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  1. You're an absolute star - that would be amazing! Will drop you a DM now
  2. After hearing the new song thought I'd give Manchester a punt but it's sold out! D'oh! Hadn't taken the plunge earlier as I had Elbow tickets for the night before Is Twickets still the best bet for tickets?
  3. That Twitter girl we've reference a few times has just tweeted that the rumoured act she'd mentioned is now no longer appearing, and that it's a boring band now instead. Still not sure how much credence to put into what she says, but interesting nonetheless.
  4. Jamesthedrake


    Would also quite like a spare code if there are any going!
  5. My praying to the Glasto gods paid off. I'm bloody going. Can't quite believe it yet.
  6. Tickets secured. I'm going back in. If I get through again will try to help some of you lovely peeps.
  7. Re: The National. I was a sorta fan, but was totally blown away by their Glasto performances (largely due to the fact I wasn't totally familiar with their material, so just enjoyed it as a casual listener) For my dad, who was there only waiting for Foo Fighters and on my recommendation that I'd heard they were a great live band, was totally transformed by the show (and, oddly, was almost brought to tears by 'I Need My Girl'). The National are now one of his favourite bands, we've seen them again together, and that Glasto set will now always have a special place in my heart. Different strokes for different folks I guess, but I can attest to the fact that it seemed to have gone down a hell of a lot better to non-fans.
  8. Ocean Colour Scene playing Manchester Albert Hall this November. With support from Martha Reeves...
  9. Anyone got any ideas of who the support acts could be for this?
  10. Yeah I'm in that queue as well, I'm pretty sure you can get regular tickets though? That's what the Facebook messenger thing says anyway...
  11. I've just had the Facebook 'alarm' go off but still no code!
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