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  1. Sure I've seen that AFI aren't available for trees
  2. Just saw that. Didn't really pick up any clues though
  3. All points east is clashing with Reading and Leeds this year I believe
  4. I saw the pearl jam dates listed as there biggest ever London shows so I assume full capacity
  5. That was hinted at in the BST 2021 thread I believe. From that it sounds like we have incoming confirmations though. Interestingly Duran Duran have also tweeted watch this space
  6. They weren't great supporting Frank and much as I love their music I think I would end up at Crossfaith as far more exciting live
  7. Same here but sadly I think they are more likely to clash Crossfaith with JEW which will mean it'll be down to mood on the night
  8. This all seems very odd. Hopefully there will still be other stages or the value for money has taken a massive hit
  9. No idea sadly. I just recall someone saying to me they weren't available for trees. I was disappointed because they were very much on my list
  10. So let the speculation begin on the Saturday headliner and whether this 4th headliner will exist
  11. Same. Menzingers a real bonus for me
  12. Almost certain I've heard that Spanish love songs aren't booked
  13. Wonder how long we will have to wait for the Saturday headliner. Yesterday's email suggested they were still working on it
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