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  1. Yes, I’ll be drinking plenty of fluids.
  2. rivalschools.price

    Steel cups

    Thanks for reminding me about these, I’ll dig up mine and bring it with me
  3. You guys need to choose your words better. Some If us have just recovered from Download where comments such as ‘a bit of rain will clear the air’ or ‘we need some rain to keep the dust down’ could have possibly resulted in a lynching, ha ha.
  4. Yeah, I’m working on the theory that we are now at the stage where it will definitely be better than it was a Download last weekend and that was boots(not wellies) all weekend.
  5. Just passed the site now and it looks dry and green, at least thats a good start.
  6. Yeah, loved the Danish quarter but didn’t have a chance to spend much time in there.
  7. History shows that the replacement will be at the bottom of the bill and everyone else will move up a place, especially as the day is sold out anyway.
  8. Frank Iero are touring with Laura Jane Grace in UK in August so must be a good possibility of being added to Reading/ Leeds
  9. That seemed way bigger than Halestorm too but I didn’t mention that in my quote earlier as I was near the front so couldn’t say for certain. I was nearer the back for Slayer, Bizkit and Halestorm and have no doubt Halestorm did not have biggest crowd.
  10. Halestorm were absolutely awesome but there’s no way that was the biggest ever attendance. Slayer had loads more on the Sunday and Limp Bizkit had a massive crowd in the past. Halestorm were nowhere near those numbers.
  11. Yeah, the atmos in Download is always good and there is a lower percentage of idiots than some other festivals I could mention. I loved the fact that everyone didn’t let the weather stop themselves having a good time.
  12. Despite everything I had a great day yesterday, let’s do it all again today.
  13. Yeah, I’ve Can’t see how they won’t clash unfortunately
  14. Has it been 100% confirmed anywhere that Black Peaks are definitely playing?
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