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  1. Yeah I get the feeling a fair few of the bands from the original line up will do their own shows. Also I expect Knotfest to finally happen too.
  2. With those headliners again the scene is crying out for Sonisphere to return.
  3. Well that sucks. I'll take the refund for now with those headliners 😕 If they they get a load of othee good bands in can always buy a ticket next year.
  4. Haha that won't happen so would just have to take a refund!
  5. I'm best man at a wedding 1st week of September so I hope not that weekend haha!
  6. Yeah deffo. Just to say again, if Download does move to August I really do think it will be the weekend before Reading/Leeds and it will be Slipknot headlining instead of KISS. Slipknot are due in Europe with that weekend free whilst KISS currently due to start a US tour that weekend.
  7. To be honest I think if they do move to August there will be some significant line up changes. A lot would depend on whether other Euro fests move too.
  8. I think its worth noting Slipknot currently have a European tour lined up with the weekend before Reading/Leeds free.
  9. Judging from Downloads replies to people on twitter it feels like they are going to try and change the date. Someone asked about refunds if they couldn't make hypothetical new dates and Download said yes they would be able to get one.
  10. Added factor as well, with festivals like Hellfest being cancelled plus having to pay to quarantine, how many foreign bands on the bill would actually come?
  11. Perhaps with tickets purchased after the trial was announced. But for folks like myself who already have a ticket that would be a kick in the face and i'm not sure Download would want to alienate people in such fashion.
  12. Slam Dunk director saying on twitter they are gonna move till September. I still wonder if Download will do similar (given that im at a wedding 1st weekend of september that personally might work out).
  13. Thats an interesting idea, though Download would have to commit to refunding everyone who tested positive.
  14. From a practical perspective, if someone arrives by public transport and then tests positive at the gate what are they supposed to do? Will Download refund them? Will they be provided with free private transport to get home? This is why I don't think having it with testing is a good idea.
  15. Well its deffo not happening on its planned dates for sure. I do wonder though if they will put something on later in the year.
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