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  1. Tempted by this. Has anyone been before? What's the vibe? Is there plenty of nightlife?
  2. Even if they couldn't get System back (which I think is likely the case or Biffy would have been the ones to get the boot not them) they could have looked at alternatives. That line up is going to look especially weak if it turns out Rammstein, Metallica, Pearl Jam etc. all decide to tour next year.
  3. Very rare that I agree with you, but I do. They really should have dropped Kiss at this point.
  4. Would have preferred if they'd managed to keep System & dropped Kiss to bring Maiden back. A new set of headliners all together would have been better though.
  5. If they move the date I'd expect a fair amount of bands to drop off anyway, especially if it's Sep as traditionally there are a lot of US festivals around that time. But I'm sure they could cobble together a half decent line up even of mainly British bands. Who knows, they're effectively run by the same company as R&L these days, perhaps they'll have Queens of the Stone Age headline both in order to sweeten the deal & get them to come over. I think it's telling that they haven't outright cancelled when the roadmap was released though. They must at least be considering moving
  6. Hence why I said greatest hits, she can still deliver the goods when she's not trying to be 'current'.
  7. A Madonna greatest hits set is the best possible headliner Glastonbury could book now that Prince is dead.
  8. Yeah on reflection that was a poor choice of words. But, I stand by my point that Freddie was cringey. He came across to me like he always had a rehearsed routine that he shoved into every song & just made it about himself.
  9. For me personally I don't like the constant interuptions or the annoying 'ay-oh' crowd interaction shtick, I find it distracting and as I said, cringey. I appreciate a lot of people do like it, that's great, but it's not my bag. For me, a good frontman shouldn't detract from the band or the songs, which is what Freddie did.
  10. Queen are the most overrated band in history & Freddie wasn't a great frontman, he was cringey. Phoebe Bridgers is trash. ABBA wrote better songs than the Beatles.
  11. How many 85+ people do you think can cope in daily life without at least some sort of support from family or care providers? Be it care, cleaning, washing, food shopping etc. It's the main reason why the whole 'lock down the vulnerable/elderly only' argument doesn't work.
  12. Kuenssberg is a c**t. I'd go as far as to say she's worse than Boris.
  13. I've always got on well with you on here but grow the fuck up Matt. I'm not judging you for making the decision to leave London, I empathise with it, but at least own it & accept it's a selfish move rather than attacking anyone and everyone who challenges you.
  14. You've made the small flat point several times now. If it's ok to live in for the other 364 days a year why is it suddenly too small on Christmas day can I ask?
  15. I think ASOS, BooHoo etc has probably had the biggest impact.
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