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  1. Yet vandals not on there anymore
  2. Stormzy looks likely for Reading and Leeds too
  3. Confused ian brown poor ticket seller so you can see it selling out quick
  4. Milton Keynes makes sense. The bowl hasn't been used for a few years. Great venue though if they get the sound right
  5. Would've said more 2021 at the end of his farewell tour
  6. It's funny. Everytime someone refers just to Travis I try to work out when they began their revival
  7. 1991 was my first. I think having come this far I owe it to myself to do my 30th in 2021 then give it up
  8. Yonaka are great news and a surprise
  9. Wouldn't think the black keys would suit this or have anything close to the pulling power
  10. Whilst it's been spoken of on here it is rare and will sell quickly
  11. Unlikely. Would imagine they will go for a similar 4 night run at the Albert hall for the UK disintegration dates
  12. Think that is more likely. I heard Madonna was due out on tour in the Autumn so wouldn't fit with UK stadiums this summer
  13. Not just you. I'm thinking the same
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