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  1. Padjeq

    The 1975 2020

    Getting to the front is only part of it. A lot of it is about proving their commitment to the band and improving their perceived standing in the fandom. Funnily enough, yesterday on twitter these exact early bird fans were telling Matty off for not helping them queue better.
  2. Padjeq

    The 1975 2020

    Third time for me on tuesday. Hope Love Me is a proper fixture on this tour and not one on one off like it seemed to be last year.
  3. Dunno. The pricing structure looks like an array of all seated tickets to me, but I don't know if the arena is including their 'amplify' packages in this list.
  4. Brum arena website says tickets are £52.25, £74.75, £97.55 and £142.50 It doesn't break down what each tier is though. The ones near £150 might include a meal and parking or whatever.
  5. Headsets that you wear that you can swap between channels so you hear the band you want to watch, like at a Silent Disco. Actually, you only need one stage for that. Macca and Kendrick won't get in each others' way performing at the same time on one stage, they can just set boundaries with each other in the green room beforehand.
  6. No tour poster yet but various arenas are announcing The Weeknd for a uk tour in October. Edit: Millenium Dome: 11, 12, 13 October Newcastle Arena: 15 October Birmingham Arena: 16 October Glasgow Hydro: 18 October Manchester Arena: 19 October Guess I'll use my Lana refund for tickets to that, although I can't imagine he'll be as cheap as last time.
  7. Padjeq

    Lana Del Rey Confirmed?

    She was so sure fire, but it all went south after 2 On. That song made her the new Cassie, but All Hands On Deck felt like something wholly her and original - but it didn't take. Cue more videos with less clothes (Superlove 😍😍😍), a Chris Brown feature, a Dancing With the Stars appearance, then subsequent cool'n'serious mixtape songs that have no impact. It's a shame.
  8. Padjeq

    Lana Del Rey Confirmed?

    Thanks. Adding Lana to the list with Tinashe, Nadine Coyle and Melanie Martinez who broke my heart and gave me my money back.
  9. Padjeq

    Lana Del Rey Confirmed?

    no way I've had no email yet. Are they moving the dates or just doing refunds?
  10. Padjeq

    Brit Awards 2020

    It was phrased as a joke with the punchline being an implication that somerset, being rural, is dull and the complete opposite of Lizzo. Not knowing what Somerset is, or the context for what makes it a joke...it was always gonna flop out there and be awkward. Lizzo knows what Glastonbury is. Didn't she blurt out and self confirm for last year's on the Brits red carpet 2019?
  11. Padjeq

    Lana Del Rey Confirmed?

    Probably a sub 90 minute set, with a start time of 9-9:15pm most likely, support or not. In my experience (Lady Gaga and Linkin Park), arena gigs with no support have everyone turning up at the same time, causing a massive queue, so factor that in timewise. The arenas will have the times a few days before showdate anyway, so I wouldn't worry.
  12. Padjeq

    Lana Del Rey Confirmed?

    In the past her UK supports have ranged from her then boyfriend's band to nobody at all. The US leg of this had local bands I think. Has she never heard of the lucrative endeavour known as the tour buy-on?
  13. Padjeq

    Brit Awards 2020

    I've put a P for my favourite and a W for what I think will win Best British Album Stormzy - Heavy Is The Head (P W) Best British Song AJ Tracey - Ladbroke Grove (P) Lewis Capaldi - Someone You Loved (W) Best British Male Artist Stormzy (P W) Best British Female Artist FKA Twigs (P) Freya Ridings (W) Best New Artist Lewis Capaldi (W) Sam Fender (P) Best Group Bastille (W) Bring Me The Horizon (P) International Male Bruce Springsteen (P) Tyler, The Creator (W) International Female Billie Eilish (W) Lana Del Rey (P) Always get excited about the Brits and always have an experience that isn't exactly enjoyable or bad either. It's what I think football fans go through week after week of watching their teams play games that put them in the middle of the table. Sometimes something blows me away, like Justin Timberlake debuting Mirrors years ago.
  14. Oh right I thought it was 7 acts per stage per day
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