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  1. People may be listening to the new streets or dmas album but I’m actualy going for the debut album by a very young impressive and different band from Huddersfield called two pound (album called two pound go out). Would highly reccomend, it might be a bit different but I am definitely a fan. One to watch for the future
  2. Announcement coming today?
  3. I’m surprised how active they are on social media despite the imminent cancellation
  4. Who we all reckon for next year then? could see courteeners
  5. Its a shame but no surprise, any idea of tramlines is gonna switch back to being before ynot next year or are they going to clash?
  6. Also just noticed it’s gone back to its regular weekend next year. Is it going to clash with tramlines then it will tramlines go back to the weekend before ynot?
  7. Sad but no surprise is it? Correct decision. Come on @JBarbour now that it’s over, did you know who any of the unannounced acts were (mainly the Thursday and Friday headliners)? Just give us some enjoyment at this rubbish time pls lol
  8. Anyone reckon kasabian headlining next year, for some reason straight up cancelled the Leicester gig instead of postponing till next summer so maybe contractually exclusive to a festival in uk next summer?
  9. We reckon there’s any chance of changing the dates?
  10. Christ they’ve booked that miles in advance
  11. Fair enough, thank you
  12. Nice, any hints on any names?
  13. Little man Tate teasing a return, surely they’d play if back
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