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  1. I'm not saying his solo stuff is ground breaking or in my view even particularly interesting, it is what it is but I don't see any reason not to book him. You could argue the same for Adele & the fame she got from the Brit awards performance or any number of solo front men from other bands that have played higher slots etc. etc. As you say the festival isn't booked on subjective merit alone.
  2. I mean you could argue that Harry Styles has done something to this affect himself making him a perfect fit. He could have continued down the manufactured pop route to please the label & his existing 1D fan base, having hit after hit written for him & cashed the cheques without a care in the world. Instead he pushed himself out of that box, started writing and co-writing his own music based on his own influences, worked with different producers, released two successful albums that didn't rely on his past sucess and for all intents and purposes has remoulded himself as a singer songwrit
  3. Imagine being this narrow minded & still thinking you understand what Glastonbury is about. Also, a lot of Styles' solo music is co written by Kid Harpoon who himself has played Glasto several times, as well as co-writing for a lot of other Glasto performers; Florence, Lily Allen, Haim, Years & Years to name a few. I see no reason why Styles should be excluded because he was on a shite tv show over ten years ago.
  4. Protect the land feels almost slightly like a Serj solo track, Genocidal Humanoidz is classic System. Neither are a great departure from form, but it's exciting that they've finally released something new. Fingers crossed this could reignite the spark & lead to a new album.
  5. Erm, slightly ironic from a Corbyn fan, no?
  6. I mean that's one very selfish way to look at it, thank you for backing up the point about causing a divide though.
  7. And cause a massive divide between those still at work (some of whom will be working very high risk jobs) & those sat at home on furlough? I get the point you're trying to make, it works when you compare say a middle class office worker on a decent wage working from home with a low paid factory worker who's been furloughed, but substitute said office worker for a nurse or a care worker & the argument quickly loses backing. That isn't the solution in my opinion.
  8. Or you know rather than taxing working people extra they could sort out corporate tax dodging...
  9. This is a myth. It's an automated system, there is no backlog with new claims. (There is however a massive backlog with ensuring people are on the correct elements/commitments etc. which is why the DWP are doing a mass recruit for work coaches) As somebody that works closely with the benefits system for a living (not DWP!) I can asure you the backlog on the old legacy (pre universal credit system) would have been much greater and left more people without access to benefits at the start of the pandemic.
  10. Or alternatively because it isn't the main cause, simply the cheapest restriction to impose and a very easy scape goat for the government to direct the blame on to cover their failings in almost every other area.
  11. As a gay man I didn't personally find the picture homophobic either, though I'm sure it could be perceived as such by certain members of the community who are more involved in that side of gay culture. I did find gizmoman's response/justification troublesome to say the least though.
  12. So would you use that same justification for say using the n word because 'some black people promote and play along with it'?
  13. Headlining second stage? As great as that would be I'm not so sure. A Perfect Circle weren't booked in 2018 for the reason that they wanted higher billing than the festival thought they should get.
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