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  1. That sounds alright too. There's 2 cinema venues in brum hidden behind shops for decades that I'm hoping someone turns into a place for gigs. Really a shame we don't have anywhere like that in the midlands.
  2. Saw CREEPER there in the downstairs room years ago. Saturday night. The bouncers started letting students in earlier than the band's curfew, and a few ended up in the gig room. A lad dressed as a hot dog crowd surfed his way to the front only to end up punched in the face by a girl on the front row. He ended up in one of their videos. Do you happen to know if the new EMPIRE they've kept the slanty floors from when it was a cinema? Really hope so.
  3. I'm really getting through games these days (wonder why???????????????). Near the end of Saints Row 3 remastered. Tearing my hair out at a hard mission that also requires you to keep alive a buddy with no life-preservation skills of his own, despite being a member of your squad. Proper PS1 era throw your controller at the television gaming. I'm binning off side-quests in games now if I don't enjoy the sidequests, so I'll be off this soon and on to Oddworld, which I've heard nothing about.
  4. The Offspring really charging close to £50 for an arena tour to promote their latest album and not a belated 20th anniversary of Americana? true punx
  5. 1. Chemtrails Over The Country Club - Lana Del Rey 2. Justice - Justin Bieber 3. Poster Girl - Zara Larsson
  6. 2019 - 12 Still shocking how many more I woulda seen off it if not for clashes.
  7. Dunno when it's on sale, but as The Mill is a small place, if anyone wants to improve their chances of a ticket, go for tuesday the 22nd, as England are playing in the Euros that night.
  8. Padjeq

    Lana Del Rey Confirmed?

    It's my first turntable I've purchased myself. We were looking to minimise, so we got rid of my girlfriend's 20 year old Sony model that required a pre-amp, and played through a 25 year old hi-fi, and went for this. I'll tell you though, the balancing arm can be frustrating. Just taking the fabric dust cover off can knock it slightly off, and it's not evident until you get to the 5th track and the record starts skipping. Maybe they all have this now? The sony one didn't. Only other one I ever had was my parents one, and I'm still not allowed to touch that haha The sound is good and i
  9. Padjeq

    Lana Del Rey Confirmed?

    Got mine on the go. Rough Trade, meant to be yellow but it's spinning like cream.
  10. I remember a similar announcement teased 2 years ago and it ended up being john barrowman.
  11. She's just won that special BRIT award. Says Brum Academy 3 here, but Institute 3 on the ticket website, so who knows. I'll go if it's at the academy.
  12. We Have to Move On is a great song and hopefully it gets a second bite at the cherry this side of the pando
  13. I looked at the poster 3 times and couldn't see London, and now I can. Gaslighting myself here.
  14. Thought the same. Such a massive leap between an Academy and an arena that it pushes bands into a venue they're too big or too small for. Outside of London these middle size venues don't really exist. Wish NIA would do more gigs where they push the stage to the middle of the floor. Perfect bowl venue. No London gigs on the Wolf Alice poster. I guess they'll announce allypally once these sell out. Inhaler have a relatively low profile, but given who the singer is I'd say they're about to have a rocket strapped to their back now we're poised to get back to normal. There'll be no escapi
  15. Only Judas and the Black Messiah, which is on apple. Promising Young Woman is being held back for the cinema here. I'm glad there'll be incentives for people to return to the pictures. Nomadland is coming to Star on Disney+ the end of next month. The Father is seemingly not even out in america yet. I guess they suspended the 2 weeks at the cinema to be nominated stipulation. One thing about this awards season is there's definitely good contenders which have been held back for the bigger show next year. Imagine this happened last year - they would've sat on 1917 for sure.
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