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  1. Original Patty Men is open on wednesdays for wings only. They're incredible though. 5 minutes walk from the Institute. Next to to OPM is Kilder, which makes the best cheese toasties fathomable. A lot of the best eateries in Birmingham only operate from thursday to sunday, although the chicken in Bonehead is nice, and will be open on a wednesday. It's just outside the Hill Street exit of new street station.
  2. Padjeq


    Spend time crawling in and out of the tents set up at Go Outdoors. I'd ordered a great blackout one for collection, but when I got there and went in it, I hated it. Got a perfect 3 man instead.
  3. Jimmy Eat World are doing a gig and signing on friday in the new HMV Vault that opened yesterday in Birmingham. Wristbands given to those who buy the album from the hmv online store. £10 for the cassette, £11 for the CD and £17 for the vinyl. Not bad really.
  4. I wonder is it still live. Liam mentioned recording the show a few weeks ago. Figured it was the Hootenany.
  5. Padjeq

    Chris Martin

    Coldplay opening will get them the defining image of the festival: Every year it's the punters-stretching-to-the-horizon sun soaked arena bowl mega crowd that the sunday legends get. It's one of the blank spaces in Chris Martin's sticker album.
  6. Padjeq

    Back-Up Plans

    Looks like Rock Werchter for us, as long as travel isn't gonna cost a bomb. Reading too, but was probably doing that in addition to glastonbury anyway.
  7. managed to get to the holding page. hopeful
  8. This is the first time in my entire life I didn't manage to get tickets to something and I am taking it personally.
  9. Coach or nothing for me. Last year's pick up was 5 minutes walk from my flat.
  10. Padjeq

    How Big Is Your Team?

    All I need in this life of sin is me and my girlfriend.
  11. Padjeq

    Legend Slot 2020

    If it happens it's most likely 2021 after his tour is over.
  12. Padjeq

    Legend Slot 2020

    He's pure headliner material.
  13. They used to have a few others but My Chemical Romance, The Prodigy, Linkin Park and Lostprophets can't do it any more for various reasons.
  14. Saw her on the first tour and she's incredible. Think I might travel for this given no Birmingham date.
  15. Had some of my best gigs at Jimmy Eat World (headline tour 2016, headlining Slam Dunk 2018. 20+ songs surrounded by fans who were into it) and some of my worst (Leeds 2014: altercation with some lads. Frank Turner support this year: surrounded by frank turner fans). Dunno if I'd really want them on the farm. Tbh they're not a band that works on a festival conveyor belt.
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