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  1. Look for the beer stalls that say ONLY BEERS. They've got the full pints. There's one on the right side strip as you come through the entrance
  2. We're still on the coach that picked us up in brum at 7pm yesterday. Dying
  3. Sam is my girlfriend's favourite act, but we've seen him 3 times. If this means Turnstile (who we've never seen) and IDLES (her other favourite act, who we've seen twice but both times surrounded by utter dickheads) are now clash free, then that's my silver lining.
  4. How muddy does it get at Werchter? I've done Glastonbury and Leeds festivals with heavy rain, one was a nightmare and one was just a bit inconvenient.
  5. Just got my 22/23 diary yesterday and I am ready to fill it
  6. Thursday Gang of Youths Fontaines DC HAIM Yumi Zouma First Aid Kit Pixies Beck War on Drugs Pearl Jam Friday Turnstile IDLES Waterparks Inhaler Girl in Red or The Regrettes. Complete clash, I'll decide on the day. Sam Fender alt J The Chats Metallica Saturday Dea Matrona Nothing but Thieves Maneskin Phoebe Bridgers Yungblud Anne Marie Kennyhoopla Twenty One Pilots Grandson Sunday Fever 333 Sum 41 Kacey Musgraves Modest Mouse Michael Kiwanuka Jimmy Eat World Snail Mail The Killers Red Hot Chili Peppers I'm gonna have to abandon Pixies half way through for Beck. Probably have to abandon Maneskin around the same point to get in the Barn for Phoebe. Are the day time acts likely to get full, or is it just around headliner time? Do they have screens outside?
  7. Saw him a few years back. He came on to Right Here Right Now, we were given glowsticks and 3D spex and then he dueted Mandy...with himself! They gotta get him at Glastonbury. Copacabana is an incredible song.
  8. Do they usually sell Rock Werchter trucker hats, or do I need to buy one before I go?
  9. I saw it in the 'emptiest sets' thread, if no one has it to hand
  10. He'll probably do a few nights at Brixton. It'll sell out to the exact same people every night.
  11. Thanks. Last time I camped I took small pillows from Blacks that were so bad I just folded my jeans and lay on those.
  12. Seems the voucher is for use at the Waxbar in Central Park. You'd get this voucher regardless of which area you're in, and use it there. I'm getting them. Sounds like it saves a lot of hassle. Anyone know what other breakfast options are available? We've gone for that too. We're taking our sleeping bags as we're going on the coach, but I'm wondering what to do about pillows? Do they supply them?
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