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  1. Yeah that's why i threw their name in tbh, if they can't get big names they'll be promoting newer bands. Another very unlikely case of this is Bring me the horizon. Imagine if they even ask 1975 to come back again. Seems anything is possible at the moment.
  2. Impossible but imagine 30stm playing A Beautiful Lie in full.
  3. I agree with the above... Here's me being devils advocate: Queen (Very not likely) Tyler the creator(Available, Likely?) Foo Fighters Biffy Clyro (Not likely)
  4. I still think it's bonkers they said they're not doing anymore European shows and everybody just accepted it haha. Obviously they're going to say that.
  5. It causes excitement for me Hopefully won't be followed with disappointment.
  6. I saw this quite cool idea really if you're not fussed about flight prices, would be a good experience. Like many others i've already booked my flights and I couldn't really be bothered going to London from Manchester to Madrid.
  7. Thanks Ken - Any names in the hat who they're pushing for in regards to the Friday ? @Ken19
  8. I think this forum is also a great platform to speculate and share 'theories', if the dates fit around an artist schedule (realistically) their name should be thrown in the hat. Another example is MCR, had no reason not to play MC and have an active July, however they're now scheduled to play Kiev on the 9th and Moscow the 11th, an example of things changing. Thus meaning they're not a realistic headliner now as that's a mammoth ask/almost impossible but were heavily discussed to headlining.
  9. I'm not even a massive Strokes fan, know about 10 songs at most lmao just asked a question.
  10. Does anyone know if Primavera paid for a spain exclusive for The Strokes?
  11. I'm hoping for Post Malone and Tyler the creator still.
  12. Was just about to post it, hopefully clutch will be with them in MK prior to the Dublin show
  13. I imagine they held MC to ransom with the line up leak, they were probably fuming with the festival but said all will be forgotten with X amount of cash
  14. I just bought tickets for June 20th cause that was the only confirmed show at the time, I didn't really wanna rely on rumours of a second show. Now there's four shows haha, I'm not bothered about titles like first show back on uk soil etc. Just happy i got them!
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