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  1. Indeed. None of them suggest being replacements for major acts.
  2. Didn't pass through any metal detectors at gate
  3. It is a weights and measures thing. Most tankards hold just over a pint though some come in just under. Bars have to serve set measures or they break the terms of their license
  4. If I had a criticism of the front section it's the way it was managed as the evening went on. A different type of crowd would have created issues. People were allowed to crowd round the gates to the front section making it very difficult for those with wristbands to get back in and gave the staff there a very difficult evening
  5. It was wristbands at the gate. We turned up at 4 and got them. May run out quicker at the weekend with more people able to queie
  6. We walked into the queue at gate 5 just before 4 pm and got handed front pit wristbands
  7. I'm told there are bars here doing wine but few and far between. For a cashless venue card machines failing an awful lot
  8. Bar prices around 7 quid a pint. Beck's or magners dark fruit not seen any bottles of wine
  9. Did think it didn't seem that we'll blocked off compared to what I've seen for similar set ups at Hyde park or other stadiums
  10. Looks like there's a golden circle area at the front . Not sure whether it's just VIP or whether it'll be early arrivals
  11. I'm curious about that, the Eden sessions stage is pretty small with a low roof. I always saw those Eden shows as warm ups and have been expecting more spectacle from the stadium set up
  12. That was way more changes than I'd expected. Still some they've soundchecked and not played as well. Was expecting a fairly settled setlist to be honest
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