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  1. Woke up at 8:20 to see argos had sold out, then refreshed 5 minutes later and got one. Apparently they charge you straight away, which would help a lot to weed out the prospective buyers who won't have the funds come release day. Real problem I have is getting it sent to this address I'm living in now and not the one I'll be in come release day wooooops
  2. Halsey at the millenium dome 8th March. A few kids in the crowd were masked up but the feeling wasn't as panicky as it was come the following friday 13th at Stewart Lee, where both he and the audience had the sort of feeling you get at work when it starts snowing heavily in the middle of the afternoon - sure we're fine now, but should we abandon everything now before the badness really comes? Had an IDLES DJ night on the 14th and Louise Redknapp on the 16th, but I bailed on both.
  3. Black Sabbath are from Aston, which is the area in Birmingham I'm from. Geezer Butler on twitter the other day put a photo of the pub the band first rehearsed in, and it was 100 metres from the house I grew up in. Hadn't seen or heard that before - and I went to their Home of Metal exhibition.
  4. Nice that the Prussian Blue girls got out of it. I'm really missing it. Apparently the Story of 1990 (and 91) is already in the can and the plan is to kick off the next year sometime in September.
  5. The Music back when they came out they were the serious man's 'The' band. They were compared to Led Zeppelin (yes, really) and had a lot of music press hype ahead of their debut. Getaway was a tune though tbf.
  6. I kept messing up my combos and thought I'd lost my ability.Then I put all the stat points away from the street tricks, and went full pelt on the air and jump and speed, and within seconds I was unconsciously hitting reverts and manuals into big airs, earning the 100Ks. Is there any way to change the body shape on the create-a-skater? I'm not that bean pole looking irl.
  7. Sunshine had incredible moments but was so frustrating. I quit playing it after several excruciating attempts at one mission involving jumping from fencing to fencing over water. One slip and having to swim back to the start is much worse than one slip and dying. Only Mario game i've played but not clocked (other than Mario 2 but that doesn't count) Mario Galaxy 2 is the best one. Only one I haven't played was the WiiU one, so I'm thrilled to see it coming out on switch.
  8. Hearing an alarm. Achingly pulling on a sock. Weeing in the shower. Harrassing the receptionist. Holding close on the lift doors when someone is running for it. Getting out your other phone and calling your second family. Tedious jokes. Office affairs. Spreading rumours. 19th wee break of the day. Smoking out a window. Deleting emails unread. Contemplating ending it all. Filching £10 from petty cash. Avoiding the office whip round. Shredding instead of filing. £3 Tesco meal deal that seems like value but is 3 unenjoyable elements. Watching every instagram story. Leaving early for the pub. Not
  9. I thought the same thing about the sound. I was watching in in IMAX, and there's no reason for dialogue to be so muddy when they make sure the whistle of a bullet is pitch perfect. The way the film treated dialogue, I'd think it was intentional. Exposition heavy dialogue read out by an off screen character (within a scene we were just present in) as the protagonist does something noisy and confusing. It's a magician's distraction technique to hide the nonsense set-up for the next setpiece.
  10. This is good advice. You'd make yourself sick thinking about all the potential calamity. I think the main thing to consider is how detached they're going to feel camping. Reading site is in the town centre, and it's easy to go and walk out and use the local gym showers (bit of a queue), or to the mcdonalds or shops. Leeds site is not even in Leeds, but there's a bus that will take you to Tesco. Haven't been on it myself. Definitely an easier time at Reading. My first festival was Leeds when I was a teen. I took a tent I got from Morrison's for £10 and had the Time of my Life.
  11. Apparently Xbox has told fans not to expect any news during the tokyo games showcase later this month. I mean, 'later this month' is 6-8 weeks away from expected launch date, so they're cutting things really fine. Trying to think what the closest-to-christmas console release was.
  12. Went to the pictures on sunday to watch Tenet. Enjoyable, each set piece is exciting, but none of it makes sense either in the moment or in relation to itself. Unfortunate is the person who thinks the film is just too clever for them.
  13. Fair play to Fran trying to draw attention away from the lad on the left who DJs hip hop nights in small pubs (and doesn't take requests), and also the guy who's going to open that coat and try to sell you a vast array of fake rolexes.
  14. Padjeq


    Bought my first intentional 2021 tickets.
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    What time's the announcement?
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