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My Chemical Romance - Stadium MK - 20th June

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Holy fuck I didn't expect them to go up right fucking now.  2 STANDING TICKETS BAGGED IN THE MAD SCRAMBLE.  Seetickets btw. Buzzing! Rammstein and MCR back-to-back! Let's go!

I'm seeing a lot of hotel chat, but I'd recommend Big Green Coach. They pick you up in city centres and drop you home afterwards directly from the venue. They're doing it for this gig from Birken

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Just now, Jericode said:

Yeah straight through on See, but I got through queues on Ticketmaster and AXS at the same time. Just had the See tab open so used them :P

Yeah got through on both ticketmaster and see near enough the same time but just went for see. Nothing gets my heart racing quite as much as trying to get tickets. Thank fuck for that.

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1 minute ago, RarerThanDandyB said:


No luck, looks sold out on there too.


Imagine everyone has friends to cover who missed out on tickets, but if anyone does end up with a spare please let me know. 

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doubt it'll be the bowl - they've sold tickets at different prices on the basis it's in the stadium. That's probably a cock-up by BGG.

Is a 2nd date coming today, with tickets? If so, I'm guessing it won't be until after the 10am surge for kendrick tickets.


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