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  1. Hard to choose just one, so I'll do a top 5: Rammstein 2013 Tool 2019 Slipknot 2009 RATM 2010 Motley Crue 2007 (the energy in that tent was amazing, one of the best crowds I've ever been in at Download)
  2. So they did, I was there too - awful set up, one of the worst I've ever been at.
  3. Maybe because there is a large time gap between the two festivals & Qotsa were available in August not June? - Josh & Brody can't play in the same weekend, who would look after the kid. In all seriousness though, Download should book them to headline sooner rather than later.
  4. This is a made up list. How can Ozzy & Dave Grohl both cost double their respective bands? Not to mention bands that didn't even exist in 2014 being given prices: Pink Floyd, White Zombie etc. & artists that hadn't toured for years i.e. Bowie. Also no consideration for the location & how that can affect the price either.
  5. Guess that depends if they go down the route of clashing second stage with KISS in which case it makes sense to have a band that would appeal to the ADTR & Frank fans or if they let KISS play unopposed & clash second stage with ADTR in which case it makes sense to have an older/classic band that might appeal to the KISS fans.
  6. Not exactly, they were booked in 2013 before they pulled the first half of their European tour (they didn't pull out because Vodaphone leaked it contray to popular belief, they'd pulled out before that & Vodaphone were working with an old graphic.) But that shows they're not against playing Download. Edit: Pearl Jam I mean. I agree with you on Pixies unfortunately.
  7. By no means do I think he should, but they're an arena band & it's an easier sell with the reunion. If Copping is set on keeping a MOR headliner (& personally I'd rather they didn't) with choices running low then I'd rather them than bloody Def Leppard again.
  8. I could also see the hat bumping Motley Crue up to headliners off the back of the reunion & film. By no means am I saying he should, but it's the sort of 'inspired' booking he'd make to get a 'new' headliner.
  9. MCR, Iron Maiden, Avenged Sevenfold
  10. I see it slightly different in that BMTH, Ghost, Architects & Parkway Drive haven't been wheeled out every other year so they become stale & stuck in that same slot like Korn, BFMV etc. The intent is there, they just for one reason or another never seem to pull the trigger on them. This year would have been the right time for BMTH, but perhaps Copping didn't want their first time to be tarnished by the 'eugh this isn't a good replacement for Maiden' brigade. Five Finger Munch Bunch are slightly different, I can't see them making it to headliner for some reason. Either way o
  11. Could be, Frank Carter's Facebook page posted that they'd be playing on the Norway date though & has it listed under events too. Strange situation whatever ends up happening. Hopefully they aren't double booked & pull out of Download, that would be a big loss.
  12. I don't know, he seemed pretty excited to be supporting Green Day too & it doesn't set a very good precedent to pull out of a date with tickets already on sale. It seems odd to me that they haven't put anything on their social media about Download, but they have all the other shows/festivals they've been announced for.
  13. So what's the deal with Frank Carter? No mention of Download on their social media & they're booked to support Green Day on the 4th June in Norway. The slot they're playing is usually on around 5/5.30 to 6/6.30, so I can't see any possibility of them playing the set then making it to Norway to open for Green Day...
  14. Meh, BMTH would have been a better booking than Biffy, but overall it's decent. Hope Mastodon & Killswitch clash with Biffy.
  15. No, you missed the point as you always do. R&L do not struggle for headliners, Download do.
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