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  1. Some for consideration: MSE: Kendrick Lamar MSW: Jamie T MSE: Kasabian MSW: Yungblud MSE: My Chemical Romance MSW: Doja Cat ----- MSE: Billie Eilish MSW: Yungblud MSE: Kasabian MSW: Courteeners MSE: Green Day MSW: Doja Cat
  2. Green Day are probably one of the more likely older rock bands you'll still get at Reading. If they potentially stick to having 1 older rock headliner you could see a band like them or Foo Fighters (if they keep going) coming back. They're way more relevant to a current R&L crowd than RATM imo They were really brilliant in London the other day, always liked Green Day but excited expectations for sure, really was just banger after banger
  3. First time for a while that South has been before North!
  4. MSE: Post Malone MSW: Doja Cat MSE: The Killers MSW: Paramore MSE: Dua Lipa MSW: Sam Fender or MSE: Eminem MSW: Doja Cat MSE: Paramore MSW: Courteeners MSE: Muse MSW: Lewis Capaldi
  5. Close Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck) with Zack coming out to do his verse will go off at Reading, will be a great moment! RTJ are an interesting one though, not sure how relevant they are with the younger R&L age bracket but more 25-30 (I say this being 30 and love them). You never hear them on the radio over here or anything even when they release their albums Currently struggling for acts on the Dave day and before Shikari on the AM day. I'll go see Frank Carter then nothing much for a few hours. Similarly I'll go see Static Dress then nothing for me until Shikari. Need to check out more of the line up. At the mo so far: Frank Carter - All Time Low - Little Simz - As It Is - Dave & Fever 333 (bit of both) Static Dress - Enter Shikari - Kid Brunswick - Cassyette - BMTH - AM Willow - Denzel Curry - 100 Gecs - Bad Boy Chiller Crew - Pale Waves - Maneskin - RTJ - RATM
  6. Nothing in that announcement at all for me, how drab. Pretty sad about The Pit/Lock Up, I can't see myself going next year based on the trajectory that it's going (unless they pull of one good day). Might have to try Download
  7. After Isle of Wight and Glastonbury maybe?
  8. Great day (once they got the WiFi working for the card machines at the bars about 3 hours late!), highlights for me were Dropkick Murphys and The Story So Far, both were so fun! Roll on 2023
  9. I wonder if they're just gunna be there attending? Or if a new tour announcement will be on a poster somewhere?
  10. Think after the changes my day is now looking like: Cassyette -> Chunk! No Captain Chunk! -> bit of Silverstein -> Kennyhoopla -> Knuckle Puck -> Electric Callboy -> The Wonder Years (join mid-first set) -> The Story So Far -> start of Dropkick Murphys -> Alexisonfire -> Sum 41 Main upside for me is that a lot of the bands I'm seeing are in the tent which is my favourite for atmopshere and if it rains (which it might at South!)
  11. New set times released. Totally fucked my evening by having Dropkicks and Alexisonfire basically fully clashing, similar with Electric Callboy and one of The Wonder Years' sets boo.
  12. Seems like The Used might be out (again) now too Edit: not actually said the whole band are out unless someone else is singing?
  13. Looks like they've added Cold Years to that stage as a replacement. They've taken what looks like the Bears in Trees slot who will probably go up one to the SLS slot.
  14. Spanish Love Songs are out, cancelled their whole European tour as they've got COVID, shame for them
  15. Alexisonfire touring with Boston Manor in the UK in October, that'll be good
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