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I think Avenged are nailed on if the album is finally coming next year. MCR would be sick and I'd love Green Day too. Full weekend ticket for me of they get all three.

What other options are there besides SOAD? Would they still get FFDP at this point? Ghost and Parkway are both booked for 2023 so presumably aren't getting the call up, but could see one of them for 2025.

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23 hours ago, skillfulperson said:

Wonder if for 2024 they will keep the 4 day lineup and the same price...

Hoping for SOAD / Tool/ Rammstein 

But i expect we will get A7x, Def Lep/ motley, Ozzy (final tour forever part 6)

Tool aren't playing again until their next album which, jokes aside, should arrive much quicker than the last as they're not longer embroiled in a year-upon-year long legal battle. 

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8 minutes ago, 2loor2iller said:

Have they confirmed/denied whether 2024 (and the years following) is gonna be a four day event or is that just for ‘23 what with Metallica doing double duty?

It hasn't been confirmed but it think it's pretty unlikely it continues to be four days after 2023.

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26 minutes ago, thewayiam said:

A7X/Def-Motley although this is their second touring year, SOAD, Rammstein

Myriad people suggesting SOAD but Serj literally doesn't want to tour, that Vegas show will be incredibly phoned in. They're on my bucket list but only for when they actually want to play

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