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  1. It often tends to be a festival show announced as only uk performance then a normal show gets added after
  2. I know that. Maybe surprised would have been a better word
  3. I cant see.why it wont.be. that website has been accurate on the whole. I'm puzzled at it listing community as 2 days though
  4. Long way back to find this one. What are people thinking on fury v wilder tonight
  5. Actually makes sense cant imagine them.not having a uk summer date
  6. Shows how little attention I pay to festivals I have no interest in though I did state it could have an impact once someone else pointed out they were playing there. Many apologies for not having such superior knowledge
  7. It could have an impact I guess
  8. I would imagine Behemoth will be a definite
  9. He announced tour dates a couple of hours ago for October including 3 nights at the o2
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