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  1. Think this was during seventeen going under.
  2. Probably the tent outer cover that got caught in the wind on Wednesday as people were setting up and flew high in the sky across South Park from Paines possibly. Felt a bit sorry for whoever had to chase it, but the crowd was highly amused.
  3. Wet leg felt super busy and was very slow moving but I never felt in any danger, just that it was going to take ages to move anywhere. Same as leaving most headline acts The Park/Arcadia one felt dangerous and that it could have turned out badly with the right amount of pressure. There was no direction form security so people were just pushing in every direction. The only sign was that the Park was closed, yet that was the only point in that junction that had space to fall into. It definitely put me off similar situations for the remainder of the weekend. I expect it to be busy, I expect slow moving shoulder to shoulder walking I don’t expect having to put my arms on a defense position to ensure I keep people away from my chest.
  4. I remember seeing that on the screen during the set. She looked very delighted!
  5. Reckoner

    Car parks

    Pink car park straight out and only a little bit of traffic on the exit route.
  6. Reckoner

    Kendrick Lamar

    I’ve never been in a crowd like that so far back. Was sort of on the right side of the field back from the tree. ( my pit bravado fell away quickly) Everyone entranced in the performance and bouncing. Maybe not quite diehards who knew every word but they were there to see the King. No chatting, just full engagement with what was happening. Im close to making the call that it was my favorite ever set.
  7. Reckoner

    Kendrick Lamar

    So keen. Think I’m going to charge into the pit. Probably my last Glasto for a while, let’s go out with a bang.
  8. Reckoner

    BBC Coverage 2022

    It’s so fucking good.
  9. Turnstile crowd growing but still not overly crowded at JPT yet. Imagine most of the amyl crowd went the bathroom and will be back shortly.
  10. I thought i walked past Colin Greenwood but I was many ciders in so assumed my vision may not be the best.
  11. 11 moments then it seems.
  12. Yep, it was a good spot by you. I didn’t realise it was all the same. He feels more strummerville than BBC so the Green Day dream lives for a moment longer.
  13. True, but also no TBA on the rabbit hole for Sunday? But maybe he fits strummerville which the app is doing the same thing for.
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