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  1. I think 2022 will probs have at least 2 headliners from: Metallica, Rammstein, RATM, Pearl Jam, NIN, Iron Maiden All of those bands will probs be touring based on current plans or plans before Covid struck. I think Rammstein in particular given their previous expressed intention to tour stadiums and fests on this cycle, and so far havent done any fests. Plus they are in/have been in studio recording so should have new material to play as well as the latest album. RATM I think maybe were planned for Download 2022 all along and thats why they aren't doing Reading/Leeds? Plus they would
  2. 2019 had some crazy clashes mind, especially on the sunday.
  3. Normally friday night headliner main and 2nd stage do clash. Feel they might be mixing up the times this year though so who knows.
  4. Yeah I think he was mainly talking about the general arena layout whereas obvs changes were largely planned for campsite.
  5. Hard to guess. For me im hoping they clash Sepultura with Biffy, as in 2019 they would have clashed with Deftones based on timings.
  6. Andy Copping just said on instagram about half a dozen acts left to book, wanted to announce them all today but couldn't so hopong by xmas or early next year. Couple main stage still to come.
  7. Dissappinted tbh. Hopefully Venom Proson won't clash with Gojira, probably only band i'll see from the announcement. Maybe Megadeth but honestly I think thats a very unimspired 2nd stage headliner.
  8. Raging Speedhorn have said festival announcement 9am tommorow. Im hoping they do one of the lower slots, not much I wanna see earlier in the days so far.
  9. Would love Jinger at Download but alas they are already booked for Bloodstock.
  10. Rob Zombie in 2022 sure, but i'd be very surprised if he was announced for 2021 given he played the last fest 2019 and has no other European dates booked. Remember other Euro fests are ahead of Download with announcements atm - look at Nova Rock, Rock AM/IM, Graspop and Hellfest of you want an idea of who might get added to Download.
  11. Well there's probably 5 main stage slots still to fill too. Nornally 7 bands friday, 8 on sat and sun. Atm its 6, 5, 7. 2nd stage expect a few more too.
  12. Puscifer are the nost noteable band on European festival bills that are at current not booked for Download or Bloodstock. Architects getting a lot of attention from Download but not yet on any festival bills next year. Makes wonder if Download building them up for 2022.
  13. Katatonia and Alien Weaponry both playing Polish fest a few days before Download so hoping they get added to the bill! For me Ohms a great album. Not a 10/10 but a solid 8 for sure.
  14. Well the festival was wrong then haha as A Perfect Circle have a very dedicated fanbase. Yeah I think headlining second stage though could pop up mainstage 4th spot on sat or sun.
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