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  1. Liking the look of it so far. I've converted to Quite Camp last year and will be again this year, looks like walk to village won't be so crazy long too. And ya know obviously it not be a mud pool will be great. As a vege (not vegan) looks like loads more food options to so thats awesome. Dogtooth capacity increase a big plus, was way too crowded for the likes of The Hu and 12 Foot Ninja.
  2. Im excited for it. The Offspring, Deftones, Iron Maiden, Gojira, SOAD, Korn, Disturbed, Haken, Baroness (hoping those 2 dont clash with anyone), Lacuna Coil, The Wildhearts.....all stuff I wanna see plus plenty others i'll check out.
  3. I meant 'delay' as in they announced the fest but none of the bands. Even if March was the set date its still a delay from the original announcement so they must have a reason, and given its live nation who also do Download that must be a factor. Anyway, be nice to see the Undercard so i can decide if im going!
  4. Ah fair. 2008 was shit but I did enjoy Cavalera Conspiracy and Testament...some crazy pits. 2009 was vastly better.
  5. Where did you see that? And tbf 2008 was terriable and bands would have known Download were in process of buying the land for current site.
  6. He can't just click his fingers and make a band agree to play.
  7. Foo Fighters probably said no tbf.
  8. Well Prophets Of Rage disbanded and Zach has cancelled his solo work. Personally i'm thinking they might finally do a new album!
  9. The promoters are Live Nation. Same as who do Download.....
  10. So are we thinking the line up delay is because: A ) waiting to announce bands currently touring B ) waiting to announce bands playing Download C ) waiting for Download to sell more tickets first Or a combo of all 3?
  11. I hope different.....
  12. I don't think there's many bands left to be announced for download anyway. Probably a couple main-stage Saturday low down, and third stage headliner Friday. Maybe a a few on 4th stage. Copping said line up was virtually complete. I think slightly less bands this year to make less clashes (for example one less band on Sunday main stage)
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