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  1. Well I'm guessing it's cuz they have Download UK (and maybe Knotfest?) next year. Also possible factor - I was chatting to a guy I know the other day (bumped into him in a well known metal bar) whose in a UK based metal band. He was saying a lot of bands have struggled with logistics particularly tour buses this year. Said the prices for tour buses this summer were double standard price. So I think that's why alot of bands have postponed till next year. I know Karnivool posted that they wouldn't be able to take the financial hit if any of their dates got postponed cuz of covid too, so again decided to wait
  2. Looking at Metallica's European 2022 dates it deffo feels like they are gonna come over 2023 and Download would make sense for them. As well as UK date, maybe 2 or 3 including Glasgow and Belfast, you'd expect to see Ireland, Sweden, Poland, maybe Austria and probably more German and Eastern European dates. I think they might do Download UK, Nova Rock, Rock AM/IM, Graspop as well as a few others.
  3. Could see that. And would be ok with it. But it does feel time is right for Metallica to come back.
  4. I would love if it was those 3. In terms of Halestorm I was surprised as well but it does make sense to try and win new fans. Alter Bridge are one of those bands I think have a big following amongst the more casual rock fans so I guess Halestorm figure they can target them.
  5. Real shame Rammstein doing stadiums but oh well. I think Download is gonna be SOAD, Slipknot and Metallica. With Ghost, Disturbed and Halestorm subbing. But maybe Alter Bridge as a sub and one of those headlining 2nd.
  6. Yup...and given the tour they have booked for this summer was actually booked for the last album they will effectively be touring 2 albums at once. Logical step after this arena tour is a festival tour.
  7. Placebo are, in terms of a British crowd, on par with The Smashing Pumpkin's, so if they could do it then Placebo could. It would be a very similar booking. Yeah they would be good as second stage headliner too. My list was more a wishlist than prediction tbh.
  8. Friday: Rage Against The Machine, Halestorm, Alice In Chains, NOFX, L7, Bloodywood, Anti-Flag Saturday: Metallica, Gojira, Machine Head, Lamb Of God, Devin Townsend, Jinjer, Alien Weaponry, Venom Prison Sunday: Rammstein, Placebo, Disturbed, Amon Amarth, Spiritbox, The Hu, Monuments, VOLA
  9. So Spiritbox very likely to clash with Baroness now and the rest of the announcement does nothing for me.
  10. That would be a great spot for them.
  11. RATM's rescheduled USA dates would support the idea of them doing European festivals next year I think: RATM, SOAD, Metallica W/ Disturbed, Halestorm, Alice In Chains, Gojira, The Offspring,
  12. Download have said on Instagram and Twitter there will be news about Spiritbox being moved to a bigger stage 'soon'. Hopefully we get the rest of the line up then too.
  13. New Korn and Venom Prison albums are both fantastic! Korn demonstrating why they should be headliners by now.
  14. Knotfest UK still feels possible but would expect to hear something soon. Metallica I think 2023. There are quite a few European countries they would normally hit up on a tour that have no 2022 date scheduled.
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