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  1. What about, er...., closer contact between partners?
  2. But where? When? the government haven’t made this clear.
  3. I reckon we may be able to have big outdoor gigs, like Pearl Jam in Hyde Park, with reduced capacity but camping at a festival will be a stretch. Not least due to the questionable sanitary conditions at a festival.
  4. Not sure what the criteria is but these are two festivals who seem from the outside to be doing everything the right way and for the right reasons.Crazy.
  5. Yeah, but the government haven’t made this clear, why wasn’t this in the announcement?
  6. Yeah, they can talk all day about pubs, restaurants, masks and illegal raves but the inconvenient truth is that the spikes in the virus started when schools, colleges and Universities started back up in September.
  7. The media, along with politicians on both sides, have behaved appallingly throughout the whole pandemic. Its disappointing, but not surprising, that Tories, Labour and the media couldn’t put their petty,self serving point scoring aside and come together for the greater good just for one year.
  8. So, RATM and Idles missing from last year, just my favourite two bands from last year.
  9. Have they said why is Xmas Eve and Xmas Day rather than Xmas day and Boxing Day?
  10. Amazing when you think that people have got to self isolate if they arrive from a country that goes over 20 per 100,000. Seems a cheek really, they should be telling us to self isolate when we arrive in their country.
  11. Are we to take the fact that American bands like Pearl Jam are booking huge outdoor gigs for July as a positive sign? Surely they wouldn’t be booking unless they were very optimistic that it would go ahead. I know that they can just cancel it but that would still come with huge costs that you’d have thought they’d rather avoid.
  12. The most bizarre part about the conspiracy theories around Trump’s illness is the fact that people would be more likely to vote for him if he has Covid-19. Id question the sanity of anyone voting for Trump anyway but it’s difficult to get into the mindset of someone being on the fence but swaying towards Trump due him getting the virus.
  13. Yeah, Joe Thomas’ character was almost identical to Simon in inbetweeners and that wasn’t helped by the fact that his girlfriend in the movie was the same actress as his girlfriend in Inbetweeners, Tara. Also, the guy in the movie who took too much ket and kept popping up throughout the movie in various drug addled states was played by the same actor who kept popping up in the Inbetweeners movie off his head on drugs. As others have stated above, the festival scenes were great but it just got more and more ridiculous as the movie went on. This could have a been a great movie
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