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  1. I rolled my 2020/2021 tickets over can I get a refund once the 2022 line-up has been announced? Thanks for rolling over your tickets to 2022, unfortunately, we are never able to guarantee the line-up as stated in our Ts & Cs, no refunds will be offered as the 2021 refund period is over. That's from the FAQ, so must have been up to first announcement
  2. It looks incredible, though the lowest price of $224.99 for a tier 1 ticket for a one-day event is eyewatering
  3. This frankly ridiculous line up just got announced in Las Vegas in October...wonder if any will end up at Reading a month and a bit earlier (other than BMTH of course)..
  4. What a line up! Nostalgia dial turned up to 11!
  5. "We are very excited to inform you that Neck Deep are your 4th and final festival headliner! Also joining us we have Cancer Bats, The Bronx , The Summer Set, Point North, Mom Jeans. and As December Falls!" Wasn't expecting that! As there's 4 headliners does this mean: Main: Sum 41 Second: Dropkick Murphys Jagermeister: Alexisonfire Key Club: Neck Deep? Headlining Key Club seems too small for Neck Deep nowadays? Unless they're co-headlining with Sum 41?
  6. Not sure on that one, feel like Eminem would have sold out his day allocation by now also. Do think that Dave will be great in August though!
  7. My transaction date was the 1st but only came out yesterday so could still be filtering through
  8. Eminem x Yungblud Dua Lipa x Sam Fender Paramore x Gerry Cinnamon
  9. Just to make sure we're up to speed after the great eFestivals blackout of 2021, current state of play:
  10. Wheyyy we're back! Announcement was decent! Going for my first full weekend at Reading since 2014 let's gooooo (and first ever early bird)
  11. Only listened to Spanish Love Songs properly since being announced and loving them, will be a great set!
  12. Loving it so far! The Story So Far, Silverstein both good gets for me
  13. Really don't think Tame Impala would suit a Reading & Leeds crowd in 2022, definitely better off at All Points East
  14. Eh he was ok at Reading, knew a few songs and he knows how to control a crowd but wouldn't pay to go see him specifically
  15. Haha that's hilarious, how silly of them! Umming and aahing about getting tickets, love the festival but with literally no names I'm not sure about it
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