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  1. If they got the idea simply because they were hanging out with Johnny Marr, this is even funnier.
  2. On o2 Priority now. Rick Astley's gonna get the shock of his life when 50 year old men start rushing on stage to grab at him.
  3. come to brasil rick (brum)
  4. That's a good point, but at least with the supergroup there's no +The Healers songs.
  5. Checked the AstleyBlossoms and it's over £40 a ticket. I'd go it it was local as I spent my entire 17th year listening to every smiths album constantly like a tru emo. Probably have a better time than when I saw Morrissey (twice), as this supergroup can at least sing and make songs sound recognisable.
  6. sounds disgusting and inspired and now I want to go
  7. In keeping with this, what will be the summer 99 coming-outta-nowhere spoiler film that the Matrix was to Phantom Menace? Dune, obviously, although we all expect that to be both great and massive.
  8. Probably doing the saturday.
  9. I was getting a bit bored at that point, but that really picked things up. Made a lot of sense too, and hammered home who we were dealing with as the main villain.
  10. Just announced: Dream Wife are out and Dream Nails are in. Disappointing as Dream Wife are one of my favourites. Only good thing for me is I won't have to rush there after work now. I'll get there in time for the Selecter.
  11. Been to a few gigs and wrestling shows like that. Worst was At the Drive In's comeback a few years ago. Got downgraded from the academy to the institute, and tickets were half price in the lead up. Absolutely rammo. Think they should've either downgraded or discounted the tickets, but not both. The shine was off the first chance to see them in 2 decades when they opted to tour as support for Royal Blood first.
  12. I got freebies for the brum date of that, having eschewed buying the tickets due to the price (and knowing exactly what would happen) A co-headline tour should cost between 1 and 1.5 times what you'd expect for just one of the acts. This makes it value for the consumer, and they can play a larger venue. Thrice and Refused basically stuck their prices together and thought they could play rooms bigger than they'd ever played on a headline before. They multiplied 1 by 1 and thought the answer was 4.
  13. By the time I go to this it'll be 16 and 17 years since I've seen those respective bands. A lot of people probably have the same experience, but it's the first time I can see such a massive bridge between me now and me as a yoot.
  14. Padjeq


    I was thinking coach party bookings and the like. You could bring people from around the UK, as well as from France, Belgium and any country close enough to drive onto the channel tunnel train on a day trip no problem.
  15. Glad I waited for Ghost of Tsushima on PS5. Such a smooth game to play. Loads so fast and let's you save anywhere. Red Dead 2 took me 2 years to complete partly due to the length but partly how it was impossible to have a quick blast of it. Very glad I went day 1 on the PS5, and in fact, although I only got the XBOX One at the tail end of 2019, the loading times feel like someone is doing an actual violence to me, so I'm thinking of upgrading now rather than later (an inevitability). Tbf i got so much free stuff with the XB1 it practically paid for itself.
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