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  1. They were absolutely awesome last week in Glastonbury, they would smash any slot they weee given.
  2. Held my head and said to myself that I will not be drinking as much next year* *spoiler alert, I will probably be drinking as much next year.
  3. Yup, just good ol’ British Chicken Tikka Masala, Spaghetti Bolognaise and Chilli Con Carne.
  4. Ah, I see. The amount of times you kept using Status Quo as an example of what the typical Downloader wants to headline, anyone would have thought you were seriously trying to create the impression that Download punters are even more outdated than they actually are.
  5. So in your search for the Download punters asking for Status Quo to headline, you found one single person? (And even that one didn’t say BMTH aren’t big enough, just that BMTH fans won’t get it) I hope you don’t normally use a single social media poster as a means of gauging average opinion otherwise you’ll have a crazy view of the world.
  6. Well a quick search of the words Status Quo on here just brings up people claiming that everyone is calling for Status Quo to headline, without many actually making the claim. Let alone someone saying Quo should headline and BMTH aren’t big enough. There may be the odd one or two if you go back far enough but in general I think people are just saying it to make out the average Download is even more outdated than they actually are. And god knows where the Saxon thing comes from, I think people have just made that up as well. The old ‘if you repeat it often enough it becomes fact’ trick.
  7. If BMTH are one of the headliners then we wont have an announcement until after they’ve played Reading/Leeds.
  8. Literally no one is calling for Status Quo or Saxon. The only time they get mentioned is when people say that the ‘double denim dinosaurs’ are calling for them, when they’re not. Even if they did, it would be a tiny tiny minority. Saxon played in one of the tents last time they played and Quo played second stage when Linkin Park were on about 8 or 9 years ago.Even then, Linkin Park got the huge majority of the crowd, not bad for a festival full of old classic rock fans stuck in the past. If you want to use examples of bands the old guard are looking for, you’d have more credibility if you used Maiden, Metallica or Megadeth as examples.
  9. The Run the Jewels announcement hasn’t gone down that well as a sub to RATM even with R+L fans so I can’t see how it would be any better at Download. Can’t see Denzil Curry (one RATM cover does not a rock artist make) and 100 gecs doing much better either. Agree that there’s no reason Ghostmaine, Ho99o9 and $uicideboy$ can’t so Download though.
  10. Yeah, I do get a bit confused about 20 year old youngsters getting upset about John Lennon. Each to their own and all that but Im 52 and the Beatles split up before even I was born.
  11. It always makes me laugh when they talk about ‘300 BBC staff went’ as if it’s a jolly or they blagged their way in. How on earth do they expect the many hours of coverage they put out if they don’t have the staff there? I’m pretty sure the viewing figures justify sending 300 staff otherwise they wouldn’t do it.
  12. I didn’t know Ticketmaster did this. Do they have it on a separate section on the site or do you have to look though every tour to see if there is some going with £0 as the price?
  13. Haha, I had some spicy deep fried cauliflower thingys in Glastonbury and I have been fancying them ever since. At this stage they are the main thing I’m looking forward to getting a ticket next year for haha.
  14. To be fair, halloumi fries are more enjoyable than most bands so that’s quite a high bar to get over.
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