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  1. I’d love Nine Inch Nails to headline but I think they are not as big now as they were when they sub-headlined Sonisphere and Reading (twice) Also, I’m sure I read that their last tour didn’t sell as well as expected but I can’t be sure if that is true. They’d definitely bring some extra punters through the door though, it was clear at Reading a few years ago that loads had come just for them.
  2. Well I, for one, will be front row centre
  3. Many of the ones that some are suggesting like Green Day, Foos, Blink, Pearl Jam,RHCP, etc have headlined major festivals before.
  4. Any of those three instead of the tired looking ones we are expecting would definitely put a spark into the announcement
  5. As Kiss look nailed on, all they’d need to do if they booked Queen and AL is book Faith no More and they’d have the same line up that finished Sonisphere
  6. Yeah, Slayer would have a had a massive crowd of they were on main stage.
  7. I’m guessing Kiss due to the fact that the last date of the KISS farewell Uk tour was not marketed as ‘last ever U.K. show’ which suggests that they’ll be back for one more date.
  8. Obviously we don’t know exactly what would happen if MCR reformed but history shows us that fans in general don’t ‘move on’ Nostalgia sells and there are many examples in just about every genre that people flock back to see their favourite bands from the past.
  9. That is indeed a fine album. Cant see them headlining but, yes, they’d smash it due to their stage presence built up of years of playing massive shows and festivals.
  10. If Mura Masa was as quiet as everyone says, it proves (not that proof was really needed) that they should have had a rock headliner on that stage instead of him. Most rock fans left early on Saturday (Reading) night as there was no options. Why clash Post Malone and Mura Masa to the point where Mura Masa plays to a tiny crowd whilst a large chunk of the punters leave early, doesn’t make sense?
  11. The Eminem crowd was absolutely massive, one of the biggest I’ve seen in 17 years of going.
  12. Well there was plenty of rock on the Sunday of Reading and there was plenty who didn’t find it ‘utterly dull’.
  13. To be fair, I don’t think Frank Carter is trying to be progressive. It just straight up fun rock music which seems to be going down well judging by his ever increasing ticket sales. If you think rock music is dated in general then that’s a whole different conversation and I don’t think anyone should single Frank Carter out for that.
  14. In many cases they are but I appreciate many have already taken drugs and alcohol. However, my point still stands, why encourage underage punters who are more likely to create problems.
  15. ‘IF’ the target audience is 14-18 year olds, does anyone know why that is? Surely trying to attract underage punters who are being away from home on their own for the first time, away with their mates for the first time as well as trying alcohol and drugs for the first time would be the last thing anyone would try to attract, especially as it is likely to sell out anyway?
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