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  1. Yeah, definitely agree about the punk influence in Anthrax.
  2. Yeah, there are sort of proggy-ish metal/rock stuff. Good albums though.
  3. Check out Gold Key if you haven’t already. Two very underrated albums with members of Gallows and Sikth. Saw them with an audience of about 15 in Louisiana in Bristol.
  4. The two albums with Wade are actually pretty good but the biggest mistake they made was keeping the Gallows name. If they had promoted a new band with a new name ‘featuring members of Gallows and Alexisonfire’ I reckon they’d have done much better. Instead we keep getting the understandable Frank comparisons every time Gallows play.
  5. As much as I love the rattlesnakes, I can’t help wondering how big Gallows would have been if Frank had stayed. Those albums still hold up well nowadays be their live shows were incredible.
  6. Haha. Funnily enough, in a strange way the fact that loads of people think Idles are shite makes me enjoy them more. I’ve no idea why, I’m not normally bothered what anyone thinks of the bands I’m watching. Maybe I feel I’m getting one over on them when I’m bouncing around having a great time with a beer in my hand. Haha.
  7. You seem to have struck the perfect balance between absolutely brilliant and total shite.
  8. No, we won’t have a band as big as Metallica, Maiden or Sabbath again but that’s not what you said. A band being as big as ‘the old dogs back in the day who rise to stadium superstardom’ is a totally different point to ‘metal being a genre that is genuinely on the way out’, which is what you posted originally.
  9. 80000 Download festival goers and 25000 Bloodstock festival goers would like a word but they’re probably too busy listening to Gojira, Code Orange, While she sleeps and Architects.
  10. That doesn’t look like a rival to R+L, it looks like an actual R+L line up
  11. Lucky so far. Been to Reading, Bloodstock and off to watch Wales football today and have tested negative before band after in each case so far. If i can get away with mixing with 140000 people and not catch then I’ll be happy. Will prob catch it from the postman next week haha.
  12. The strange part is that R/L was always more successful than V festival. Why would they aim to be more like the least successful of the festivals?
  13. Just looking at some of the reviews for Slam Dunk. Amazing how many American bands on the bill considering how many pulled out of Reading/Leeds only a week ago.
  14. Gojira are playing bigger venues on their upcoming tour than I would expect Shinedown to play.
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