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  1. Definitely. I wouldn't be surprised if they done a stand alone Finsbury show though rather than BST
  2. So North get Wonder Years doing The Upsides and south gets Suburbia
  3. James, phonics wolf Alice/Bastille would be a decent set
  4. Seems to be a mix so looks like just clips of the poster
  5. It allowed me to purchase on Ticketmaster today and by the looks of things will continue to do so through til 9am tomorrow
  6. Artist presale is on today
  7. Was wondering where the Eagles might turn up as Wembley I think have filled their quota of 12 gigs a year for 2022
  8. Frank turner as a sub is an impressive signing. Very happy with Yonaka too
  9. Well that's a way to knock people's expectations
  10. I thought there was a separate royal parks rule that dictated a set number of events per year by royal decree or similar. I assume to make the royal parks open access for all for the remainder of the year. I may be thinking of something from many years ago when the Prince's trust gigs were held there
  11. I wonder if they are being a little more flexible after losing last year. Also I'd be interested to know how winter wonderland works within these guidelines as that has a high capacity for a long stretch of the year
  12. Hes certainly been spoken of as one of the 6 at Reading and Leeds
  13. Not sure on his audience reach but the perception is he will have offers from the bigger fests on the table
  14. He hasn't but it was pretty quick sell outs for the 2 nights at knebworth plus he has the Manchester and Glasgow dates. He headlined Reading and Leeds this year and would be quite unusual to see someone headline victorious a year after that
  15. From that line up I was thinking we might get Pixies and Wolf Alice
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