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  1. Realistically the truth is that they are not playing
  2. What do make of the fact that Idles aren’t playing either, despite Dan saying that they are?
  3. Idles are in America on Reading/Leeds weekend. Suppose they could technically do America on the Friday and R/L on the Saturday and Sunday but it does put doubts on them playing (and by extension, doubts on Dan’s info)
  4. They were hardly likely to say ‘fair point’ haha
  5. Oh yeah, don’t get me wrong. It’s great that he’s feeding us this info, it’s just that as we don’t know whether to believe him or not, it seems that we’re not really any further forward than before haha.
  6. One point, not that I’m doubting Dan’s credibility, but if we can’t believe what he’s telling us because he deliberately puts bands that aren’t playing in as red herrings, is there any point in Dan telling us in the first place? We prob could have guessed that it would be six out of BMTH, Dave, QOTSA, KoL,RATM,AM and Dua Lupa anyway. The only curveball would be if Yungblud gets announced as not many called that to be fair
  7. To be honest, the entire line up Dan has posted is too good to be true.
  8. Surely RATM would go down better than KoL? KoL seem absolutely miles away from the R/L demographic At least *some* people would be happy with RATM, I can’t see anyone being happy with KoL.
  9. Is there a reason why we are comparing Frank Carter and Frank Turner other than the fact that they both have the same first name? Haha. For the record I like both but in the ‘Battle of the Franks’, Mr Carter gets my vote.
  10. Clutch play much bigger venues than the bands that normally headline the Pit.
  11. Is there any way we can warn people not to bother reading the last 21 pages?
  12. Everyone who cancelled this year. Fever333, Creeper, Ho99o9, Spiritbox, Cleopatrick.
  13. It was inexplicable in 2018 so I have no words for booking them in 2022
  14. Has he actually pretended that they were the first festival to push them up to headline? Is it possible that he was misquoted? Maybe he was talking about them being a being a new headliner for Download or headlining Download for the first time rather than a first time they’ve ever headlined a festival? I’m not doubting it as I haven’t heard the quite but it would be a strange thing to pretend as it can easily be disproved.
  15. No, more people just stayed by the main stage that didn’t have anyone playing. Either just hanging a round or maybe getting a good spot for the next band. Was good weather so it would be interesting what happens if it rains though.
  16. Not sure about Leeds but there was quite a few watching Dinosaur Pile up in Reading
  17. If the rumours are true, it’s a bit disappointing that R/L have gone down the line of repeat bookings like KoL and Yungblud when you’d have thought that there would be loads of bands touring in 2022 after the pandemic. I realise that they’ve already set a precedent with artists like this years headliner Post Malone getting booked year on year but with so many bands on hold in 2020 and 2021, surely they could have found someone different?
  18. I saw them in Glastonbury main stage one year and they were pretty good then to be fair.
  19. Yeah, both ‘Glow on’ and ‘Time + Space’ are excellent albums. Id say the main difference is that ‘Time + Space’ instantly grabs you whereas ‘Glow on’ just gets better and better the more you hear it. I genuinely didn’t think Turnstile would top Time+Space but they somehow managed it this year.What a classic!
  20. Clutch were great when they played early main stage on a Saturday a few years ago and have been fantastic every time I’ve seen them. I don’t reckon they’d pull a pitiful crowd in the Pit if they headlined though. Even Dinosaur pile Up pulled a decent sized crowd this year despite the line up for the weekend being about 7% rock/metal
  21. Bless you my poor naive fellow efests poster.
  22. Maybe they had QOTSA and Travis Scott as possible headliners but then those two became complicated. So they then had to scramble around last minute for a headliner in time for the announcement, hence Yungblud.
  23. Even more annoying for the crazy fools like me who actually like Ultra Mono.
  24. It’s easier for Reading/Leeds to be brave as they’re likely to sell out way in advance anyway. If Download booked Yungblud to headline they’d sell 10,000 less tickets.
  25. Yeah, whenever there’s this type of thread on a music forum or Twitter or whatever, you can guarantee that the bulk of the posts will be - <insert name of band I don’t like> are overrated
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