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  1. Yonaka are great news and a surprise
  2. Wouldn't think the black keys would suit this or have anything close to the pulling power
  3. Whilst it's been spoken of on here it is rare and will sell quickly
  4. Unlikely. Would imagine they will go for a similar 4 night run at the Albert hall for the UK disintegration dates
  5. Think that is more likely. I heard Madonna was due out on tour in the Autumn so wouldn't fit with UK stadiums this summer
  6. Not just you. I'm thinking the same
  7. No. But it indicates a certain level of popularity in spite of a long spell away. I'm not saying the could sub. Pretty sure I never did . I was merely arguing your point that they hadn't existed since 2005 because you hadn't heard anything of them. Years ago when I started going to Reading a couple of sold out nights at Brixton would've given an act headline status
  8. Yet they play 5 nights at Brixton as part of their February tour next year following 3 or 4 nights at the same venue earlier this year Clearly the Streets are complete unknowns not seen since 2005
  9. Has there been some confirmation that it is returning then?
  10. Can't imagine ed Sheeran or Metallics would be keen with their own shows scheduled
  11. Pretty sure he done 3 or 4 nights there on his last tour
  12. atomised

    2019 Headliners

    The #merkytakeover is what Stormzy has curated the last couple of years at Ibiza rocks so the slot at snowbombing isn't a Stormzy headline show as such
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