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  1. Those bands would take sales from 80000-90000 up to the capacity 110000. So I there would still be a good undercard.
  2. Twelve Foot Ninja would be good after their set got cut short in 2019. Alien Weaponery back would be awesome too. Devildriver always welcome and get a decent crowd. Rotting Christ would be amazing but thats more Bloodstock. L7 and 3teeth both at Hellfest so yes please to them.
  3. Guess Download might depend on how much he enjoyed the 2019 Tool set! I think enough Tool and APC fans would wanna see them instead of KISS to make it a good booking. Someone punk or emo on 3rd stage with Electric Wizard on 4th makes a nice variety across the 4 stages.
  4. Well we shall see when the next round of festival announcements occur.
  5. Yeah they aren't headliners and don't think they ever will be. But sub ok yeah.
  6. To sell tickets in next announcement. Fyi Puscifer only have 2 Europe shows announced so far, several weeks apart. Placebo have 3. Other fests are holding back on announcing them too.
  7. 2nd stage Puscifer. They are subbing at Hellfest 2 weeks later. Placebo an outside bet, doing festival circuit.
  8. Moved cuz Rock AM and IM.had to move back a weekend, so Download and Nova Rock moved forward to help them out.
  9. Any idea why no Offspring? Given they are at Nova Rock
  10. Bit dissapointed tbh. Loosing Iron Maiden, Diaturbed and The Offspring and not gaining anyone I like. Still enough over weekend though.
  11. Sticking with 2020's, KISS, Iron Maiden, SOAD. Think it will be Maiden's only 2021 festival.
  12. Download is essentially a metal audience though. Which is what i'm getting at really....that commertial sucess outside the metal and hard rock scene is largely irrelevant. I think last 2 Korn albums (especially Serenity of suffering) went down really well and got a lot of their fans excited again.
  13. The thing I don't get is why Biffy can headline whilst Korn can't. Just doesn't make sense...Korn are the 'bigger band' in the metal and hard rock scene.
  14. Yeah I agree no point to co-headliners, though I can imagine Download might try it once or twice and then give up. NIN i'd love to see there but i'd be shocked if they were.
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