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  1. Y not is a cracking festival
  2. Wonder when day and stage splits are out, was 5th April last year
  3. Wonder when stage splits are out, was 16th April last year
  4. Supposed leak by the Rev however not certain because a couple of the bands names are on the poster twice...
  5. They’re probably sick of it
  6. Unlikely as that’s where they played last time round and are bigger since and are subbing at truck
  7. There aren’t many high acts left to fill, we’ve already got all headliners, all subs and all quarry headliners
  8. Some decent additions, nothing ridiculous but still very good lineup for the price
  9. DRENGE!?!?!?!? Local lads as wel
  10. Ahahahaha Christ I’ve just got it, very happy with grennan coming back
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