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  1. Anyone playing Nova Rock is a chance tbh!
  2. Sonisphere wasn't being run by a mega corporation like AEG though. It's simple capitalism I think, AEG are in constant battle with Livenation so if they see a chance to make money from the rock/metal festival scene I think there'll take it. Worth noting AEG clashed the original Rammstein Cardiff date with Download and previously clashed the Black Sabbath BTS day with the Friday of Sonisphere. I don't approve of those tactics just stating what happened. Livenation I think are Knotfest so Slipknot I expect wouldn't do an AEG fest and instead try for UK Knotfest again mind, so potentially could see that next year.
  3. I wouldn't count out threat to Download of a new metal fest. Sonisphere might not have made it but AEG are surely looking at ways to compete with livenation. So Download may be forced into adapting.
  4. Depends how ambitious they feel I guess. After covid lockdowns there certainally is scope for packing the summer with music of all genres. They could potentially fill BST and APE with more 'mainstream/indie' bands and put on an extra metal/hard rock fest.
  5. Or another festival at Knebworth...? Soni long due a return, or AEG could have a go, they have big rivalry with Livenation afterall.
  6. Raises huge questions about Download.....its just so good!
  7. Agreed. My 2023 bet: System Of A Down Metallica Rage Against The Machine or Rammstein With NIN as a sub-headliner
  8. What i'd like: Fri: NIN, Placebo, Halestorm, NOFX, Less Than Jake, Jinjer, Venom Prison, The Hyena Kill Sat: Rammstein, Machine Head, Gojira, Tesseract, Alien Weaponery, Oceans Of Slumber, Haken, VOLA Sun: RATM, Faith No More, Alice In Chains, Baroness, Refused, L7, Twelve Foot Ninja, 3teeth
  9. I find it very hard to imagine all those bands doing a European festival date and not playing UK. Could Sonisphere be about to return? Or a new fest? Cuz thats ALOT of huge bands.
  10. Tesseract are probs the biggest metal band of late from UK. Other ones largely snapped by bloodstock. All im disagreeing with is the idea that Download should 'take note for future' when this lineup only really targets one segement of the crowd. I dont have a problem with 'freshening up', i'm just pointing out that the metal crowd makes up a big part of the overall Download crowd and theres very few metal bands here. Its more like a 2000 Trees line up than a Download one....and 2000 Trees is nowhere near as big as Download. I totally get and agree that its good for this year but a baseline for the future? Nah.
  11. Not really. Nothing for metal fans at all.
  12. Honestly that doesnt appeal at all.
  13. I agree Feeder shouldn't have headlined. Should have subbed (in '05 stillbig enough to do that). But Muse have headlined since then and Copping has repeatedly tried to get the Foo Fighters.
  14. How do you define right idea though? I was there in '05 and saw Feeder. Could walk down to the front it was a sparse crowd.
  15. I think they could, loads of old school fans and plenty of 'hits' that a big chunk of Download crowd would know. Yes would love that.
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