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  1. No I haven't. I specifically said its a rumour. Got it from TheDownloadDirt on Twitter, who got it from reddit.
  2. I doubt it given their apparant 'we don't wanna play to metal crowds' attitide that is why they dont do Download. So the rumour is anyway.
  3. Glad to see it. I have a sneaky feeling Placebo for the friday night second stage spot. If its not Faith No More or Nightwish. Alter Bridge for sub headliner on the Sat.
  4. Iron Maiden do Trooper beer.....
  5. Either Faith No More or Placebo or Nightwish headlining 2nd stage on the friday (aka clashing with KISS). Would like Lacuna Coil and Arch Enemy to pop up somewhere on the bill too. Alice In Chains would also be fantastic but I doubt it.
  6. Really frustrating they still haven't announced any other bands. Whether I try and get a ticket or not is dependant on who else is playing.
  7. Placebo just added some summer festival dates, so a potential for headlining 2nd stage on the friday.
  8. Pray do tell if you know something.
  9. Personally I like the line up, several bands I want to see. I wonder if Knotfest will have any of them too...both done by livenation and I can imagine a couple. I wonder also what the hold up with the next announcement is. Perhaps they want to sell out Knotfets first. Or it could be Faith no More headlining 2nd stage on the friday, and they are waiting for them to sell that. Or could be Nightwish. Or both.
  10. More FNM UK dates....still leaving the Friday free and promoted by Live Nation.
  11. They put that on their fb. They are also now doing Manchester on the weds on Download....has friday night 2nd stage headliners written all over it.
  12. Yeah i'd say so. FNM headlining 2nd stage friday up against KISS. Alterbridge 2nd and Steel Panther 3rd on the Sat. Gojira up against Alterbridge.
  13. Faith No More in Ireland on saturday of Download.....betting its them on the friday vs KISS
  14. I wouldn't say FNM were bigger than Deftones amongst the Download crowd these days. But anyway both scenarios would work!
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