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  1. Been confirmed on Libertines Facebook now
  2. I'd say up there with wolf Alice but wouldnt necessarily put them alongside. They've toured with Libertines, catfish and bring me the horizon and not looked out of place. Theresa (the vocalist) has a great stage presence
  3. Definitely worth a listen. Female fronted. Great band superb stage presence
  4. Why does noone ever mention yonaka
  5. Definitely. Though the Saturday on the main stage looks a pretty strong line up for me already. Can't remember from my last visit whether any other stages run on the Friday. Have a vague recollection of stuff going on in the beats and swing tent. I know most of the site is closed off
  6. Think that plus the infrastructure it takes are massive factors re BST. Smaller festivals have time on their side to a greater extent. Its been clear for a while Pearl Jam aren't coming to Europe this summer.
  7. Some people just love waffling on like they're experts in everything
  8. Back in June next year. Lewis Capaldi has already confirmed so figured starting the thread would be acceptable
  9. Great to know. We've booked family camping with the kids. Oldest (9) loves rag n bone man. Was a bit worried about the shuttle
  10. Taken the plunge for kids first festival
  11. I agree. Not a local but I saw The Cure and Pixies there and it's a lovely venue
  12. The article I read said performances would be on a floating stage on the lake with the existing stage as a backdrop as the structure will not be restored in time
  13. Line up I assume rather than they've changed their mind and cancelled now
  14. Just posting the info as I spotted it had been confirmed to go ahead this year as someone had mentioned they might need to change dates
  15. Snow Patrol, Bastille and Capaldi according to gettothefront . July dates
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