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  1. Correct. 94 was the first time Glastonbury was broadcast on TV & the first official death in the festival's history. I'll let you & @incident decide who does the next question since you both got one each...
  2. Shikari were great on the Leftfield stage in 2015. I think I'll have to give it to Metallica headlining though, as a fan of heavier music that wasn't something I ever expected Glastonbury to do.
  3. Nope. There was a shooting incident in 94, but no idea if that was the first (or only?) confirmed shooting at Glastonbury or not. Another clue: it could happen if you got shot. It's happened again at the festival a lot of times since.
  4. Nope. First time broadcast on national TV is one. Clue: it's not a nice first.
  5. 1 out of 2 ain't bad, have another crack at it...
  6. Nope. But good guess because the Pyramid did burn down that year & they had to use a last minute alternative. But that wasn't the answer as it wasn't the first time Glastonbury went ahead without the Pyramid stage.
  7. What where the two significant 'firsts' for the festival that occurred in 1994?
  8. I could see Download going in for NIN if they're around next summer. I guess APE has the selling point that they'd get to headline though. Where as Download would probably want them as a sub & we saw how that turned out last time they played R&L.
  9. I wasn't overly harsh with anything I said? Don't come for me to deflect from your own comments earlier on, I didn't call anybody out on mental health issues.
  10. I'd say basically saying fuck the elderly and vulnerable in society because I want to see my girlfriend on a weekend is a little more than 'emotive comments'. I understand you're probably not in a good place right now, but try to think before you put messages out & you might find this forum a good supportive place. Italy aren't under house arrest either & it's very unlikely that all public transport will be cancelled.
  11. This is one of the most selfish things I've ever read on this forum. Things like this really do bring out the worst in people.
  12. But if everybody took the same attitude it wouldn't be a few hundred would it. That was the point.
  13. Fair point, retract the bongos comment. The rest stands.
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