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  1. I wouldve said it was pretty clear with slam dunks response pointing upwards to the previous post
  2. Thursday's clashfinder has worked out perfectly for me.
  3. Sam fender, Phoebe bridgers and war on drugs amongst others for the stones gigs
  4. I was about to post that. If Crossfaith are the only big drop out that's good going and potentially gets rid of one of my clashes
  5. I'd agree. He already has the 2 killers support slots at the Emirates plus a sold out 45k capacity London headline of his own. I would guess he is still doing the killers gigs because he signed to do them when they were originally due to take place as that tour has kept most of its support acts. Its the Finsbury show that suggests to me he's not supporting at any other London shows
  6. I feel from what I've heard we got more theatrical Gerard on Thursday. Set list seemed more balanced too
  7. Was kids from yesterday gone completely tonight
  8. Pics from inside show front pit definitely gone
  9. 2 sources. Friend who's staying in the onsite hotel and can see it. Others in the queue who've been told by security
  10. Sounds like it might be more of a free for all tonight. Hearing they've got rid of the front pit barrier
  11. Indeed. None of them suggest being replacements for major acts.
  12. Didn't pass through any metal detectors at gate
  13. It is a weights and measures thing. Most tankards hold just over a pint though some come in just under. Bars have to serve set measures or they break the terms of their license
  14. If I had a criticism of the front section it's the way it was managed as the evening went on. A different type of crowd would have created issues. People were allowed to crowd round the gates to the front section making it very difficult for those with wristbands to get back in and gave the staff there a very difficult evening
  15. It was wristbands at the gate. We turned up at 4 and got them. May run out quicker at the weekend with more people able to queie
  16. From memory yes it is, they were awesome tonight
  17. We walked into the queue at gate 5 just before 4 pm and got handed front pit wristbands
  18. I'm told there are bars here doing wine but few and far between. For a cashless venue card machines failing an awful lot
  19. Bar prices around 7 quid a pint. Beck's or magners dark fruit not seen any bottles of wine
  20. Did think it didn't seem that we'll blocked off compared to what I've seen for similar set ups at Hyde park or other stadiums
  21. It's pretty rammed in the front pit currently
  22. Looks like there's a golden circle area at the front . Not sure whether it's just VIP or whether it'll be early arrivals
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