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  1. Been taken down by the looks of things guessing they may have jumped the gun
  2. Seen something from The Mission on facebook confirming themselves for may 27th to 30th 2021
  3. Scooter should headline download
  4. I thought it may have been a sales thing. The excuse doesn't ring true. Maybe people dont have the appetite for live music lite. Live nation saying it wasnt about making money seemed an odd statement
  5. That was confirmed back in may
  6. It's great to pretend to be in the know though. I'm guessing one of these 15 to 16 year old spotty oiks who thinks rage is what they feel when mcdonalds runs out of nuggets
  7. Must say I found Parma violet sickly but marshmallow is amazing
  8. You could be on to something there. Would be a strong seller
  9. Tame impala also confirmed for primavera 2021
  10. They normally respond fairly quickly. I haven't.worked it.out properly but I dont think I've ended up more than 20 quid down across 5 events and 7 tickets
  11. Would think them way more likely for APE
  12. All of mine that were paid on an old card number have now arrived safely
  13. The part that particularly grates with me is keeping the already extortionate delivery fees for something they clearly wont be delivering
  14. Just heard from them again. They think it should still go through fine so watch and wait. In terms of changing accounts part way through payment plan s are being refunded in parts so each payment to the card it originated from
  15. I'm having a similar argument with festicket currently due to 2 cards I'd used across 5 bookings being stolen and replaced hopefully they will sort it. Last email I had an hour or so ago suggested all had been processed so 3 to 5 days to reach accounts and then if any cant be applied to correct accounts they will bounce back to them
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