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  1. Sam fenders stock has grown a hell of a lot. As much as I agree foals have been very big right now sam is arguably bigger. Playing bigger venues at least
  2. And they would do a great job of it!
  3. TRNSMT very strong. That strokes day is gorgeous
  4. Why not get kaiser chiefs on as well 😉
  5. I get that point in fairness, however I prefer the bookings like blossoms where bands who have been growing get that chance and little push to headline rather than just getting the same old in stereophonics and courteeners to headline. Either way I’d say it’s a good trio they have got
  6. You’ve just explained why they are a headliner, really nice watch and listen. For the bill for me. Also I’d say they’re big enough around these parts, sold out manchester arena and edgely park. I’d say they are a good fit to close the festival
  7. Around 20,000 I think, might’ve dropped to 15,000 even
  8. Guess you need to broaden your horizons a bit then
  9. They subbed at neighbourhood last year. Think this size of festival is just out of their reach to headline on their own. Could see them headlining a ynot or truck which is a tad smaller
  10. Wouldn’t be a suprise. They’ve rehashed them enough times now 😴
  11. Wombats would make sense and be a pretty strong sub
  12. Any guesses on the subs? I’m gonna go for vaccines James and fontaines
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