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  1. Oh yeah i'd forgotten about their 2nd one at Reading. I was at the 1st one in 2007.
  2. I'd be very suprised if they did that. I think next year will have Metallica one night though.
  3. Nine Inch Nails subbed at Reading/Leeda and Sonisphere (saw them at both). They would deffo be a great Download headliner, they have a massive fan base and always sell out their UK shows when they play here.
  4. Nine Inch Nails have never played so its not really a bump up. And yes, they should headline. Royal Blood are not a band the average metal fan listens too. Muse worked as alot of people in their late 20s and 30s (who make a large portion of the Download demographic) listened to them growing up when Plug In Baby was a rock club standard. Biffy Clyro was rather forced, alot of people checked them out simply because they were there.
  5. Ah I hadn't realised thanks.
  6. You realise that Hellfest are likely to have the same headliners right?
  7. Zero chance. Bands who have their own big shows lined up don't do Download.
  8. Meh. They have made it pretty clear they care more about the Reading/Leeds kinda crowd than they do about the Download kinda crowd.
  9. I think its: Friday: KISS/ ? / The Offspring Korn / Gojira Saturday Iron Maiden / Judas Priest / ? / Volbeat Sunday SOAD / Deftones / Disturbed ?
  10. Yeah they probs just got bumped up for how to help ticket sales after all the moaning about headliners.
  11. No chance. Their UK tour still has plenty of tickets available. But Sub maybe.
  12. Nova Rock announcement tommorow, should give good indication of other bands for Download plus which days current bands are playing. As for next Download announcement I reckon maybe end of next month once Volbeat tour is wrapped up.
  13. Yeah could see them getting announced once their arena tour is finished.
  14. Trying to move on from headliner debate....who else do we think will get added? I'm still thinking some of the monster of rock bands...Judas Priest obvious choice. Kinda expect Saxon too. Volbeat seem like they will be there. Devin Townsend said he doing summer fests. Lacuna Coil new album coming out makes them a candidate too. Alice In Chains did their own dates last year so if they follow the pattern (festival one year, own dates next year or vice versa) that would mean Festival this year.
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