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  1. Anybody rolling over to 2021? Bands being announced July 8th!
  2. I wonder if the delay in a cancellation announcement is them working on a new venue for next year and they'll roll over the tickets?
  3. Can you post the announcement when this is made?
  4. I've just double checked my passport and that expires in July, totally forgot about this due to MC being up in the air. I cant imagine a new one would arrive in time now arghhh
  5. https://www.vice.com/en_uk/article/pke5y7/coronavirus-festival-cancellation-primavera-roskilde-meadow-in-the-mountains Summary across the continent
  6. Some of the quotes are here https://www.edp24.co.uk/going-out/the-killers-carrow-road-norwich-gig-postponed-due-to-coronavirus-1-6606875
  7. Obviously..... just interesting to see what the latter two bands do.
  8. The Killers still haven't made any announcements yet and they're scheduled to play in May, MCR still not cancelled their uk shows & same as Rammstein (Both in Jue). Both playing football stadiums so will be hard just to postpone.
  9. Does anyone know what Rammstein are doing? Refunds or postpone ? I think they play Coventry the same day.
  10. I'm surprised they're still quite active on social media, suggesting playlists etc
  11. 500 died in the past 24 hours in Spain, things look/sound horrendous. Matter of when not if?
  12. Mine fell under those dates, possibly that's why.
  13. Corona virus or not you cancel with some good notice on Air b n b for a full refund. I think you cancel on the day before and you're only charges a service fee. You can go on air b n b and click cancel and it'll tell you all about it but you dont have to cancel.
  14. Your Air b n b should be fine, they run cancellations right until the death going from past experience. They're also aware of the effect the virus has had and are offering full refunds, I got one for Amsterdam, I was supposed to go in 2 weeks.
  15. This virus is spreading like crazy, they can say its still happening but no promises can be made. Time will tell
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