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  1. Frankly Mr Shankly


    To be fair that’s not exactly a fair comparison, it was Lana’s first UK date in 4 years & she rarely tours. Sza is doing it off the back of a massive tour last year that included 4 sold out nights at the 02.
  2. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds / Rihanna / Sam Fender
  3. Perfect 10 is getting some unnecessary hate in my opinion, might not be his finest work but for a tongue in cheek sing a long tune it’s great.
  4. Well, that’s made not having tickets this year easier to swallow. Some gems dotted around, but on the whole one of the weaker lineups of recent years. The other stage headliners in particular stand out as beige beige beige.
  5. If we’re going down the route of it being a ‘surprise’, Ariana Grande has to be in the conversation. New album out & she’s the sort of artist that could drop last minute tour plans and still sell them out instantly. (I think it’ll be SZA, just putting another name out there that is female & possible)
  6. Music for Men was an absolute beast of an album, one of the best of the 00’s. I’m glad they seem to be getting some recognition for being more than just a one hit wonder.
  7. I’m not sure I’d consider LCD anymore ‘dancey’ than Beck to be honest…
  8. I’ll agree on Tina.
  9. Because when Glastonbury’s plans have fallen through in the past, ‘exclusives’ and other shows haven’t stopped them, e.g… Metallica in 2014 who were ‘exclusive to Sonisphere’ and The Who in 2015 who cancelled a gig in Paris to do Glastonbury. I’m not saying I think Green Day are playing, but I wouldn’t write it off completely based on them being ‘exclusive’ elsewhere, as it’s happened before.
  10. I think of George Michael & Prince as the two stand out Glastonbury ‘moments’ that could have been, but sadly never will be.
  11. Metallica were ‘exclusive’ at Sonisphere in 2014 too.
  12. New tune is superb. Wouldn’t expect anything less. Here’s hoping for some tour dates soon.
  13. Michael Jackson confirmed.
  14. It does, but it was the original plan. - could have gone down as possible the best top two pairing in history.
  15. That Metallica info came from Neil & it wasn’t true. Metallica were never doing the other stage. They offered to headline & Glasto turned them down (thinking they had Prince), Metallica signed on with Sonisphere as an exclusive, then had to do some serious back tracking to get Sonisphere to agree to letting them do Glasto when Prince fell through. - I know this because a friend worked in the Sonisphere team at the time. - it was Glasto already being sold out and the huge publicity/tv coverage that caused them to agree to it. Glasto also pushed hard for Prince in 2011, but he ultimately chose to do Hop Farm festival instead at the last moment. Beyoncé was originally booked to sub, as she did at T in the Park that year too.
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