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  1. Had a couple of socially distanced gigs back in December but being in the Clapham grand on Monday for Frank turner was something else
  2. I guess it depends whether his objection is entry requirements in general or as in tramlines case the involvement as a government test event
  3. Panicked when I read the first bit of your post cos I thought it would mean Frank had moved too. Positive though, I'd been meaning to check who supports for Frank were and pretty pleased with that
  4. Same as mine, was worried Frank turner would clash with rag n bone man because my son loves the latter.
  5. If I had tickets for Standon the hoops they want to charge you for the pleasure of jumping through would put me off
  6. Does it detail the system of proof. Is it the NHS app or are they going to charge people like Standon?
  7. On the events I volunteer on of which there have been 5 since early June, the rule has been enforced that 50 percent of the sides of marquees have been left off
  8. Anyone else still panicing every time this gets bounced
  9. Great line up. Looks decent value
  10. I'm erring on the side of confidence. I think victorious will be just fine. If todays leaks about the 19th turn out to be correct I can't see it not going ahead
  11. Be interesting to know what's encouraged Standon that doesn't apply here. Could be a number of factors I guess, stability of organisation to cover a loss, ability to adapt to late changes, local council support
  12. I believe he has been in the UK for a while holed up with the band rehearsing for the London opens up gig that didn't happen. He's certainly been on UK TV programmes over the last fortnight
  13. Indeed. Standon seem to be adopting the same policies as tramlines and latitude without the government's event programme recognition
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