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  1. I think it will be a year of limited international tours so disappointing but not massively surprising.
  2. Not saying it's wrong but the 1975s decision is to cancel all international touring and concentrate on a new album. It could just as much be an infrastructure thing because of how they want the shows to work and thinking in the circumstances they can't commit to spending the money required at this stage
  3. That is the kind of numbers they are talking about hitting by next month. 300000 plus in second week is fairly impressive in itself. The issue I think will come when first jabs are continuing and second rounds begin in terms of supply though it sounds like the Oxford vaccine will get approval by year end
  4. Is your interpretation fact or guesswork
  5. It's been suggested by efests that there is info that it's in august
  6. Also supporting Pearl Jam on the Saturday at Hyde Park so not sure where they would fit
  7. Parklife now moved to September 11th and 12th
  8. I would expect a fair chunk of that demographic to be done by then too.
  9. There were 6 confirmed dates this year, same as usual. Post. Kendrick. Taylor. Duran.little mix and pearl jam. I thought the first Friday was left blank as the Thursday was a scheduling thing
  10. Me too. Early summer may struggle but July onwards I think have a fighting chance now
  11. Sure I've seen that AFI aren't available for trees
  12. Just saw that. Didn't really pick up any clues though
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