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  1. Snapped Ankles at the Crows Nest early Sunday morning. Had never heard them before, was chilling at the top of the park and went into the Crows Nest as it was getting a bit cold. Snapped ankles came on and loved their in your face no hiding synth Mark E Smith sound. Bought the CD's and on my to see again list...
  2. cidermonkey

    Flops 2019

    So it was Marty Pellows fault that Hawkwind cut their set early so no Brainstorm or Silver Machine, what a prick... Kean were still playing when Hawkwind were due to start so there wasn't enough time for Hawkwinds set. It came to 11:30 and Dave Brock announced to the crowd they were told to stop, the crowd were less than impressed.
  3. cidermonkey

    Flops 2019

    Steve Davis playing Black Sabbath 😀….
  4. Did the wooden sunglasses shop sell Oakley Sunglasses?
  5. We had two three man fresh and black tents along with the fresh and black tarp which gave shade. Was really impressed at how well this moderated the heat and gave us shelter to sit. I would definitely recommended.
  6. The Dead South The Comet is Coming The Fat White Family
  7. cidermonkey


    Was really enjoying Hawkwind, a bit shit that they made them finish 11:30 when they were late on. No Brainstorm or Silver Machine FFS.
  8. cidermonkey

    Ice thief

    I bought some ice to chill my beer took it out the bag and made a wee ice pyramid in my tent. Just checked back at my tent and not only has some bastard stolen my ice I think they have pissed in my tent as there is a big puddle. Not amused...
  9. No flags or chairs at the front of the main stages.
  10. One of our group has dropped out so we have a National express return coach ticket available from Edinburgh to the festival direct. Leaves Edinburgh 9:30pm Tuesday evening and returns 8am Monday morning. Cost £135 open to offers if anyone is interested. Allan
  11. From the Flaming Lips, one of my many highlights...
  12. I would like to order 2 to pick up on Wednesday. Are they easy to light? Thanks Allan
  13. Coach ticket still available if anyone interested. Open to offers...
  14. One of our group has pulled out so I have a spare return bus ticket for one person travelling from Edinburgh to Glastonbury on the National Express bus. Leaves Edinburgh 9:30pm on Tuesday 20th leaves Glastonbury Monday morning 8am. Looking for £90 which is less than cost. PM me if interested. Allan
  15. cidermonkey


    Store a stash of beer in the lockups and take out what you need each day. I have found it keeps it much cooler than having it in in your tent. Also keeps it safe from bad people...
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