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  1. Second date available on gigs and tours now
  2. Hopefully 4 different artists for me and my friends rather than the same one 4 times
  3. Me and 3 others managed to sign up, do you reckon everyone who signed up in tune will get something or just some people?
  4. Courteeners played last year
  5. That’s quite good to be fair
  6. Will it be at the same time as the truck announcement?
  7. I would say the following are all possibilities; Bombay bicycle club: new album out, about right size for sub headliner, the vaccines: hard to tell as no tour dates currently scheduled, would also be sub headliner most likely and would be a popular booking, royal blood: got some festival dates in May, would be a good headliner, probably around the right size, Ian brown: headlining victorious and nbhd weekender, both similar sizes to tramlines, could see him headlining here to appease the dark fruits bunch, foals: possibly too big to headline but did headline ynot so who knows, Sam fender: good ticket shifter, could sub like at nbhd, the kooks: playing sub at this is tomorrow so could do the same here, blossoms:new album out so could progress to headliner compared to their last time at tramlines, anyone else with any suggestions?
  8. Likely to be early feb announcement again?
  9. Any fresh info/news/predictions?
  10. Any fresh info/news/predictions?
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