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  1. Where did you find that?
  2. Ok maybe not loads but ya got Rammsten, Metallica, Iron Maiden, KISS touring who have all done it before. Plus theres bands like Nine Inch Nails, Foo Fighters and Pearl Jam who have yet to do it. (FF I dunno but it feels like they will *one day*). And Korn who deserve the bump up. I think theyd try all those (and AC/DC and Green Day) before they went for SOAD again.
  3. They headlined in 2017 though and there are a load of other headliner worthy bands touring (or will be touring) so you'd think theyd probably go for those instead. But always a chance especially if other bands say no.
  4. Pretty sure Halestorm will clash with Die Antwoord. Apparantly they won't clash with Slipknot. And last year on sat had 2nd stage headliner finish 10 mins before main stage headliner started.
  5. Logical. Still hoping for Arch enemy to pop up with that Download/Nova Rock shaped hole in their touring schedule. I do wonder if there was a wait to see what was going on with Brexit before they could confirm some bands for Saturday, giving the major logistical problems ending free movement presents for bands.
  6. So are we thinking they will add bands to main stage Saturday? its very odd it still only has 6.
  7. Half wish list/half prediction (I'm bored of FFDP, Mastodon and Ghost tbh but can see them all popping up) Friday: Korn, Alice In Chains, Five Finger Death Punch Saturday: Rammstein, Deftones, Mastodon Sunday: Metallica, Machine Head (Burn My Eyes in full), Ghost
  8. Arch Enemy have some days free in their tour schedule so can see them doing Download and maybe a couple UK/Ireland dates alongside it. Currently have dates up until 9th June then from 29th June onwards. Would guess 2nd stage lowish down. But other than that any US band at Nova Rock that weekend is a decent shout. Testament and Ministry I think are a maybe for the fri or sat. As currently they both start their European tour dates on the sun at nova rock. Logically you'd think they'd come a day or 2 earlier to do Download first.
  9. Its not purely about selling tickets for their own shows though. Its also who is a suitable headliner for the Download crowd, who has a bunch of hits and would get a good audience. Korn are headlining festivals elsewhere, have been around for ages, played Download a bunch of times in different slots - they have put the work in. ADTR are big atm sure. And will no doubt continue to be. But in terms of a Download crowd Alice In Chains are long established band. So really I think both are suitable sub-headliners. Both have a different appeal. Saying all this Korn will probs end up subbing again haha especially too Metallica or Rammsten.
  10. FFDP, Deftones and Disturbed pretty much all owe a good chunk of the sucess they have had to Korn. So I can't see them complaining. Always use the 'special guests' tag if Deftones subbed anyway. And Prophets Of Rage went down very well when they subbed in 2017. Also how can you claim ATDR can headline cuz they play arenas but Alice In Chains who are also playing arenas are a 3rd down band? I know you keep saying Reading but like i've said several times due to the difference between the R+L crowd and the Download crowd I don't think it should be a factor.
  11. Haha well shows what I mean about Reading - can't be used as a guide for Download crowd which feels pretty spread out between 18 and 65! If Korn headlined Limb Bizkit would be an obvious sub (im no fan of them just to say), like you said arena tour did well. Personally I think Deftones or Prophets Of Rage would be a good sub to them. Alice In Chains potentially too. 3rd down like FFDP or Disturbed and suddenly that looks pretty strong!
  12. Aye what you've said here is spot on.
  13. Good spot. Their own website says friday too. Hmmmm.
  14. But R+L is s different crowd as i'm saying. That festival follows trends and aims for a 16 to 25 crowd. Download has the hard rock/metal crowd which is loyal but never gonna be anywhere near as big in scope as R+L. I think amongst the Download crowd ADTR aren't headliner level and I can't see them attracting another new people to Download to make the risk it worth it.
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