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  1. Near the end of the Chucky tv show. Thought it was great that they cast genuine 14 year olds as the main teenage cast, but I also find that I don't care about their scenes whatsoever. All I care about is Chucky and what Chucky is up to. I feel that whenever Chucky's not on screen, the other characters should be asking 'where's Chucky?' - which actually is what's happening. Maybe that's part of the problem with a whole series about some kids living in fear of a plastic ed sheeran. Some funny death scenes. He's such a scamp.
  2. 18/11/21 Coupla weeks ago now. Third time seeing Joy Crookes, after a pub in 2019, and an improptu gig basically outside my flat in September, but now here she is at the full size Birmingham Institute, playing to 1500 people. Looking at setlist.fm there hasn't been too many gigs inbetween all those dates. I've heard her on Clara Amfo a few times, but I was never sure how many fans she had, or what those people were like. Turns out from the queue that amassed 30 minutes before her stagetime (which we were also in) it's students, whose commitment to predrinking had them swerving the support. The atmosphere inside was electric, with that Big Wednesday feeling only pissed up students can muster. Joy came on to screams care of the crowd, and an out of time backing track care of one of her instrument lads. After a restart, she confidently went into her new material, only faltering later when she was seemingly crowdstruck. She's a great performer, but only so far removed from being one of the crowd herself, that sometimes it shows. It's endearing, and fits well amongst the raw and exposed feeling in her songs. The show was mostly new material, excising a lot of her original popular songs. A shame, as they hold up, but I'd imagine there can't be many 23 year olds who want to perform what they wrote at 19.
  3. Had me wondering if Kingpin is gonna be the Thanos of the street level tv mini universe. He'd fit in She-Hulk and Moon Knight, and maybe even Ms Marvel. (and the Echo show, obv)
  4. Never gonna surprise me, but it's nice to see it laid out lmao why's mine so big?
  5. I like how all 3 younger siblings are mean to each other, but Kendall isn't funny. He just destroys all bonhomie.
  6. I'm at the final boss of Metroid Dread. Died a few times, but I don't feel like taking a lot of time and goes to defeat a boss this hard, probably cuz there's nothing after it. The others had me coming back again and again cuz beating them was the only way I was gonna get to explore more.
  7. Nice. All the background stuff is very interesting. This is the first season I've watched, having got into it via the netflix show.
  8. Thanks. I suppose it stops people just having a new engine every 2 minutes.
  9. Is there a penalty for changing out your engine before the qualifying has started?
  10. Padjeq

    2021 New Music

    this is a song for september nights and I'm 2 months too late
  11. There was a summer where front and rear standing became a thing in arenas. I went to two gigs like that and was only ever in the front bit, which is like a golden circle except half the size of the venue. Standing at the back of it was great cuz there was so much space and you were only halfway back, but it was depressing to turn around to see people hugging the rear standing barriers even though they were so far from the stage. Felt like the have and the have nots. Kenwood House's one being an odd shape, I'd say people enter from the front left of the blue bit, and from the rear for the red bit. Probably a matter of logistics that has caused the split this way.
  12. so glad Phoebe Bridgers is announced again
  13. Padjeq

    Grammys 2022

    Halsey is angling at Best Alternative or rock or something like that this year. I expect a win.
  14. 16/11/21 It's been an age since I went to a gig at The Victoria. They've scaled down their comically massive sound/DJ booth to about a third of the size, and now they have full capacity of 100 people. Probably half that amount were in the room tonight, all of which stood in a semicircle around the back of the room, forcing me to take my place directly front and centre, my 6 foot and 3 inches casting a shadow over the cowards behind. Declan Welsh and the Decadent West made use of the Vic's new high stage and raised speakers, blasting their political indie rock to a frontline of wide trousered girls and lager lads, all of whom came together to flail on the dance floor to big favourite 'Absurd'. Nice to see an act touring their way down from Glasgow and working all the pubs like in the olden days, and it's nice to pay £9 for it. Feels like the scene is coming back.
  15. As long as the villains get comic book introductions (meeting them in situ, robbing a bank or whatever) and not film mini origin intros, like Eternals spent 90 minutes doing, I think it'll be alright. re: the redeemed villains. Electro might be from a different universe to the Garfield spidey. He's all yellow now instead of blue. Doc Ock looks like he's been pulled out from the middle of Spider-Man 2, but then there's a lot in the trailer to suggest he essentially joins forces with Tom Holland and the gang, for mutual concerns. I'm hoping Garfield Spidey is now Spider-Man Noir, following the death of Gwen Stacey.
  16. Bieber's arena tour is all seated. Bit weird given his demographic now (which is everyone). Fwiw a seat in row V in section 108 is a chocolate bar shy of £100. This is the best it would give me. Either the floor seats are sold or not in the presale.
  17. I usually like my chances in a scrum, but after Glastonbury 2020, I'm losing faith. Thank you everyone who answered my question
  18. Wish they'd cast a new redheaded Daredevil, or at the very least grab Cox by the ankles and give him a dip dye. But at the same time I want to keep the Kingpin we've already got, and additionally I don't think you could ask for a better Punisher actor than Jon Bernthal.
  19. Coming to War Memorial Park in Coventry, the BBC's mainstream music festival back and bigger than ever at 3 days, planting its big bottom down on 27th, 28th and 29th May 2022. Anyone familiar with the process of getting tickets for host city residents? Supposedly 90% of tickets go to them. How do you prove it?
  20. That was really funny. 'Ajax fell out with the Clifford the Big Red God dot dot dot' like it's information you need to know beforehand and not actually just the plot of the film. The first post-credits scene had me howling. Can't believe I didn't have that spoiled for me, given who the actor is. Wonder what Eternals will Return really means. highlight spoiler Harry Styles as Eros, with his comedy sidekick seems more like a Guardians of the Galaxy character than Eternals. They also played 80s rock music over his scene end spoiler
  21. 10/11/21 Went down The Mill to watch Shame. Even though they've been open now for months, all their taps are suffering the indignity of being crowned with an upturned glass. No beer even in cans or in bottles. Your options for a big wet were tins of somersby or baby size purple koppaberg, although they were shifting these faster than they could stock the fridge. A grim experience that had me moving over to Cointreau and lemonade. The King of Summer Drink for sure, but at £6 for a double over ice, I will not be complaining. First act on were The Umlauts. All I could think of when they were playing was the Post Punk thread from here the other day. The Goa Express were in the middle. Coulda been nerves, but for young looking fellas it was very 'contractual obligation despite half the band not talking to each other'. Fair play to them they kept the crowd nice and calm, and crucially, quiet. I did wonder if the lack of booze was helping the lack of gigtalking. One of these bands was the late replacement for Wet Leg, who pulled out last week. Don't think everyone knew. A lad next to me had to be informed by his mate 'no they're off the bill' when Goa came out. A family group rooted to the spot all night simply disappeared the moment Goa started playing. Shame themselves were great. I was wondering if their star had fallen, but there seemed to me they had a much younger and gender varied crowd than last time they were here, with a lot of movement. Main fella's shirt lasted 5 songs (which is 1 more than Jason Derulo, fact fans). I've seen them 5 times now across their own gigs, festivals and other bands' support, and they're still consistently good. 11/11/21 Stood in the sweet spot between the packed-in girls at the front, and the larger parents hiding at the back, we hovered in the hot basement of The Sunflower Lounge waiting for Lola Young. Having worked her way to the stage, through the crowd, with a string of sorrys and excuse mes, Lola got on the mic and brought up the show she'd done at Lafayette the night before. Unlike that gig we'd all seen footage of online (in a bigger premises, presumably full with executive types) Lola's band would not be joining her here or anywhere else on this small tour. Tickets were £9, so even if this was about to be a glorified PA, I wasn't cribbing. 120 capacity wasn't quite sold out, and the tour (Live Nation) was underpromoted. She's been compared to Winehouse and Adele, and for good reason - her songs of messy relationships are accompanied by pure gabbing inbetween songs. The RnB voice on her is rarely heard in name-on-the-door venues like this. She played her songs on guitar and sometimes on a dead piano sounding keyboard, and for one song acapella because she couldn't remember how it went, kicking her big shoes off as she went. The song Fake sounded big, even with just her alone. You may have seen her perform it on Jools Holland a few weeks back (she also performed it on james corden, which I saw knocking about on youtube). She covered Together in Electric Dreams for this year's John Lewis ad, and opted not to perform it here. I don't think anyone was bothered, and I don't think anyone in that room was brought here because of it. This did feel like the start of something. Expect a rocketpack to be strapped to her in the new year. Probably Brits Rising Star and BBC Sound Of finalist, if not outright winner.
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