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  1. if there's war its not (this time) been contrived by 'the west', putin is a proper evil bastard who's alwatys wanted to restore the russian empire.
  2. i think there was, byut i don't think it was within the old-ish backup that was restored, sorry about the lost posts its not possible to take a constant backup.
  3. if they force this on the trader then the traders will want a guarantee it'll work, and that they won't suffer losses via a buggy system.
  4. tory mps are p0robably hoping they can go back to winner boris.
  5. that's probably something most of of the in-group agree with, that the group members shouldn't be allowed to take action against the group. without facing expulsion from the group.
  6. i don't think trying to improve the laws for borders which aren't working counts as authoritarian, improving laws is about improving (i mean improving so they achieve what they aimed for, to control who crosses the borders).
  7. Neil

    2022 Headliners

  8. i'm binging on radio four, EXCELLENT SERIES ON QANON, AND HOW IT STARTED (CLINTON HATE). https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m001324r
  9. Neil

    2022 Headliners

    that suggests to me that he knows something is happening this week, that'll feed reform speculation, glasto announcement.
  10. that would be an expectation of spaffer sacking himself.
  11. brown had a strong sense of public service, that's absent from spaffer.
  12. [quote] Posted 22 hours ago · IP 23 hours ago, squirrelarmy said: He’s likely to win a an election campaign for Labour basically for not being Corbyn. If that were true, how do you explain his poor performance in the polls up until the tory implosion?[/quote] i explain it by the number of labour voters who spent their time slagging him off(more than those people did the tories).
  13. am feeluing a bit smug at my backups sucess i've seen so many people not backup what they needed to. You only find out if a backup plan works when you have to use it.
  14. turns out that i do have a backup as i backed up one NAS to my other NAS using the backup package that comes with the NAS. you can never have too many backups!
  15. i've got a bit lucky with my backups, for some reason my NAS disks decided to corrupt themselves, and when repaired, my domain backups and configs have disappeared. i think all of the domain files have already been uploaded to the live server, so they're not lost, i'd have been screwed if this had happened few weeks ago. i might still have backups, as i backed up a via a backup programme, rather than a copy of the files.
  16. Yeah, have been giving her a listen today.
  17. no it dudn't i got sent a usb charge lead from china which was the packAGE I WAS TRACKING. and i got my money back from paypal too. nothing to get upset about as it always seemed too good to be true.
  18. you hea5rd about the hong kong hamster cull, owners are fleeing to save their hamsters.
  19. i'd do That, up for anything me! 😄
  20. Neil


    she's well setbup with some unhappness to do another album.
  21. Neil


    Adele looks unhappy enough to enough to write a new song.
  22. lot of disgusting comment around this defection from the labour left, cos if previously-tory-supporters aren't wanted, labour is going nowhere.
  23. he famously doesn't do details.
  24. him aas pm is going just how many predicted.
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