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  1. lol @ Musk trolling Man Utd.
  2. one of the better signings since fergie.!
  3. wonder how long it'll be before the melvin haters pile in with their hate.
  4. we all built a future on gas then the future changed.
  5. If Labour are doing well there'll be an idiot along to mess it up
  6. that's a bit like predicting Michael eavis. paolo is always on the eavii's mind, as his manager is in their face (i think he spends a lot of time with them).
  7. that's probably more to do with the exact situation at the moment because the generating sector is shrinking (closing the nukes), than any brilliant management.
  8. i've been drizled on all morning, out doing walking football.
  9. wish it would rain properly, these few drips are ANNOYING.
  10. my bruv lives in Germany he has oil as his alternative to gas.
  11. Neil

    Arctic Monkeys

    i've just seen that am ARE PLAYING outdoors in a roman arena in croatia this summer, it looks a fantastic venue. if i was a fan i'd try to go.
  12. Neil

    Paul McCartney

    make that three. the band were crap too. even worse with the extras.
  13. traders are billed for their electricity usage.
  14. the energy companies won't be making profits big enough to pay for the energy at the public's end, they'll be selling high because they'll be buying high.
  15. i can't believe that roy hackett isn't more widely celebrated, his actions have impacted on every non-white in the uk. there should be a roy hacket day. 🙂 he';s well celebrated in bristol.
  16. theres no getting past Sunday's back pages which slaughtered man U.
  17. as an exchange for doing things differently to the norm.
  18. the philips might be better, mine have been cheap no-name ones, but haven't looked cheap (i once bought a cheap looking set, and didn't use it as i thought it wouldn't last outdoors (changing them when they broke is a hassle as they're mounted in the fence),
  19. who'd have predicted that giggs wouldn't be the most hateful player in the papers this week.</mendy>
  20. if they are those led stripes they won't last either. i've had a few in my garden for a few years and have had to change them a few times.
  21. ROB'S AT IT AGAIN, THE MAD SOD @Superscally https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-62469739
  22. hot news, its raining here, at bloody last 😛
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