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  1. Is there a thread for selling tickets - I'm selling 4 X full weekend tickets, roll overs from 2020 if I remember rightly, playing catch up with all cancelled and postponed gigs still!
  2. Has anybody seen any prices or know anything regarding these tickets ? Cheers
  3. The situation in 2022 with Volbeat is that they're still terrible beyond belief.
  4. There's still plenty to be announced......
  5. Agreed, Prima sold very well very quickly. I was hoping we'd be in a position where we could compare MC and prima's line up and still have the opportunity to purchase tickets to either one. Prima is stacked top to bottom and I think MC will be stronger at the top of the bill.
  6. Think it's well documented but Muse, Kings of leon, Pixies, Deftones, The war on drugs will more than likely be there. Muse are incredible live!
  7. Hope they get the ball rolling with some announcements soon!
  8. Highly recommend checking out Malevolence
  9. Couldn't find any other Lost Village thread. But a good friend of mine is selling 2 tickets if anybody's interested
  10. Seen a post on a facebook download page "To those finding their money is being refunded, TM are cancelling and refunding people that have been booking more than one ticket per account. T&Cs are clear we need to get consent from everyone attending, using same TM account means they are the same person in our system, They need their own account anyway to show the tickets etc. so they have to purchase it separate. Tickets MUST not be purchased on the same TM account" Makes complete sense tbf
  11. I wasn't after a ticket mate, just posting in here incase anybody was struggling
  12. Seen a lot of people having issues with that share a friend code or whatever it is via the DL twitter
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