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  1. If you're going today and want merch go immediately. We got in at 3:50 and were in a queue for 40 minutes. It only got longer from there. At least we didn't miss anything. The queues after the gig for merch, along with the bag collection were mental. No pat downs or metal detectors. Just 2 lads at the start of the gate pointing the backpack squad to the bag storage, and then a second layer of security checking what's in your bag and giving you a wristband. Very fast and efficient getting in, and before doors officially open too. Getting drinks: don't just join the queue. There's often a much smaller queue on the opposite entrance to the same bar.
  2. N Dubz timed their reunion perfectly. 10 years is a good amount to let your fanbase who moved on start to feel nostalgic.
  3. That's really sad. Saw them several times in that early 2010s DIY era.
  4. Good account here compiling stuff. Front section looks pretty big twitter.com/ The_MCR_Archive. I pasted the address and it displayed the entire feed in this post
  5. Still Kendrick tickets on Priority right now standing and seated for Birmingham Arena. £86.40 fees inclusive for standing, which I think is a little bit cheaper than last time.
  6. Only time I ever saw him live was Leeds 2014 on his solo show. He was so charismatic in his blue suit and red tie. I think the costumes pull everything together, and now they're out there looking how they probably did playing in pubs rather than the overblown armygoths that people associate with their entire career. Gotta wonder what tonight's show will be like. The Eden gigs were effectively warm ups on a small stage in front of a small crowd. You'd expect a big yank act to have a bigger set-up in a stadium, so maybe it'll be different.
  7. Hate a changing setlist. Lads I've got a beer run and a wee to plan.
  8. It is, but they didn't play 3 songs on this list. This looks like the complete setlist they'll pick and choose from each night. But we'll see in 9 hours.
  9. There's a setlist going round which was last night's but with a few extra songs through it. I think we might get a slight variation tonight.
  10. Dua Lipa at the NIA Birmingham 17.04.22 After booking these tickets in the early hours of easter sunday morning, I clicked back onto allgigs and saw Desperate Journalist were playing the Hare and Hounds the exact same evening. So soon after their pre-xmas show that we swerved to avoid the omicron? Turns out it was the same show, that was cancelled then and we were never made aware of. Feeling stupid, and double booked, we opted for the more expensive option of the two and turned up at the arena's box office queue to collect our tickets - a queue inconveniently running alongside the queue for entry, which very few people in the massive length were aware of, meaning people just queued for entry in this slow queue for ticket collection, and very rarely did anyone from the venue notice this was going on, resulting in me having to go down the queue to try and get it moving. I realised then that this happened when we came for Bring me the Horizon in september, which explains the insane queues, and the security visibly not letting anybody in. Later inside my girlfriend, a mere 40 minutes after doors, managed to get the last serving of chips. They then closed down all the food stalls. How does this happen?? Imagine that was beer they ran out of holy god. Griff was lone support. Lovely sound coming off the stage, including an interpolation of I Wanna Dance With Somebody that did it justice, and probably worked better than a straightforward cover. Dua Lipa's Physical opened the show and the crowd were so up for it the ground was shaking. I'd be surprised if I see a better set list this year, with some of the best tracks from her first album shuffled through her amazing sophomore effort. Wasn't ever that keen when she was a rent-a-voice on dj tracks, but the one with Elton John was actually amazing in the arena. Nice to have the big choreo that elevates the songs into music video territory, although the levitating platform for (you guessed it) Levitate will not give KISS any professional envy. They played Dance With Somebody again after Dua left the stage, and the crowd walked into the night, down the canals, belting it out.
  11. 1. five seconds flat by Lizzy McAlpine 2. Versions of Me by Anitta 3. Skinty Fia by Fontaines DC Anyone into Phobe Bridgers might enjoy Lizzy McAlpine
  12. Ta. Looking forward to it.
  13. What I'm asking is does it take a long time to get your phone locked up and retrieved later on? I'd leave my phone at home if it meant avoiding an additional tedious queue.
  14. Not music, but still a tour: Chris Rock 241 in 2 weeks. Think I'll go for £20 a pop. https://shops.ticketmasterpartners.com/chris-rock-offer Anyone with experiences of the phone locking up system? And will they believe me if we had no phones on us, given we live 5 minutes from the arena, so it wouldn't really matter?
  15. Tempted by Bananarama (although I have seen them), Dream Wife (twice seen), Gracey, Katy B and Nadia from The Tuts. A1 x J1 will be a popular booking.
  16. An S Club of Tina, Bradley and presumably Stacey from the Juniors? This is a bold new era for pop. 15 S Club members knocking around, just think of all the different permutations we could get.
  17. I was thinking that after I posted. This was probably the plan from the start and probably what he woulda been doing through 2020.
  18. 1 UK date and it's the apollo. I thought he'd be minimum 3 arenas around the country. He's massive.
  19. can't wait to feed them little freaks in Bugsnax again
  20. The traps are incredibly powerful. In an earlier fight against 2 big monsters they died pretty much immediately. I always forget to use them.
  21. i keep telling myself to try and not get sidetracked in Horizon 2, and then yesterday spent 30 minutes trying to kill acid bellowbacks without rupturing their bulbous sacs, and failing every single time. They like to explode too much.
  22. Sam Fender at the NIA, Birmingham 27.03.22 What with supporting Sam here, and Foals currently (not to mention Liam at Knebworth) I'd be surprised if anyone plays more arenas than Goat Girl in 2022. The crowd were mostly polite in listening to them, but they were never going to take any of the energy people were saving for the headliner. Sam Fender on the other hand blew everyone away. It's such a thrill when people scream for the hot song of the moment, by the one of the hottest stars. My third time seeing him, and incredible to think back at the pub venue he struggled to sell out back in 2018. His voice and songs were evident then, but the arena ramps everything up into rock catharsis. The Mysterines at Castle and Falcon, Birmingham 31.03.22 Wicked sound in this constantly evolving pub gigspace. If they could just move the soundboard to the upstairs bit, you'd be looking at the best venue in the city. Coach Party were great, both in performance and between-song tales of being caught on the toilet. I saw The Mysterines in this exact venue a few years back. Can't have been more than 30 people there, mostly older blokes hanging around the middle of the venue, going cock-a-hoop for a blistering headline set that seemed to take no more than 35 minutes. They were younger then and more nervous, with singer Lia stomping back and forth across the stage. This time they'd abandoned all their older material, instead doing the whole of the new album plus a cover of Be My Baby (the Ronettes, not Vanessa Paradis - although could you imagine??? someone needs to get on that). I was sad to see those dirty-shoe rockier songs that made the Mysterines one of my favourite modern guitar bands eschewed in favour of the new bluesier sound, performed stock still and very cool - and for one song, with all the venue's lights off at Lia's request. They're still good, but I was happy to watch from the back, joined by some people I met there who had come from Worcester. Must be difficult having to make a real trip of things when you want to watch a band.
  23. I started watching Camping because of this thread. It's making me feel genuinely unwell. The characters remind me of the people I encounter when I go to mates' weddings where they're marrying someone they met in uni. I like it though. Just started season 2 of For All Mankind, and it's great to see a show with big ideas unafraid to explore them as quickly as possible. Now and then I'm reminded it's by the guy that did Battlestar Galactica.
  24. I love watching those influencer videos. The situational awareness that comes through now and then, followed by a fast edit to some filmed vibes gave me whiplash.
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