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  1. To be fair, we didn’t really predict two out of three by 24/3/18. Stormzy and Liam Gallagher were two of about 25 names predicted. With such a scattergun approach, we should be ashamed of only getting two, haha.
  2. Can’t believe that RATM we’re getting stick for their concert prices in America when it was the scalpers/secondary market/etc. We have some pretty stupid people in the U.K but to be fair not many of them think the band is getting money from the resales on stubhub or that the Viagogo price has been set by the bands.
  3. Yeah, some great bands on the lockup/pit this year (though , as much as I’m a fan, Gallows shouldn’t be headlining) Dont agree with another rapper being added though, there’s a dearth of Rock /metal/punk bands as it is without another slot being taken away. There’s plenty of other stages for rappers to be added, they can add all the ‘lil’s’ they want on another stage haha.
  4. I think Alanis Morissette hasn’t got an all female band either (or at least she didn’t used to)
  5. Piers Morgan wouldn’t genuinely explode though, he’d just pretend to explode to get attention, viewers and clicks. .........and everyone will fall for it once again.
  6. Exactly, yet some wouldn’t consider her efforts as worthy of counting Patd As one of the bands with female members because they aren’t female fronted. Bizarre way of looking at things
  7. Why does everyone concentrate on female led bands rather than female musicians in a band? Surely it’s just as hard to learn an instrument but for some reason many don’t want to count female musicians unless they are fronting the band? It must be soul destroying for some females who bust their arses learning the guitar or whatever to find that many don’t count them when they are adding up the female musicians in a festival because they aren’t lead singer.
  8. Are these numbers correct? Apologies if I’m reading these numbers incorrectly but, if they are correct,I find it absolutely incredible how RATM are still getting half the listeners of hot flavour of the moment Stormzy despite not releasing anything for 20 years.
  9. Is that right? Why in earth would Post Malone demand that no rock acts clash with him? Spite? Haha I got an early night that night which is no bad thing at my age, ha ha, but would have preferred a rock(or indie) alternative
  10. Fever333 have said on Twitter that they’re not clashing with RATM. Good news but I’m more worried about them clashing with Idles. Whatever happens, I get the feeling that I won’t be able to watch my near perfect run of Rage,Fever333, Idles,Ho99o9 and Black Peaks.
  11. Jeez, irrelevant? They haven’t booked Deep Purple. This is a major coup
  12. Yes, you are alone. Genuinely couldn’t have been a better booking (all down to personal choice of course)
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