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  1. With Alter Bridge doing so well and still needing to tour their new album, I can’t see Creed reforming for a long time
  2. Exactly. Whether it’s due to the newspapers or due to social media, for some reason whenever anyone talks about pubs reopening, everyone seems to vision a packed pub of lager louts shouting, spilling beer and fighting. Whereas the vast majority of the pub experience is a civil atmosphere, the meeting friends and maybe a pub meal.
  3. Bands are getting cancelled on anonymous twitter rumours so continuing a band with someone who has actually been convicted in a court of law of domestic abuse is a non-starter.
  4. All I want to do is in the high risk category. 6 out of the 8 high risk things are my normal life, haha.
  5. With the pubs open tomorrow, anyone else think that the newspapers have their headlines already written for Sunday. Photos of drunk people- check Photos of people not social distancing- check Photo of a young girl in a ridiculously short dress being carried by her friends - check Photo of a fight somewhere- check
  6. All will be going fine until Benji from Skindred tells everyone to wave their masks in the air above their heads.
  7. The new song and Ludens are great tracks, as is about 70% of Amo. The last EP isn’t great though and all these facts point to a patchy set of 40 tracks on the 4 EPs. Is there anyone in their record label that isn’t a yes man who can apply some sort of quality filter for what they are putting out? Even someone who coughs *less is more* when they pass them in the corridor would be a start.
  8. Ah yes, I was in The Pit for most of the Friday so had shelter.
  9. Was that at Leeds? I was in Reading and can’t remember it raining
  10. Yeah, I loved that day. i spent the build up to the festival moaning about the line up but by the time the festival came around it had filled out nicely and before you know it I was watching a run of Skindred, Sum 41,Starcrawler, Black Peaks, Metz, Pendulum and Papa Roach.
  11. At this stage if they could guarantee me Rage for next year I’d take my chances on the rest of the line up
  12. I wonder if they’re aware that everyone moans about them elongating every song , playing too many covers and stretching every track into a jam? It seems to be the main criticism of them on Twitter and on forums but they seem blissfully unaware that everyone just wants them to get on with their own (correctly lengthed) songs.
  13. Going to be strange working today rather than going into the arena. Is it wrong that I’m hoping it rains so I don’t feel as bad that we're missing out?
  14. Agh, that is an absolute nightmare. Rage getting announced was simply the biggest thing Reading could have pulled off for me personally. I dread to think who they’ll get to replace them.
  15. What happens to your ticket if you fail a test or a temperature check on the day of the festival? Do you get a refund? If not, I can’t imagine many splashing out £200 on a festival ticket to then cross their fingers and hope that they can get in.
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