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  1. Yeah, I do get a bit confused about 20 year old youngsters getting upset about John Lennon. Each to their own and all that but Im 52 and the Beatles split up before even I was born.
  2. It always makes me laugh when they talk about ‘300 BBC staff went’ as if it’s a jolly or they blagged their way in. How on earth do they expect the many hours of coverage they put out if they don’t have the staff there? I’m pretty sure the viewing figures justify sending 300 staff otherwise they wouldn’t do it.
  3. I didn’t know Ticketmaster did this. Do they have it on a separate section on the site or do you have to look though every tour to see if there is some going with £0 as the price?
  4. Haha, I had some spicy deep fried cauliflower thingys in Glastonbury and I have been fancying them ever since. At this stage they are the main thing I’m looking forward to getting a ticket next year for haha.
  5. To be fair, halloumi fries are more enjoyable than most bands so that’s quite a high bar to get over.
  6. I love how the media linked the ‘after watching Greta’ and ‘this is the mess they made’ in an obvious dog whistle so the comments below would be filled with accusations of hypocrisy. Even if the photos were from this year, how do they know that the ones watching Greta were the ones dropping the litter? Plus I didn’t watch Greta and didn’t drop any litter so their argument is nonsense.
  7. And while we’re at it can we stop using Status Quo and Saxon as examples of who the typical Downloader wants to see.
  8. Yeah, I thought Turnstile were absolutely amazing. Had a few texts from people who said they’d spotted me on telly during their set too hha
  9. The main thing that baffles me is people getting swayed on their choice of who to see based on them being ‘legends’ or a ‘secret set’ or my ultimate pet hate ‘I’m not a fan, I’m going to watch them just so I can say that I’ve seen them’. if they are legends fair enough but why are you watching them based solely on that? My mate said that he wasn’t watching Fontaines with us because he wanted to see Diana Ross because ‘she’s a legend’. After a while he turned up to see Fontaines with us. He said that he had a realisation when ‘Baby Love’ came on that he is not really a fan,has never consciously listened to that song, will never play it deliberately or add it to a playlist or anything. It’s not the type of music or artist he normally likes. Then realised that he’d been swayed by the hype of the legends slot. Same for secret sets, if I don’t want to watch a band when they normally play at a festival then I don’t want to see them at a secret set.Yet people are looking to see who are playing a secret set then suddenly are going to watch a band that they wouldn’t even look up at when walking past if they were playing a normal set. As for ‘just to say I’ve seen them’, how does that conversation go? ’I saw Paul McCartney at the weekend’ ’Wow! Are you a fan’ ’not really’ ’why did you watch him then?’ ’just to say I’ve seen him’ ’who are you going to say that to?’ ’um,people like you’ ’……. Oh’ Yup, baffling.
  10. Yup, my wife pointed out that I mentioned that it wasn’t there on the way in and on the way out so I must have missed it haha.
  11. Nowhere near. 50k would mean that half of the local twins entire population would be at the festival. 5k more like, possibly 8k
  12. I had these, they were absolutely amazing. The only downside is that I’m sitting at home now hanging to shreds fancying another bowl of these, haha.
  13. 8k Sunday tickets perhaps, certainly not 80k
  14. Michael Eavis said in an interview a few years ago that the Sunday day ticketers are offset by the amount of people who go home early on Sunday. Seems hard to believe but Im sure he knows better than me.
  15. Ant and Dec, Lidl and Aldi, Liam and Noel, anyone who I get mixed up with need to be banned.
  16. Ironically the 2000 trees fest looks like a typical Pit/Lockup line up haha.
  17. This is definitely my last year. I’ve always had a good time and the fact that I can stay with friends in Reading certainly helps my decision on whether to go or not but I cannot see how next year will be to my taste. No Pit, No lock up, realistically I’ll only want to see two or three on main stage, so it’s definitely the last for me. Last year was due to be my last but the Rage booking swayed it but let’s fact it, we aren’t getting the likes of Rage ever again. A bit sad after twenty years of going but plenty of other festivals for me to go to.
  18. I’m torn between hoping it’s someone good and being not really being bothered as I’ll likely be watching AM anyway.
  19. Haven’t seen them yet so nothing (realistically) will stop me on Sunday. Had a good few weeks of ticking bands of my list that I’ve never seen before*.Descendents, grandson and Spiritbox at Download, Walter Trout last night in Frome and Turnstile on Sunday. After gigging/festivalling for 30 odd years you don’t get to do that too often. * I mean bands I’ve not seen before who I’m a fan of and I’ve been wanting to see, obviously there’ll be loads of bands I can see at Glastonbury that I haven’t seen before , I could tick about 25 a day haha.
  20. If it is Green Day, I’d it the Sunday TBA that’s the same time as Turnstile? it’s slim pickings for me on Sunday as it is so I’d rather they didn’t clash two of the only rock bands of the day (they’re already clashing Amyl and Fontaines)
  21. Just got back from watching Walter Trout in Frome.He was amazingly mind blowingly good. Shame he isn’t playing Glastonbury considering he’s literally playing 10 miles away on the eve of the festival. Great pre festival gig. Oh, and if you think I’m mad for going to a gig just before the festival, this is the fourth rearranged date, originally got the ticket with a Ticketmaster voucher from my aunt for Xmas (merry Xmas 2019 Aunty)
  22. I quite often go to gigs straight from work so am often one of the only people at the venue. As you can imagine, Jeff is always there early and we have a chat. His knowledge on music is absolutely incredible and he often watches more than one gig in a day. I’ve known him watch a live early session in somewhere like Rough Trade then watch the support band in one venue and the headliner in another haha. Fair play to him, he’s a top bloke and is absolutely obsessed with music. Get well Jeff.
  23. In short, slim pickings. (that’s the state of heavier bands on the line up by the way, I’m not recommending a heavy band called Slim Pickings, haha)
  24. Haha, they’ve definitely turned it into V fest. The only thing I can’t work out, if you’ve got two festivals, V and R+L, and you decided that you only wanted to keep one, why would you decide to get rid of the least successful which was V, and turn the most successful, R+L, into V?
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