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  1. Yeah it looks like one of those nightclub adverts for a rock night where they put loads of bands the DJ is going to play on the poster, haha.
  2. If they are going to be pulling out, it won’t be last minute(unless it’s Covid of course) If they’re scrapping the whole tour then R/L will already know now so will already be looking for a replacement. On a separate note, imagine thinking you’re going to be watching the RATM reunion and getting Harry Styles instead?
  3. Wow! I presume the organisers know what they are doing but I can’t imagine many Rage fans seeing this as a reasonable replacement.
  4. They seem to have a smaller font than Bastille, Popo G and Glass Animals, etc. seem to have the same size logo and positioning on the poster as Fontaines and Little Simz.
  5. I’m not even convinced that Shikari are subbing this year, I can still see someone playing between them and BMTH on that stage.
  6. Remote is one way of describing the chances, ‘Not a ****ing hope’ is another.
  7. Walter Trout’s tour had been moved from this month to the end of June, last announced date is 21st June though so may be too early for Glastonbury.
  8. Yeah, excellent live band. Went to see them about 5 years ago in Kentish Town Forum and until then I didn’t realise quite what a dedicated following they had. Everyone there seemed a mega-fan and screamed every word (and note) back at them way louder than the band themselves. I couldn’t get anywhere near the merch stand. Great gig, Glassjaw supporting too. But, as you say, not what R/L are booking these days unfortunately.
  9. My current timeline on this is - August 2021 - that’s my last Reading festival, not enough there for me anymore. December 2021 - Yay, RATM have been announced, Reading festival is fantastic, take my money. Jan 2022 - Rumours of RATM pulling out and I wake up several nights in a row screaming because I’ve dreamt that they’ve been replaced by a sound cloud rapper I’ve never heard of or a TikTok star with a billion listens to one of their songs (which I’ve no intention of making a billion and one)
  10. It may also help if you stick your fingers in your ears shouting ‘la la la’ in a loud voice.
  11. I think the best way to deal with any rumours about RATM pulling out is to ignore them and hope they go away. If we don’t talk about it then it won’t be a reality. If everyone carries on for the next 8 months as if RATM are playing then they’ll have to turn up.
  12. Oh yes, I agree with that . Just saying that there is a clear difference in the size of bands on the East Main stage compared to the west so we don’t really get six main headliners. The three main stage West headliners are clearly the real headliners (confirmed further by them playing last)
  13. The ones that are less than 20 years old aren’t much better.
  14. The trouble with the 6 headliners thing is in reality there are 3 bone fide headliners and 3 glorified subs/co headliners. Whichever way we try to look at it, we’ve really got 3 main headliners and three second stage headliners. 2021 and 2022 line ups seem to back this up, as do most peoples guesses/predictions for next year.
  15. Yeah, he’s making her drink an drops some potion or something into her drink. I think from memory he opens a compartment in his ring and drops the contents into her wine. EDIT- just had a look on YouTube. About 1min 10 secs in
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