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  1. Hope they get the ball rolling with some announcements soon!
  2. Highly recommend checking out Malevolence
  3. Couldn't find any other Lost Village thread. But a good friend of mine is selling 2 tickets if anybody's interested
  4. Seen a post on a facebook download page "To those finding their money is being refunded, TM are cancelling and refunding people that have been booking more than one ticket per account. T&Cs are clear we need to get consent from everyone attending, using same TM account means they are the same person in our system, They need their own account anyway to show the tickets etc. so they have to purchase it separate. Tickets MUST not be purchased on the same TM account" Makes complete sense tbf
  5. I wasn't after a ticket mate, just posting in here incase anybody was struggling
  6. Seen a lot of people having issues with that share a friend code or whatever it is via the DL twitter
  7. Fingers crossed for you, hope you get some tickets!
  8. The demand will be through the roof I think as the festival is going from an audience of 110,000 to 10,000. Not just that but look at how well festivals across the country are selling out, I think people just want to live a normal life again.
  9. Yeah I recall Park life tickets never making it to general sale, also The Warehouse Project announced a number of shows for September/October this week too, they sold a huge amount of tickets on pre sale, maybe like 75%+ so it only took seconds to sell out once they were on general sale.
  10. I wonder if Malevolence will play, does anybody know if they're actually banned from playing download after their 2014 set or is it just an internet rumor?
  11. £120 for a 3 day festival including camping is solid, they'll be plenty of bands there that have been out of work for 16 months.
  12. Surely some bands from abroad will come and play to as this will be part of the trial/project to see how external talent can perform safely.
  13. The line up will be significantly weaker (but still strong)but its all about opinion, Download will be unable to bring over huge names. But If the capacity is 10k you're looking for bands like Architects stepping up to headliner slots or maybe some already established UK bands that'll be happy to play. Who knows what to expect though, Bring me the horizon could very well play as they have a UK tour in Sept and this could be treated as warm up shows for many bands that have been out of live work for X amount of months.
  14. Completely agree, Gallows may be a tricky one with Wade living in north america but would love to see them active again!
  15. I thought that, very active band though and a new album coming out, would be easier than bringing in a big band over seas too if it's going to be UK bands only, they're arguably one of the biggest. They're still planning on doing that tour of small shows in October too which have been delayed numerous times.
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