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  1. MinnieMinx

    The end of the weekend

    Yer fookin right there Missy. I shall be staying out as long as I am conscious.
  2. MinnieMinx

    The end of the weekend

    Well, sort of stumbled (not literally) through this weekend. Got quite pissed last night to console myself cos I had my car impounded last week, cos of no tax (yes, yes, I know very sloppy). So, the upshot is I need a new vehicle. Therefore, I had to sell My Beautiful Days ticket to try and raise some cash. Pretty fooked off really, but that's life I guess. Really wanted to buy tix for the Kasabian gig at the MEN but sort of resisted. It's a bast innit....responsibility/fun, fun/responsibilty. Arrrrrgggghhh, me fookin head hurts. I decided what I need in life is some bloody excitement, something mad and bad and dangerous and different to happen. Let it be soon.