotes available!!! I'd forgotten all about that song for 20 years! One of the 1st I ever learnt to play
  11. metallimuse

    Clashes 2019

    Janelle v The Cure. I'd LOVE to see The Cure but I ain't missing Janelle for no one, she's my "100% I'm there I don't care what you lot are doing" artist this year.
  12. Loved Russian Doll binged it all first weekend it was up. Binged all of New Amsterdam on Amazon which is decent as well. Currently halfway through Mayans MC which I’m enjoying.
  13. metallimuse


    I just don’t get it, just don’t get it. Am I being an idiot? Am I just not educating myself and reading enough to understand the in and outs of why it’s ok for Jon Jones to test positive AGAIN in a drugs test and still be allowed to compete? Am I just being a sensationalist headline reading idiot to just say “cheat”? Why is nobody NOBODY else testing positive to the extent that this man has/is and still be competing? Just **** him. It’s, in my opinion, just makes a mockery of the whole thing. But like I say, it must be me surely? Surely I’m the idiot here who just doesn’t understand the science?
  14. metallimuse


    Aye I'm buzzing for this weekend! Do not care about Jones though but that undercard is special. I've even gone as far as to get permission to watch it live from her who wears the trousers indoors , had to watch the past few months events days later already knowing the results which is just not the same.
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