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  1. Gonna take a can of german breakfast for every morning too.
  2. Brown rum and Lilt. I've decided no beer but I'll probably crack and start on the cups by thursday evening.
  3. Padjeq

    day and stage

    Probably wants to get an early start on his drive home for tea with the vicar at 5pm. Bed before sunset, then an early rise for a sojourn down to the village fête. Sure he's playing the Pyramid, but his mind's on Mrs Minnifred's marble cake. He's been regretting not having a second slice since this time last year.
  4. 5:45am thursday depart from Birmingham. 12:30 back on the monday. Had these times before and it's exactly what I wanted. Coach 300. Sounds like....a great coach.
  5. Might be yet to be announced support for Weezer that night to strengthen that show, as it hasn't sold out. Hoping it's Glastonbury though, as SWMRS are great live.
  6. Dream Wife, Fontaines, Fender, Queen Zee are all great. Looking forward to Stella Donnelly now.
  7. Padjeq

    day and stage

    Self Esteem on 6 Music yesterday said she's doing 2 sets on saturday and 2 sets on sunday.
  8. Janet Jackson is advertising on twitter that her forthcoming Vegas residency will include a 30th anniversary celebration of Rhythm Nation. If it's the best of that album with the hits off the other albums, it'll be a good set.
  9. Jason Donavan was the first gig I ever went to, so I want him, even though I have a fear his appearance would bring everything full circle for me and I'll become a pile of dust. At the BBC thing last year she had Jason but also Rick Astley(?!?!?!?!?) so we might get As Many As Kylie Will Allow.
  10. Jeff Goldblum has been announced for a July 1st show at Shepherd's Bush Empire. Looks like he's still on.
  11. Padjeq

    Avalon lineup 2019

    Saw Bananarama at an 'Evening With' club venue gig the other night. Setlist leaned very heavy on the albums released since they became a 2 piece in the early 90s. Keren mentioned the summer tour is going to be more of the classic stuff, so I'm wondering if Siobhan will be present on the farm.
  12. Padjeq


    Wasn't much of a fan until I saw them live at Leeds in 04. A great addition to the daylight part of the festival.
  13. What if it was the Prodigy?
  14. what if Idles....is the metal slot
  15. They're over here in May as well but unfortunately in the states over glastonbury weekend.
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